My Gym OR Ode to Sweaty Nerds

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

I am getting the impression that the number one cause of gym phobia among we who have a few pounds to lose are those really fit people who seem to be running a million miles per hour or grunting loudly as they lift some inhuman weight. It isn't just that they will look down on you, it is that they will make you look down on yourself. Blah.

Anyhow, I love my gym! It is small, and limited, and smelly, and and BUT it is
a) 7 minute walk away
b) full of nerdzzz

Thats right, spark folks, the Cambridge University gym is predictably filled with the geeks. A few are fit geeks but most are of the slightly chunky lady or underweight boy variety. Tans are few and far between and I fit in as I sit on an exercise bike making notations in a book of south american ethno politics. There are some grunts but mostly the whirr of the machines is broken only with the shuffle sounds of printed articles.

The location, beyond being near my house, is also a blessing since it keeps 99% of the undergraduates away. There is about a mile square the Cambridge Undergrads are willing to walk around in. The gym is outside of it. Golly some of them are horrid!

I don't mean that all the way, just a little bit of the way.

Perhaps the picture I paint is just a bit idealized but basically when I walk into that gym I know I am not the fittest person there but I am just as nifty at what i do (and as nerdy) as everyone else in the room and we are all equally stupid to have taken on PhDs. This gets me thinking...really anyone walking into any gym is on par with everyone else there, just because they are there. You know, being pro active and healthy and all that! YEAH

That almost made sense.

Ultimately the purpose of this post is to convince me to actually go to the gym now. I walked 4 miles today and was on my feet working for the rest of it so I want to wuss out. No. I've put the gym clothes on. I am going in!
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    That is too cool!!!
    3080 days ago
    Love this post. I never go to the Columbia gym because I'm always scared that my students (I'm a T.A.) will see me sweating in my ratty gym clothes. Also, my professors' hairy legs or their 1970s bandannas are visions that I really do not need to have in my head. Instead, I joined my boyfriend's neighborhood gym which is mostly attended by seniors and housewives. The place is a bit on the boring side, but at least I don't get to see all the hunks and the babes drooling on top of each other.
    3080 days ago
    All we have in this county is the Y and a small community pool. Both are dominated by children and/or seniors, depending on the time of day.
    3174 days ago
  • MORGAN!!
    I was JUST having this conversation with someone tonight about how different gyms have their own personalities! We were comparing some of the gyms we've been to here: the meat market gym in the yuppie neighborhood, the middle-aged corporate gym downtown, my neighborhood gym where everyone wears band t-shirts and Converse - it's so important to find the right gym with the right people for you. Congrats on finding yours!
    3175 days ago
    I did go in the end...and listened to NPR podcasts while I worked out. I earn my nerdly glasses...
    3175 days ago
    :) This made me smile... now if I only lived closer because that is my kind of gym!
    3175 days ago
    Ha! You crack me up. You're at Cambridge? I spent several summers at Oxford for a study program and I miss it! I would take your nerdy gym mates to switch with you right now! Hope your gym trip and your studies are going well.

    My Chicago gym is filled with women who work out in their full on make up on their cell phones so...hmmm.
    3176 days ago
    Lol...loved this post, and love love your website, it's so pretty!!
    I would love to be a member of a nerdy gym. Lol. It sounds great!
    I hope you went to the gym!!
    3176 days ago
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