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(the green girl joined a pilates studio...)

Friday, August 07, 2009

(the green girl struggles a lot with tight muscles. i'm not flexible at all because my muscles are so tight. i do post-run yoga after my long runs on saturdays but i wanted to add something else to my routine so i'm not limited to kickboxing and running.

after researching my options and realizing i can't take advantage of any of my gym's group classes because they all conflict with my work schedule, i decided to join a local pilates studio, pilates joe. pilates joe was the most reasonably priced and i loved that they offer a 'punch card' option. you pay $150 for a punch card that is good for 10 sessions. this way i don't feel pressured to attend x number of classes like i do when i'm paying a monthly fee. this was really attractive to me because i already have my gym membership plus i pay $80 per month for the dojo.

i attended my first class this morning. this is probably the only class i'll ever be able to attend - fridays at 6 am.

they don't have reformers but they have a reformer-like set-up against the wall. i've never actually done pilates on a reformer before - only mat pilates - so this reformer-like set-up was new to me. we also used a weighted ball, a hoop with pads, and a resistance band.

i really enjoyed my first class and i'm hoping my work schedule will allow me to attend this early morning class on a regular basis. i work from home on fridays so it's convenient because usually i'm commuting to work at this time.

another thing i really liked was how clean everything was. at the end of our session, we got spray bottles with a cleaning solution. we all sprayed down our mats and then wiped them off.)
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