A day to be proud of.... drank my water and ate good food! Plus a little on aquaponics :-)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

36.3 6:22am
I finally got through the water I am supposed to have. YAY!! I kept within the right levels of nutrients also... Double YAY!! LOL emoticon
Today has been a really fantastic day. I woke up to find Patrik waiting online for me. WooHoo! I got to see him for an hour or so before his eyes gave in to sleep. I can't wait till he gets onto afternoon shifts again. Then I will get to see him more as he will be up in my awake time. Its cruel having a relationship on opposite sides of the world. I miss touching his face and feeling his arms around me.
I went outside today and did 4 hours in the garden. Moving rocks, digging. Slowly but surely its taking shape. While working I have a young silkie cross, bantam rooster staying close by. He waits for me to hold out injured worms to him. He now feels comfortable enough to sit on my foot while I am working and allows me to pat him a little. He even learnt how to eat a big spider for me today... such a good little boy. His mum is sitting on a new clutch of eggs. Soon there will be new chicks chirping! I really need to cull one or two of the other roosters though as the balance is out at the moment. Its a job I really despise but if you allow eggs to hatch its a responsibility you have to take on. If you don't the boys crow all night in competition, they attack each other and they run the girls into the ground until they die. .. sigh! They are also a healthy meal as they have no hormones pumped into them and I know there diet has been healthy and balanced. I wonder how many eggs are under my little black girl. She has reared so many chicks, she is such a good mum. I'm kicking myself for collecting the 14 eggs in the two nests just before she started to sit. She probably only has about 4 or 5. She hatches out 12 easily. Oh well. Hopefully the sound of the chicks will cause another girl to go broody.
The kookaburras have been laughing for a few days so I am expecting the rain to set in for a few days, probably starting through the night. I hope not though as I need more time in the front garden. I still need to successfully dig out and transplant a prostrate Rosemary that I planted about 8 years ago. It is really wanting to stay...Its right in the spot my fish tank for my aquaponics is going to be situated. I have seedlings that desperately need planting into the grow beds as they are starting to look sickly from overcrowding. The tank and growbeds are supposed to be up and going by now BIG SIGH!!
Oh well I will get there....
For those that do not know what Aquaponics is....
Fish and plants working in a natural symbiotic closed loop system to sustain each other without any chemicals.
The poop from the fish mixes with the water, that water is pumped into the grow bed which hold at least 30cm depth of growing medium, within the medium grows a beneficial bacteria that turns the poop into a usable nutrient for the plants. The plants and bacteria clean the water and then the clean water goes back into the fish tank. You end up with really yummy fish and plants that are extremely healthy and very fresh to eat.
If you want to learn more may I suggest a couple of sites....


There is more and more information getting out there as more people seek out healthier lifestyles.

If anyone is interested in asking questions feel free to ask away. emoticon

Well its been a big day and I think my body needs a stretch ...catch ya' tomorrow!
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