Friday, June 26, 2009

I am so beyond frustrated right now I could cry. I am working out constantly and eating only 1200 calories a day and I am GAINING weight! WTF. I went down 2 pounds and was really happy, and now I gained it back plus 1/2 a pound. I dont know what to do! I have tried everything! I have tried switching my workouts up, I do cardio and strength, I watch what I eat, I drink over 8 glasses of water a day.... what else is there? i have been on spark for over a month now and have only gone UP in weight. I'm so sad and frustrated...so much for that hot bod on vacation, still will be the fat girl on the beach.
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    Just remember that weight is not the best judgement of your progress. If you have a little extra money, you should test your body fat % and track progress that way. Or, if you're short on cash, get a tape measure and measure your neck, waist, and hips. I have been at the same weight for about a year! But my clothes are fitting so much better, and I'm down a few inches. I'm just building muscle which weighs more than fat but is much leaner, and I think the same could be happening to you.

    That said, you should also look at what you're eating. If you're working out all the time and only eating 1200 calories, your body is probably trying to hold on to all the energy it can! I think you should up your calorie intake to at least 1400. It may seem counter-intuitive, but just try it! I promise it will work! Especially if the extra 200 calories come from lean protein!

    Hang in there

    3159 days ago
    Also see how your clothes are fitting and feeling. I have been "stuck" at my weight for about a month and 1/2 now even though I'm eating well and exercising but my clothes feel like they are fitting better and a little looser. Even my doctor told me that if I was exercising my body would be changing even if the scale wasn't moving.

    All the other posts gave good advise as well. Take a look at your big picture and see if it doesn't need a little tweeking somewhere.

    Hang in there. Keep doing the right things and you will get results!! emoticon
    3159 days ago
    What are you eating...are you getting in your protien?
    Maybe you are doing too much working out and your body is in starvation mode..it does happen..if you are going to continue working out the way you have been, try upping your calories by only 150-200, but make it good choices, not empty calories..
    See if that helps..
    I know it sounds crazy but you just might be surprised..
    That is the route I have to go when I work out too hard and don't lose..I have to up the calories just a bit..

    3159 days ago
    Try not to get frustrated...

    There are many factors that play into how our bodies react to diet and exercise. Sometimes we have to find the right balance and that can be difficult.

    As stated by KHubb & 4MeToBe remember that inches, how you feel physically also tie into the big picture. I would definitely take a peek at the calories compared to how much you are exercising, because that needs to be updated and tweaked every now and again.

    Also I find that if I eat smaller meals spaced throughout my waking day, I do better as well as trying to avoid processed foods. It seems to me, that processed food do not have a positive effect on my body. The sodium levels can be scary. Having a little one to look after keeps me on my toes so when I do go for processed foods I try the Lean Cuisine, Eating Right or Healthy Choice frozen meals and in a pinch they work great.

    My husband and I have had luck with altering our diet as well with getting more fish and veggies included in our daily menus.

    Whatever you do... don't lose patience and keep trying. You will conquer it. emoticon
    3159 days ago
  • K_HUBB
    Weight isn't everything. How are you measuring in inches? More importantly how are you feeling? Don't give up. It will get better sooner or later.

    3159 days ago
  • 4-ME-TO-BE_____
    How much are you working out, 1200 calories may be too low for you and you are storing fat. You can fiddle with the nutrion by adding in how many calories a day you burn and it should give you a calorie range based on that. Good luck, and remember the pounds aren't the only thing to count, how are you feeling, are you getting stronger losing inches? You may just have to tweek your calories a little.
    3159 days ago
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