" The Courage To Change Is Inside Us All " Mind.. Soul.. Body.. Spirit !!!!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I had to bring myself to a place deep inside of me, and ask myself these questions!
1.) Why do i make excuses, on exercise or food choices?
2.) Is something eating at me inside myself, fear about the past, present, future?
3.) why do i self sabotage myself, setting myself up for failure, then feeling bad about it?
4.) Am i listening to my inner put downs, like can't do it, not good enough, or self worth?
5.) Do i keep saying i'll start tomorrow, and never do it?
Most of us if we want to believe it or not, have some of these hidden factors to address, that have lead us to where we are today with are weight gain and health issues !
Changing your thought patterns is a very important key for success if you want to follow through with your goals... Change you Mind, Change your Life ! Starting with your, Mind, Soul, Body, and Spirit..... What i like to call : Inner Rebirth... Resetting our inner self !
Someone asked me to write an encouraging poem, So i thought this was exactly my thinking that put the light bulb on inside of me, and i am so blessed and grateful to have found what was inside of me all along, my life has changed for the better and my weight loss and health has been amazing, Remember to always listen to your heart... not people that echo negative remarks that bring you down ! God is inside your heart, that's why it's important to listen to his voice, he's reaching a hand in your direction letting you know that your Amazing and can do anything that you put your mind to.... let go of the toxic thinking ! You are Beautiful and Strong and you CAN DO IT !!!!

Changing my mind with self Hypnosis...
Living a life to trick Opnosis...
Healthy foods eaten in small Doses...
Exercise freeing me from my Sycosis...
Losing the bondage my soul can See...
Clearer vision has set me Free...
Swept the cobwebs so i can Heal...
Light as a feather i begin to Feel...
Healthy choices i've chose to Change...
Exercise burning within my Range...
Never stooping towards Opposition...
Standing tall in my Composition...
Spirits soar like eagles High...
Inner peace begins to Fly...
Voices of song live in me so Happy...
Playfully dancing around so Dappy...
Adding new challenges day and Night...
Loving myself i'm a beautiful Sight...
Never declining from my Dedication...
Look at me now shows my Verication...
Forming a new body with my Vision...
I am so glad i chose this Decision...

My Love To All.... Hugs... Lucy

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Very well said. It all starts with your brain! Pat
    3127 days ago
    How wonderful, Lucy!
    3129 days ago
    Thanks for the words of encouragement and inspiration!

    3129 days ago
  • -SHAWN-
    Well I'm very happy for you! Sorry if I misinterpreted what I read...

    I have "Part-Timers" I only remember part of things I read , see or hear!
    3129 days ago
    Fantastic once again! You definitely said it very well.
    3129 days ago
    Great poem! It is works to live by.
    3130 days ago
  • SUNNY332
    Hi Lucy - I am a friend of Deby's and saw where you were struggling with Quitting Smoking. Sorry if people are misunderstanding you. Try to let it go and keep moving forward. Hang in there and keep on doing whatever you need to do to quit. It is important to your overall health and well being. I quit smoking 6 years ago and it was the best thing I ever did for myself. Even though I quit (which was difficult) I now deal with a very serious illness - COPD - which is a direct result of my smoking. I exercise ever day which is the best thing I can do for myself. This is not an illness that can be cured so have to do what I can do to make my "quality of life" better each day.

    Take care and know that there are a lot of people on spark who care and then let go of the ones who don't. It's their problem.

    Hugs, Sunny
    3130 days ago
    Ya' doin' a great job Lucy.... I hope you have a really nice physical journal to write these poems into. If not... what a great gift for yourself to reward all your brilliant effort! :-) :-) :-) hugs Lee xxx
    3130 days ago
    Just lovely!
    3130 days ago
  • -DEBY-
    EXCELLENT BLOG my friend....

    have you read the book the FOUR AGREEMENTS....

    Excellent book helped me to not take things soooo personally....
    may I suggest to do a search and jot down the 4
    I actually made a lil card with them to remind myself
    I have one posted by the computer and one in my purse...

    blessins allways my BEAUTIFUL friend
    3130 days ago
  • LUCY419
    Thank you (BLUE) Thats why i wrote this because i have ! Thats the theme of my message in this blog... thanks for you concern spark friend !
    Hugs,,,, lucy

    The first four lines of the poem has to do with the MIND
    2ND SOUL
    3RD BODY
    Every four lines :
    3130 days ago

    Comment edited on: 8/26/2009 7:06:59 PM
  • -SHAWN-
    Hope you soon turn things around to your satisfaction...
    3130 days ago
    Beautiful! You hit the nail on the head! Pat
    3130 days ago
    That is a beautiful poem and I for one appreciate you sharing it and your blog. Robin
    3130 days ago
  • LUCY419
    Thanks for reading... glad you felt it useful ! Hugs...lucy
    3130 days ago
    Very nice poem! I will have to come back to it from time to time!
    3130 days ago
    I loved your poem. I agree we need to look inside of ourselves to find out what is going on so we can move forward. For myself I am sure there are tons of things going on. I just know I need to make better choices. With everyones help here at spark I know I can do it. We all can do it together!!!!

    Good luck with your journey of self discovery and rebirth.

    3130 days ago
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