I have a very large stomach is there exercise that will help?

Friday, July 24, 2009

I have a very large stomach is there an exercise that will help? Could I use a resistant band and put it under my belly and lift it would this help. Did any of you have a very large apron (stomach) and lost it with weight loss and exercise and how hard was it? DO YOU HAVE A LOT OF excess skin?
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  • SUNNY89
    I too have large tummy. I do my exercises and hope in time it will get smaller. I have always said that when I lose the weight if the tummy is still there I will get it taken care of surgically. We will see how well the exercising works. Best of luck to you.
    2861 days ago
  • JEAN524
    Yep. I look a bit like Pickwick at the moment but I'm hoping that with enough exercise and weight lost it will go. Still got nearly 100 lbs to go though so it isn't happening any time soon! Good luck with yours, but don't forget, patience - it didn't arrive overnight and it sure isn't going to kiss you goodbye overnight! Have a good weekend. emoticon Jean
    2861 days ago
  • FB_000
    What I've learned over the years is the big stomach is mostly fat, probably visceral fat which is the worst b/c it surrounds your organs. Best thing to do is cardio. Contrary to popular opinion ab exercises only helps a little at first. Ab exercises help a lot more later after your body fat% goes down.

    To lose fat you should try for endurance, past 30 min. Most bodies burn carbs first then fat after 30 min of exercise.

    Despite the fact cardio is best for losing fat, ab exercises and strength training is still important to prevent injuries and build up muscle.

    After you lose fat, all the muscles you worked for will start to show. That is, no matter how many crunches you do will NOT change the layers of fat. Those ab muscles will be there AFTER you lose the fat layers with cardio.

    To help with excess skin try pilates or yoga. Your skin will snap back - the degree depends on your age. Younger people have young skin that is still elastic enough to snap back.

    How did I learn all this? Personal experience and asking advice from doctors and trainers. I'm one of those people who gain weight mostly and firstly in my stomach. Hopes this helps.
    2862 days ago
    I have a large stomach and what I did to "lose" it was a lot of core training. It helps to build up those abdominal muscles in addition to cardio. I would do traditional crunches, leg lifts where I'd lie flat and lift my leg up and down only using my abs not my back, knee raises which is the same thing except you bend the knee toward the chest and straighten it out, engaging your lower abs. Leg lifts and knee raises standing up help too. You can also use a resistance band to train your obliques (I think that's the right word). Check with the Spark exercises and select a set of abdominal exercises from there. The best thing to do is be patient with it and give the exercises time. I didn't have much excess skin but my stomach was still kinda lumpy even after losing a good amount of weight.

    Best of luck to you!
    2862 days ago
    You wanna see a large tummy check out my pictures!
    2862 days ago
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