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What is motivation??

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

I read motivating articles, blogs and posts all the time.

I am confused.

These articles, blogs and posts do not motivate me. I motivate me.

I lost 90 lbs because I shut my mouth sooner and move my body more often. I really don't shut my mouth sooner - I make smarter choices with my eating. But I do this because I choose to do this. No one is motivating me to do this.

So I am asking, what exactly is motivation? Am I missing something here? If so, I guess I am glad I am missing the point because I have been successful with my chosen program of weight loss.

But I still wonder what it is that everyone seems to be looking for it?

**edit: Thank you! I wasn't trying to be funny or clever - I found myself sitting here wondering "what is motivation?" So this was the best way to find out what others think of as motivation or as motivating.

I didn't compete with anyone but some people need competition to be motivated? I have a friend that has to make it a contest for her to lose weight. I just never understood that. I know people that were motivated by presents and money from family - but it rarely worked either. It just wasn't a strong enough motivation?

I did get the idea to push myself further with my walking this month from another walker at By The Numbers; I didn't think she motivated me though. I just thought I would like to reach a higher daily step count - really it all started with my daily average at Walker Tracker - I dearly want my daily average to reach 20,000 (as a personal accomplishment) but it is still 19,400 so far.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me!

**2nd edit: I want to thank all that consider me to be motivating them. I am happy to be here and eager to assist in any way that I can. To watch others reach their goals is very satisfying to me. I wish everyone could reach their goals - and we all can by believing One day at a time does work. Little setbacks need only be little setbacks if we just keep trying.
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    I find motivation in knowing that there are others that have been where I've been, are going where I'm going and have arrived at my destination. Knowing that others are / have takend this same journey is comforting and helps me to continue pushing on each day. That's what works for me.
    3148 days ago
  • JJJ1226
    Motivation is the fuel or the spark that drives people towards achieving their goals.

    All of our behavior, actions, thoughts are influenced by our inner drive to succeed. This is how we motivate ourselves.

    We call you, and many people here in spark a motivators because you are a person that reinforces positive actions, with positive actions that you share with us. Your journey...this is how you and all the others motivate all of us.

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3148 days ago

    Comment edited on: 8/6/2009 10:00:37 AM
    I agree with Marty19. Everyone is wired differently! Some life issue or streak of bad days, may get us off-course, and then it's hard to get "moving" in the right direction again!

    One of my motivations is motivating others too, like you, Linda. If I'm not doing well, I don't like to drag others down, so I wait until I've got the umph from within to lift others up again. Funny. I think it's probably just a pride issue for me.. which is both positive and negative in my life. When I truly need help, I rarely ask for it.

    Even my daily status expresses this though.. LOL..
    3148 days ago
    You are right what is it It has to come from within yourself to do what you want you can have all the cheerleader inthe world but if you not trying to make the change then they are doing you no good!! But I understand you and see were you are coming from
    3148 days ago

    You are right, the motivation has to come from within. When you are ready (which clearly you have been for some time), it is time. Before that, there is little that anyone else can do or say to help.

    Why do most of us recall that proverbial "aha" moment. In my case, it was very mundane. There was no health scare or any particularly embarrassing moment. I just decided that I had enough of being so fat and that I was going to do something about it. Of course, the journey has morphed as it has gone on.

    I do find it to be very motivating and inspirational to read other people's success stories. It makes me feel that if they can do it, so can I. This is especially the case when the person seems to similar to me and also if they have overcome unusual adversity to win the battle.

    As for other people as motivators, I am not sure myself. Please let me know if you figure it out and can give me great tips LOL. I think that other people can help you with coping strategies, but it seems like you have that under control. As for the push to walk more, that probably has to come from within also. Not that 19,000 plus steps is anything to sneeze at!

    I feel like I am starting to ramble here.


    3148 days ago
    I kinda feel like you Linda.
    I'm my biggest motivator. Comparing myself to other has never worked for me, I would just get mixed feelings (WOW, great for her/ouch, I'm jealous/how the hell did she do it?) and get frustrated and feel bad about myself for being stuck in the same fat body.

    I don't know what happened to me, I guess I was lucky this time that the approach I tried worked out for me.
    As for motivation? Living in Japan where a size 24-25 in jeans is normal, I guess wanting to be able to buy clothes without struggling to get them over my thighs and butt is a good motivator. LOL.

    I also love seeing the success people on SP have had, It just shows that it IS possible, and it keeps me going.

    3148 days ago
    I just LOVE you Linda. !!!! You are so honest and so unassuming. You are motivation in 1 tiny ( now) package. You continue to tell your story and what you do and ideas and on and on. Sweetie, you are the most motivational person I know. emoticon emoticon emoticon

    3148 days ago
    I am a very self-motivated person, too, but I still love to read your story and blogs and the stories of other success stories here on SP.
    It's encouraging for me (if you did it, so can I!) and I get ideas of new things to try and other changes I can make to follow you on the path to better health.
    I click quickly away from any whiny or negative people.
    I don't want to hear it!
    > emoticon

    3148 days ago
    Very well said Marty. I agree and I always learn something from other people's stories even if their choices would not be appropriate for me.

    But the most motivating thing for me is seeing the success of others. Others who appear to be very similar to myself. When I started this journey on Spark People I was really unsure at my age and given my exercise limitations if I could achieve the goals I so desired. Seeing members like yourself, Linda, who have achieved tremendous success and continue to amaze gives me added strength (you can call it motivation if you like) to reach farther. As a result, I have exceeded my dream goals
    and replaced them with new goals to carry me into the future.

    The goals themselves have always come from me. And the hard (and yet fun) work has been mine as well. But credit for the extra "juice" to believe I could do it, goes to wonderful members just like you!

    emoticon Janet
    3148 days ago
  • MARTY19
    I look at the articles as "wake-up" calls. Lessons to be learned, info to be digested. I agree that motivation comes from within, but these articles help some people realize what they need to do, encourage them when they have had it, and teach new ways of doing things. Some people (like you) are strong and self-motivated. You have specific reasons to lose weight and you go for it. Others need more hand-holding. I think whatever gets you to the finish line is terrific.

    3148 days ago
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