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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Okay, ya'll know I'm big time into Scouts, specifically Boy/Cub Scouts. And with being involved with scouts of any level, RESPECT is something that is assumed. It's just what you do!!!

So why is it that soooooo many people have SO little respect these days??? I'm not talking about my scouts, because for the most part, they are very respectful. There are a few that need to work on it, but.....

I was telling a friend the story of how my American flag was stolen this past week. They didn't just take the flag, they took the flag & pole & ripped the bracket holding the pole right off the house!! To top it off, the flag was the one that John was given when he received his Eagle Award. But more than anything, it was AN AMERICAN FLAG!!!! If there's one thing that is sacred in this country it is the flag!

Anyway.... she shared with me her flag story.... she was driving home one evening (she lives in an urban area) and saw a bunch of "teenagers" dragging an American Flag down the road. She stopped & gave them the hairy eyeball but it had NO affect. When she arrived home, her DH (a county sheriff) was headed out to work (full uniform and all). They were still hanging about when he headed out so he stopped and approached them. Now, we're talking a member of law enforcement in FULL UNIFORM!!!! They had the audacity to give him lip! "Is it your flag??" "what business is it of yours if it isn't YOUR flag!"

And unfortunately this is becoming the "norm." It really is very scary.

The BSA put together a training on Diversity that is VERY interesting. (
you don't have to be a member of BSA, it's available to everyone to watch) I really think it hits alot of the stuff we're seeing today on the head. But, boy, it doesn't dull the pain or the disbelief.

I have 2 teenagers & 2 soon to be teenagers so I do understand the whole Teenager thing. It's a tough time of life. But Still!!!! They can be decent human beings! They can have things they believe in! They can SHOW RESPECT!!!

The world is already looking to be a messed up place when they take control. We mucked that up good for them. But do we really have to further muck it up by not teaching them respect? If for nothing else, themselves????

Maybe Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, American Heritage Girls, 4-H and all the rest ARE the answer. But then the question becomes, why should they? Why would they? They don't respect themselves enough to improve their own life why would they look for a way to do it, let alone give it a fair shot. Maybe it's time these parents step UP and take control! And new parents should take note to nip it in the bud and not let it sit dormant until they ARE teenagers.

I'll admit, I don't get "Yes Ma'am" "No, Sir" from my kids but they do understand that there are rules & consequences. They question me more times than I'd like to admit, but it's their way of communicating.... of learning! (BTW: Doesn't make it any less frustrating tho!) I have faith that my kids will do alright. When it comes time, they always do me proud. Shame more parents these days can't say that!!
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    It is amazing how disrespectful our society has grown!
    3106 days ago
    I used to be a student a few years ago. I come from another country, did not speak English, so it was my way to learn. I am 57 now, so I was 50 when I come to college class. Pretty old for humiliation, not by students who were young but by college professors, who was sometimes not to so young. I got into deep depression. Needless to say I did not get my degree. I paid my classes, never put myself in the position "old know all". So, why teachers humiliated me? They had good time and big fun, I got pain. I am not stupid, was good in learning. It does not matter. Really I developed do not respect to the teaches. To be respectful it better to start to respect each other, old and young, teaches and students, fatty and skinny, healthy and sick.
    3108 days ago
    I originally went on your website to leave some info about the quilt. I'll do 2 blocks or more. If you change the size to 8.5 to 11 inches or something like that the images can be printed from the computer(copyright free). I also have lots of fabric that can be used as the borders...

    I am a college professor. I have college kids addressing me by my first name. I even had one student yelling at me, in front of the students. I mentioned it was inappropriate... but she continued. I had to call security. Behavior like that I found in high school but it has moved to college. I am all for a respect revolution
    Sorry for venting
    3110 days ago
    Oh I totally agree society is so disrespectful these days. I am hoping that being involved with scouts and also teaching my child right from wrong is going to keep him in the right direction also. It would be nice if more people made their children responsbile for their actions.
    3114 days ago
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