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I was so-o-o-o bad, but it tasted so-o-o-o good!

Sunday, July 05, 2009

I was so-o-o-o bad, but it tasted so-o-o-o good!

Started the day really good, nice normal Saturday other than it was the 4th of July and for the first time ever I had to take Dad to Dialysis on a Saturday (my sister had an opportunity to travel over the weekend!).

Good breakfast of fruit w/ cottage cheese and yogurt! Sampled 1/2 stick made by my dad, maybe 50 calories - I even shared it with his dog!

Wanted to grill some chicken but with a freezer full of chicken I couldn't find a single package from everything else being on top! No problem, I took out 2 Pork Sirloin chops. Even breaded and fried, I could work them into the day.

Went to Walmart's to pick up dad's prescription - pharmacy closed.
4th of July emoticon

Wanted to pick up Strawberries for neighbor that took time out of her day to buy Cream Cheese for me on sale with a limit - found Bing Cherries $2 pound! Yikes, I bought Bing Cherries for $2 pound and spent a small fortune!! Did you know you can freeze cherries?! Yup!! I now have loads of cherries on top of my hidden, never to be found again chicken!

Here's where the day got "oops-ed".

Got home and sampled quite a few cherries while attempting to make lunch. Do you remember me saying, "never allow yourself to get hungry?"

So I put the last of the fresh corn into a pot to boil, and thawed the pork the rest of the way and dredged them in a matzoh meal mixture and prepared to fry them. I had also found 1 chicken breast fillet and thawed it too. Yup, coated it as well - what do they say about "in for a dollar, in for a pound?"

Now is where it gets really scary - I never weighed my pork chop! Nope, just kept eating it!! So I estimated it to be about 12 ounces!! Yup, that is quite a portion. Had 2 ears of corn too, one before the pork, one after. It's ok, I cut the pork chop in half! But you guessed it, ate both halves.

Here's where the "in for a dollar, in for a pound," comes in. I wanted dessert so I had my regular dinner right after lunch - ice cream with cereal but this time topped with coolwhip! Believe it or not, at this point my day was still ok! A bit high, but not unacceptable.

So-o-o-o, what happened next you ask? DH was looking for crackers. OMG, I broke the 'cardinal rule' and didn't have a cracker in the house for him. So I opened a new box of Matzoh's and darn his hide, he only wanted half a board. I don't know what happened, but that other half a board just seemed to want me to put peanut butter and jelly on it! So, I made the matzoh happy and smeared it with pb & j and enjoyed! I think you can all see what happened next?! Yup, that half a board with pb & j asked me to get another board of matzoh ready! The only good news here is the board of matzoh is only 100 calories. The better news is by the time I had the 2nd board ready, DH said, "that looks good!" and I gave him half the board - the bigger half!!
The rest of the story is 2600 calories later and in the hole for my Calorie Deficit I got up off my butt and did a 3 Mile WATP with weights, followed by an 18 minute walk outside with DH. Finished my day with a Calorie Burn of 756 and a Calorie Deficit of 32!!

emoticon Don't you just love it when a plan comes together?!

Be careful out there, danger lurks in every bite!
Love y'all,
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    O my , I thought that by the title of the blog there was sure to be CHEESECAKE Involves, esp when I started reading about cream cheese and cherries! lol.....

    But peanut butter and Jelly on Matzos...Oooo not so bad...but yes soooo good!

    Thanks for the giggle, I can sooo relate!
    3155 days ago
    Brilliant and hilarious.

    So glad to read your dad is home safe!
    3155 days ago
    LOL!!! You are the BEST!!!
    3156 days ago
    Wow, you are so good.
    3156 days ago
  • CAROL_
    You did very well! I think the key words, at least for me, were, "I got up off my butt and did . . . . ". Yeah, that's what I need to remember and to live by.
    3156 days ago
    You're a wonderful story teller. You should write short stories. Take care,

    3156 days ago
    Wow you are amazing you managed to eat and still get i that workout later in the day I would have thrown in the towel and called it a day like I have been doing on the days I feel I'm going over but what I like about you is that you keep it real and share no matter what and I like that about you so I have to say wtg on that
    3157 days ago
    LOL!!! I laughed so hard I cried. You are so funny and sooooo honest! Been there, done that! Glad to see that you were able to make up for it by the end of the day...GOOD FOR YOU! Bless you my friend.
    Debi emoticon
    3157 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/5/2009 4:55:22 PM
    What I want to know is how you got yourself into the exercise mode at such a late time in the day. I can see myself skirting disaster just the way you did by redirecting some of those "iffy" choices and recognizing that you had allowed yourself to get hungry. I have been there.

    I have not quite gotten to the place of pushing or tricking or cajoling myself into exercise when it is late in the day and I am getting tired.
    The 18 min. walk, yes, but the WATP 3mi. would be unlikely.

    Please tell me your secrets!!! YOU ROCK!!!

    emoticon Janet
    3157 days ago
    Kudos to you -- your healthy habits are so ingrained, you can turn a potential disaster into a good day! Keep rocking it, girlie!!

    3157 days ago
  • MARTY19
    I love PB&J but don't have it often. But I do use the Skippy Light. I honestly cannot tell the difference.
    I wouldn't worry too much. Your good habits are so ingrained that one day is not going to kill you. Even your bad days are better than some other people. lol

    Lobe you
    3157 days ago
  • _VALEO_
    emoticon darn Matzoh, peanut butter and jelly! Their callings are terrible!

    Thankfully, you calculated your intake and get moving!

    How are you going to freeze your cherries? I'm interested since my father always have lots of cherries and we never know what to do with all his crop.

    You want to laugh: this morning, I saw my spouse all ready to go to work... when I saw him leaving with the bin liner and his bag, I asked him "where the hell are you going?"... He was going to work... on a Sunday!!! He thought it was Monday morning...
    3157 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/5/2009 7:04:10 AM
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