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Saturday, July 18, 2009

I'm sitting here piecing together all the feelings, advice, motivation, concerns, and even tough criticism I've been given over the past 24 hours. Right after I wrote my last blog, I immediately saw an outpouring of support and a desire to help. I can never be thankful enough for those of you who took the time to leave comments on my pages and also send me e-mails. It means a lot to just know people do read blogs belonging to others they don't know and care enough to take the time to respond. So thank you.

I wish I could say that after reading those first comments to pour in, including one from an individual who I think is pretty amazing with his weigh loss so far, Thinbeanz, that I went to my closet, dusted off my workout clothes, and got a good workout in....but I didn't. Instead, I sat here and drank my water. Contenting myself once again that drinking water was a start and I didn't want to "waste" my relaxation time before going to work.

I can sit here now and relect on that attitude and know that no change significant change can always be immediate in life. The only thing that holds me back is myself and my own attitude. So, I know an attitude change is in order. I've come to the conclusion that I'm going to have to be my own best friend and "enemy" here.

So, ground rules. I need to set them because I must also be my own "mother figure." One thing that has certainly gotten in my way is my computer. I LOVE the online game World of Warcraft! Did I hear gasp? No sense in denying it. To a point, it is a cooping object for me right now. Instead of drinking or smoking, I forget about my problems and the rough day I've had by diving into a fantasy world where I don't have to be myself if I don't want to.

But I also realize it is one of the big problems in my weight loss and healthy lifestyle. I come home and instead of keeping going to get in my workout, I sit down with a snack and play away. No good....So, first rule. I will not allow myself to play WoW until I have gotten in my workout for the day. WoW shall be my reward for a workout well done. On top of that, I can only play for as long as I workout. So, in order to play for an hour, that means I must find a way to do an hour of some sort of exercise or be active in some way. It only seems fair that I get to trade so much time of inactivity for so much time of being active. The snacking has to go unless it is water combined with something healthy. Chips and cookies are no more! :-)

The other major step I have to take is my work habits. I have to make sure that I not only get in a healthy meal at work, but I HAVE to eat my snacks. I just have to deal with the fact that I work retail and because of this, I am not guarenteed anything! So, a simple snack that I can sneak away for a few minutes to eat will have to do. I can control my meal time! I just have to take that time away from relaxing to go and pack my meal for the day. Then, when I get tempted to eat what I shouldn't, I just have to dig down deep and find that self control.

Okay, good laid plans. It helps to type them out for myself. I'm going to attempt the South Beach Diet again. Woman with PCOS, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, for those of you who asked, have seen great results with it. The first two weeks will be difficult. They are the strictest, but also very benefitial.

So, with all that said, or typed rather, I'm going to take the advice almost everyone gave to me, and GET BACK TO WORK!
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    Good plan! YOU CAN DO IT!

    Keep the plan right in front of you/somewhere you will constantly see it - it should help with the plan.
    2989 days ago
    Ha ha, I know exactly what you mean about WOW. I myself am or was a WOW player till like you I realized that it's like taking over my life almost lol. I canceled my account for a while to keep it from distracting me but your idea is great! So, I have to ask LOL...Horde or Alliance? Horde all the way here and I play on Wildhammer server and of course I'm a blood elf cause I'd love to have little slim bodies like theirs lol!
    2990 days ago
  • HIKER7
    Bekah, I LOVE your WoW reward plan! What a great idea!
    And thank you for sharing your thoughts and motivations.
    2990 days ago
    Stick to it :)
    2991 days ago
    I like that plan. I have the problem of just too much time on the computer just surfing. So in return I'm going to take your advice too. Thanks.
    2991 days ago
  • KLEE46
    Your plan is a great energy exchange. All change begins with one simple step away from a previous comfort zone. I have worked retail and I can emphasize with you. Even if the customer is always right...they can be downright obnoxious. And modern employers expect a weeks worth of work at minimum wages. That being said, you can do, be or have anything. And it all begins with baby steps.
    2991 days ago
    Good for you Bekah! I raise my 8oz glass of water in a toast to you in picking yourself up and dusting yourself down, Head down, and Charge forward!

    Keep on Keeping on!

    emoticon Cheers

    2991 days ago
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