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I... BULKED..!

Friday, June 12, 2009

I swear to god I nearly cried when I got my numbers this morning.. I was so shocked! For the first time in the two years that I have been on spark and going to the gym, I bulked. I am just so amazed and proud of myself that I can't even really put it into words. SO! On to the numbers!

weight: 53.9 kg (was 53.1)
fat mass: 17.6 kg (was 18.3)
lean muscle: 19.5 kg (was 18.7)
body fat: 32.7% (was 34.4%)


Do you see it? I gained .8 kg of lean muscle mass! I have /never/ managed to do that before. I usually see about a 1.0-1.5 kg decrease in fat, and a .2 kg increase in muscle on a really good month. I have /never/ gained more than .3 kg of muscle at a time... /never/.. and this time i gained nearly a FULL KILO. Yeah.. I'm floored. My fat loss was less than usual, coming in at .7 kg down.. which means that overall I gained .1 kg of body weight and drove my BMI up .3%... but for the amount of muscle I packed on I think I would have been thrilled if my fat hadn't moved at all. Prior to today the highest muscle I've ever had was 19.4 kg.. and I blew past that in ONE MONTH. Even in October when I was in great condition I was only at 19.2 kg total. And .5 kg of the muscle gain was in my core, which is by FAR the weakest part of my body. I went from 15.12 kg to 15.67 kg in my core! My arms each gained .1 kg, and my legs each went up about .15 kg. I am still in the orange zone for most of my body and still low on muscle mass.. but the rate of improvement this month was just phenomenal compared to my prior results.

I just can't get over my amazement.. wow..

OH OH OH! I am bordering on the goal range now!! 19.5 kg is right at the bottom edge of my 19.5 - 23.9 target for muscle mass!

I almost cried when I saw it.. And you know what? If I manage to gain .5 kg of muscle, and drop 1 kg of fat in the next month, I will be in target range for both muscle AND fat.. and I will be in the best shape I've ever been in. That is something I can hardly comprehend.. it seems so close. Just... wow.

The only number that I have a hard time believing is the overall weight. It says I went from 53.1 to 53.9, but I think that menstrual bloat and my gigantic breakfast today must have figured into that, because I weighed in at 52.6 at home yesterday morning, and according to the fat and muscle numbers I should have only gone up .1 kg overall. But you know what? Overall weight is by far the least important number to me on that sheet.

I am so proud... ;_;

Oh... and Rene arrived safely yesterday evening and I remembered how much I love her and missed her. I don't think she will be causing me to screw up my routine at all. This morning we walked to my gym together, and then she went off to shop while I worked out and we met up afterward to try the new Starbucks coffee jelly frappucchino. She said she's going to meet me near work at 5 pm so we can walk the hour home together... and she wants to walk the river trail near home with me on Monday when the gym is closed. We also have amazing luck, because my gym is doing a one coin campaign this month which means I can take her with me one time to show off the pool and stuff for just 500 yen. She also seems excited to cook with me, so I won't have to worry too much about eating out other than over the weekends.

Today has gotten off to a fantastic start. :D
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    yay!!!!! i am so proud of you!!!
    3198 days ago
    That's awesome!Keep doing what you're doing!
    3200 days ago
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