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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

edit: I have changed the title and put this into 1st person (I and me) mainly due to some of the comments.

I don't focus on food. I am blessed not to need a lot of variety with my foods.

We are here at SparkPeople because we all have a problem with food. We need food to survive but food has become The Enemy for a lot of us.

I need to take the focus off foods. For me this means not poring over cookbooks and recipes. Not planning and dreaming about "going out for dinner" every week.

I am always amazed when I visit the pages of new members and they have joined cooking teams. Cooking is not my main problem - eating the cooking is my big problem. So I have trouble understanding why anyone would join teams that revolve around cooking and trying new recipes if trying to take off weight in a timely manner. Note - I don't understand. I am not judging others who differ in their opinion. I have lost a lot of weight by not focusing on recipes and cooking - this works for me even if it won't work for anyone else.

My sister always said to me, "nothing goes better with a diet-book or cookbook than a bag of cookies."

For what it's worth, my mother was fond of saying, "pick a food, any food, and if you had to eat it every day for the rest of your life you wouldn't starve."

I have heard that diet foods are expensive. Well, cakes and candies aren't cheap either.

I think it all comes down to choices. I choose to eat healthier foods and I am losing this excess weight.

**thank you for your opinions JERSEYGIRL24 & ONMYWAYTOGOAL! truly!!
I hadn't considered that the cooking teams might be dealing with other issues as well.

My focus comes from the teachings of Overeaters Anonymous - K.I.S.S. (keep it simple sweetie) and they advised us about not reaching for cook books and poring over recipes. The belief in my OA group seemed to be that seeing the foods would also trigger the desire for them.

***More great points Marty & MIKIIO! Thank you my friends! All this gives me greater insight to what others are dealing with. I am a lousy cook but I have been surprised at how many rely on fast food these days. Thank you all for your opinions - I only know the environment that I grew up in.

I never had the luxury of growing up with fast food. I was grown before the 1st Burger King and McDonald's were allowed in Brooklyn, NYC. And even then we had to drive to them!

My "fast foods" were jewish delicatessens and chinese takeouts. My fast foods were knishes and hotdogs, fried rice and ribs.

We were poor so we didn't eat out much. And there was always bread and cake in the house since my mother worked in a bakery and my father was the Master Pastry Chef for Junior's Restaurant in Brooklyn, NY. They were allowed to take food home and it was always fancy pastries and breads.

****Since I am always being asked how I lost 88 lbs in 16 months, I was just explaining one facet of my program. Sorry if I upset anyone with my opinions.
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    Hi Linda. For me, cooking with a recipe adds those much needed herbs and spices that I never can figure out. I have no 2nd nature when it comes to cooking and if pressed to make a non recipe meal, it WOULD be hotdogs!LOL. I know what you are saying though, however, ALL the books I use are on the G.I. diet we follow, so all ingredients and recipes are fair game. I must tell you however that on 1 front you are absolutly right. Chocolate bars are expensive. I know because I bought 2 today!!!I don't crave fancy dinners, I crave crap!!

    3172 days ago
    Linda, I feel the same way as Elizabeth...I am glad you didn't delete this. I feel exactly like you. We were poor, but thank goodness we always had food on the table, roof on our heads, and clean clothes. Anyway, the way I was taught is to "eat everything on your plate". As a youngster I ALWAYS played outside, and burned the calories off. Now as an adult, I don't go out and work a long 9 hour day. I am trying to make healthy food choices, and totally appreciate you sharing what works for you. I can definitely live with your meal plans, without pouring over a cookbook, since I do live along, and have no one to cook for. I'm not a great cook, either...LOL! So thanks for sharing your opinion, (that I am in total agreement on), and thanks for sharing your meal plans. Your one smart "cookie"! Hugs, Pam
    3172 days ago
    I'm glad you didn't delete this.
    I don't see how you could have offended anyone.
    You clearly marked it as your opinion, even in your title, and it is your blog, after all.
    We are all mature people (most of us anyways) and should know how to respect opinions and ideas different from our own, and, judging by the response, this is a topic people have feelings about. I, myself, love to cook and, while I'm not on any cooking teams, I think it's great that people are putting effort into learning to be better (and I would assume, healthier) cooks.
    You are a huge sparkpeople success story and I think it is just awesome when you share what works for you because there are a lot of us here who learn from hearing what has worked and not worked for fellow sparkers.
    3173 days ago

