Thursday, July 30, 2009

Even though I will be starting before fall, its fall fix-up time.

I did something I NEVER do and when I got out of the shower I actually looked in the mirror........OUCH.........is all I can say. And I actually think I have found one of my very big stopping points when I looked in that mirror......................."
what will I do with all that skin if I lose weight". then the fear grabbed me, and I asked myself the same question many different ways, with many different tones of voice and kept coming up with the same answer........."I don't know, and should I really worry about that?" And I don't know the answer to that one. So what am I to do? That is my big question now. Sounds stupid I know but I am terrified of the skin.

On another note we went to the surgeon for hubby today............he is having surgery on the 10th of August to decompress the nerves in the elbow and wrist of his right arm. Bad news is the damage will never be corrected, the best we can hope for is to stop it from getting any worse. The other bad news is that the left one is getting the same way...........good news with the left is that we may be able to save that one completely with doing another surgery on the left early.

Needless to say the stress level in the house is through the roof right now. And then there is always the money situation which is horrible right now because there is no extra money. Good news about that is that I have dusted off the business papers and will start rewriting my letters to lawyers this weekend.

More good news is that youngest is working many more hours for the rest of the summer at least, and oldest is going to start her training as a level 3 pharmacy technician/pharmacists assistant in the next week or two, and she will be working more hours also.

More good news is that the grandsons operation to put the tube in his ears went well and he is picking up new words and also the correct way to pronounce words he knows already. So its a pretty even balance between bad and good news.......which in and of itself is good news.

I will undoubtedly be working extra hours which can be a real fly in the ointment for me, but I am going to work hard to overcome that roadblock and get busy doing what I know I NEED to do. I foresee many speed bumps along the way, and many roads I may get lost on without help, so I am back...........back to all of you who can help me the most, the board family I so desperately need and love, and who will coach and coax me through the rough spots, of which I expect many....................but who better than the best of my friends who are succeeding already in their journey's to health and fitness.....................wh
o better than all of you who have "BEEN THERE, DONE THAT". Who better than the people that know me the best. I need all of you desperately now, to keep me focused, to keep challenging me, to keep kicking me when I need it most.

So you can soon expect to see daily posts...........yes even work days. Even if its just to say............."Good Morning my buddies, had a good day or a bad day"............whichever the case may be.

So here is my pouring out of my thoughts and emotions for now. Am I scared...............Hell ya......I am terrified. A long one tonight for sure, and may not be done yet, the mind is reeling and the thoughts are flying around in my head so fast I need to do the Dr. P thing and slow them down............that in itself will be a good fight.........one that I intend to win.

Working the next 3...............and then the games will begin.

Hugs to all

Teresa emoticon
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    Teresa, Glad you are back! Look forward to your daily posts. Prayers going out to you and your family. Take care! :) Your friend, Brenda emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3155 days ago
  • -LORI-B
    ahhh .. sweetie.. you are looking ahead .. not a bad thing sometimes, but you dont know how your skin will be in the end. 1st loose it and get healthy.. when you get to that point you tone up. Many people have lost weight and didnt have saggy stuff left.. you are worrying about something that MAY or may not happen.
    Think of it another way. Alot of things in life may or may not happen.. Its possible that something could happen on way to store, but we still need to eat.. Life throws curve balls sometimes but we live it. Point is we cant worry about things that havnt even happened yet. No point in going into a frenzie with worry all the time for nothing.
    Take things day by day. Some days may not go the way we plan, but you always HAVE a place to come to and know you are loved and cared for. HUGS
    3156 days ago
    Teresa don't worry about the skin, you are losing the weight the right way so it will shrink back. I know there may be some that doesn't but you will not know how it all works out until you get to that finish line, cross that bridge when you get there. Your main goal now is to get healthier and you will do girl we are all here to support you. I pray that you will see a lot more good in your days
    3156 days ago
    Miss Mary has read and will be back
    3156 days ago
  • B-N-ME
    Hey Teresa
    Thanks for sharing your news and your thoughts. It is good to see that you are not just focusing on the obstacles, or negatives.
    I can testify to the fact, as I'm sure others can as well that it's easy to let life sidetrack us...hand in there this group is your support system, and whatever you say you are not judged by encouraged.
    Hang in there!
    3157 days ago
    Think Barb and Anne hit the nail on the head..
    Do not put the horse before the cart... Mary will give you some people to read about . One has lost over 200 lbs. and yes she has to have surgery but she is now healthy happy and most of all no more pills!! no worries about not fitting into seats no worries about paying extra for her large body she once had ect ect ect...The good out does the bad.. It is a win win situation..

    Now as for stress ----life lesson -- be strong deal with it as it happens - try not to worry about what if- what maybe - what could be!! deal with what is! Hubby will do well with you by his side being strong.. Your GS is improving all will be fine with the world.. and if something happens you will be able to handle it.. being a fit active strong woman.. I know you are! Look in that mirror and say " Teresa I am a strong confident woman and I can do this --- I will do this for me!" Then you will be ready to be # 1 and do right by you and your body.. We get but only 1 life - Live it healthy...

    We are a team a family and we are here always for support encouragement and a nudge when needed.. Your plan and goals are doable -- See you post to say hi and I am on track or a need support or I need a kick - LOL we will do it for you!

    Teresa - Are you ready? Then let's go I'm holding your hand and will be by your side all the way!
    emoticon Jo
    3157 days ago
    If you proceed to remove weight by exercising and eating heart healthy foods most of the time ... you will do your body a world of good and can thwart off many illnesses. No one ever had a heart attack, stroke or other serious ailment because of excess skin hanging around. Listen to Barbara .. she's speaking from experience.

    Our BLAHC motto is NO EXCUSES ... JUST DO IT!!!
    Your goals are doable .. good luck. We are all with you.

    There's no time like the present .. emoticon why not start now .. you'll be glad you did

    BTW, your good news vs bad news puts everything into perspective .. I pray that soon all the good news will outweigh the bad.

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3157 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/30/2009 3:35:04 PM
    You know you have to stay in the game.... so get at it.... stop worrying about all that excess skin, I have it but all the other positives to losing weight far outweigh that.

    Prayers and thoughts for you hubby, hopefully everything will turn out good.

    Glad to hear the girls are getting alot more hours work. And you really need to get those papers to those lawyers.....

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3157 days ago
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