2 New Features - Enhanced Weigh-In Page & Dining Out Guide

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hi everyone, we launched 2 new features today that we think you will like!

Enhanced Weigh-In and Measurements Page
While many of our members look a lot at the scale to measure their progress, many also like to watch their progress in other ways such as energy level, body measurements, or fitness levels. We have set up a number of other types of things you can track, with information on how to track and levels to try to reach. In addition, we have made it so that for some goals you can track progress more than one time a day. This has been a common request from members who track their blood sugar throughout the day! To see these changes go to your Weigh In page and click Add/Change Measurements.

Dining Out Guide
When eating healthy a common challenge is making the right choices when eating away from home. Our Dining Out Guide can help! We have a list of the most popular restaurant chains, and tips from SparkPeople for eating at each chain. Plus, we allow members to submit their favorite "Healthy Finds" from these restaurants, and for other members to vote for items they feel are healthy as well. You can find this feature under Healthy Lifestyle, then Nutrition, then in the center column of the Nutrition page.

UPDATE: There was a problem after this launched with weight loss tickers not updating. This was fixed on Thursday the 25th at around 10:30 AM EST, so if you track again it will update your ticker. Thanks for the comments about this issue!
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