    I think that reaching out for the new cooking teams and new cook books is a natural thing. In my opinion, I needed to find ways of cooking that could reduce some of the fat that I was using in the beginning. The TV show, "Cook Yourself Thin" is a great example of just that. They show you how to cook meals that taste good, but hey have a reduced amount of fat and calories. I even ordered the cook book online. But, I haven't used it much either. I have used it some, just not harping on it and all it's recipes that "I HAVE to make". Just my take on it.

    Ps. by the way, I have mentioned your screen name to several folks here at SP and thought that they might have reason to chat with you about their issues with weight loss and amounts to eat and exercise when they get stagnant on their WL journey.

    Have a super day
    Not fixated on food
    just trying to eat a lot more fruits and veggies

    your ol' buddy tony
    3173 days ago
  • _VALEO_
    Sorry, I don't agree with you on this one, cooking can also be part of the problem for some members.
    Linda, We both know how to cook food and healthy food, but keep in mind that some Sparkers have no clues when it comes to the kitchen, and don't know how to cook at all, some have never cooked, and have been relying on fast foods and food to go till they joined.
    Even when you know how to cook exchanging healthy recipes is always good.
    It's great that those teams exist, and that members take part of them. Knowledge is power.

    3173 days ago
  • MARTY19
    Many of us have grown up being taught that food = comfort or reward or whatever. I know this. I had to literally re-train myself to stopping thinking about food in this fashion. I need food to survive and what I try to put in my mouth is food that my body can consume to provide nutrients my body needs. It isn't easy.
    When I look at cookbooks it is to find healthy meals that also provide visual interest. I enjoy eating food that looks good. I think that is my quirk. LOL

    3173 days ago
    I agree that there are a lot of interesting and different teams on SP, but whatever it takes to keep us motivated, moving and loosing the pounds is okay by me.
    I was a member of a WW team for awhile, but I got tired of all the recipe's. I can only try so many new recipe's a week. I tried a crock pot cooking team and the same thing happened. I had to let go of something I love.....trying new things in order to focus my energies on things that need attending to...exercise and changing bad habits and simply eating less.
    We all have different ways to cope with these changes we're trying to make. Sometimes, and I'm speaking from my own experiences, we camoflage our success and sometimes we ambush ourselves.
    3173 days ago
    I'm not sure I agree with you about people who join cooking groups. Maybe they are honestly looking for healthier recipes including adaptations of old standards. I joined the Love to Cook group as well as another one early on, but I left both of them fairly quickly. I know that the Love to Cook group is very large.

    That said, I agree that your priority should not be how to create lower calorie versions of high calorie treats like cookies, cakes or fries. I am sometimes amazed that when people embark on a weight loss plan, one of their first questions is something like "How long until I can have ice cream (or some other forbidden food)?" Or else they are unduly concerned about how they can adapt these things so they can have them (i.e. low calorie ice cream recipes). Well, no pun intended, but it is very hard to have your cake and eat it too. I think you have to find new, healthier substitutes.

    As an aside, there are a lot of groups on SP that I just don't understand. For example, ones that have to do with your political views. I don't see what that has to do with weight loss.

    However, I am a member of the New York Yankees fan group, and I enjoy the discussion that goes on there. I was a member of Spark Bookworms for awhile because I was hoping to get some ideas for some good books. I think the team would have served that purpose, but I left it recently because I haven't been reading much. I may come back to it though. With both of these groups, I look for friendly discussion more than I look for wellness advise. But the Yankee team does offer challenges as well, so it is a good group.
    3173 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/14/2009 6:03:49 PM
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