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Me + a grill

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Equals bizarre fun. At present, the outdoor grill isn't working right (and I know myself well enough to stay AWAY from trying to puzzle out gas lines and tanks), but it doesn't matter; the Foreman grill serves the same purpose inside. It inspires in my mind the conversation that begins with, "Well, I went to the trouble to heat this thing up. What else can I chuck onto it?" emoticon

Today, it was a hunk of tempeh and a whole sliced zucchini, all splashed with Ponzu sauce, and then I took a "sweet frying pepper" (I love the folks at our farmers' market, so I'll forgive them for not knowing the names of whatever the heck they're selling me), lopped off the top - it looked a little like a poblano, only skinnier - and shoved in some Laughing Cow cheese and some low-sugar strawberry jam I had on hand, then grilled that. It was GOOD.

My whole cooking method has evolved since heading down the "Top That Bowl" hot cereal preparation path. When I make oatmeal (or oat bran, or seven-grain, or whatever other hot cereal I find), I rummage through the fridge and pantry, looking for inspiration...and now I do that with other meals, too. I still love me a good cookbook and a formal recipe, but I don't feel as wedded to them as I used to be. This morning, I was all, "I want an egg! On a sandwich!" which led to digging in the vegetable drawer and hauling out a bunch of stuff that I could saute up to mix with the egg. No plan, just...chemistry, or something.

I just wish my family was grooving on this as much as I am. Well, the husband is, and the older son is *sort* of game, but the four-year-old is just hitting his stride in a "I CAN LIVE ON AIR MOLECULES AND GRAPES!!" stage, so he's raining on my parade. Of course, in this stage, he likely wouldn't eat planned recipes, either. And he has fully embraced the cousin of this strategy, the "Make Your Own Wrap" night I've been declaring in order to wipe out the leftovers inevitably created (especially by the aforementioned "me + grill" times). Mind you, he's just making elaborately cheesed grilled cheeses, occasionally with some deli turkey. Still, no fighting involved!

I have no idea what's for dinner tonight, but it may involve beets. I have a bunch, and they're calling my name. But the kids won't eat 'em, so I better give this some thought...
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