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she's finally weaned!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

I can't believe that I can finally post this!!! (sorry this was kind of long)

I always believed in self weaning - that is until my 3rd child and I found out that not all will self wean!!

1st was 19 months
2nd was 13 months
3rd... will discuss that later
4th - just turned 18 months yesterday....

3rd - my goal when I got pg with her was to nurse 18 months... but then we found out she had pnuemoccal disease (basically she had very low immune system and even had to have several immunity booster shots - she nearly died from getting Rotavirus, RSV and even had a 106 fever turned blue and convulsions - why - from a simple ear infection - when she got sick, she would get seriously sick) Anyway, we were encouraged to try to nurse her through the winter/spring season - which would put her at 22 months...

By that point, she was HOOKED on "momma's milk"...

I became pg a few months later - infact I found out I was pg on her 2nd birthday) And she became even more hooked on nursing - the dr thought maybe it was because my milk was "sweeter" (the girl always had a major sweet tooth)
Then once baby was born, she was even MORE hooked...

I was then tandem nursing - I literally would nurse both all day long... I tried the don't offer don't refuse since she turned 2 - but she didn't need any offer, as she was always there asking...

it then got to where anytime she asked to nurse I'd try to get her something else - anything to persuade her against drinking momma's milk... Sometimes it worked - sometimes it didn't.

Then it got to where if I said no, she'd go off the deep end and have a major fit - and there were times I had to put her in time out because she refused to take no for an answer...

we finally told her that when she turned 4, it was over - NO more momma's milk... we talked about it for the several months leading to her 4th birthday (June 21)

Then the big day came - she did ask - but she also accepted no... "you're a big girl now"

She did good for a few days - but then would insist... some days better than others - some she ended up in time outs... I will admit, there were 3-4 days I did give in - mainly because on those days I was really busy helping the older kids with school, and the baby was napping and I just didn't want to deal with the tantrum at the moment.

But she started asking less and less and started to accept drinking "cows milk" WHOOOHOOO (a huge plus)

It now has been 2 months since her 4th birthday and the best part - she's finally stopped asking. Its been about 3 weeks now that she hasn't asked (well one time last week, but she took no and then asked if she could have cows milk- YA!!)

I think she's finally weaned!! I'm so excited...

Now baby 4, he turned 18 months yesterday - and he now only nurses 2-4 times a day. He nurses first thing every morning (only for 5-7 minutes - Ali would nurse for 15-20 minutes) and he nurses after his afternoon nap (again only 5-7 minutes)... and occasionally he'll nurse around 10am and sometimes around 5pm. But that's it. Most days he only nurses when he wakes...

And after having one that refused to wean - its a bitter sweet thing with baby 4 weaning already - one one hand I'm excited, as I don't ever want to go through what we went through having one that refuses to wean - but on the other hand, my baby, my last baby, is growing up so fast!!
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    Congratulations. I know it is a mixed bag of emotions...but that was quite a roller coaster ride. I give you a lot of credit for nursing the 2 at the same time.
    3063 days ago
    Ah yes! A couple of mine nursed until 4, but then weaned. It was sad when the probable last one weaned :-(
    3063 days ago
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