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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

"Do you force yourself to eat healthful foods you don't like? If so, what are they and why?"

This is a "sort of" thing. I don't care for some fruits because of the seeds, but I do eat them because they are good for me and because I picked the Blackberries for free! I will be picking Blueberries for free soon too.

The Blackberry seeds drive me nuts, Strawberry seeds too, but I floss so what the hey. Blueberry skins can sometimes be tough, but they are good for me and will be free so I will eat them too. We are trying to grow a Mulberry tree because the berries are delicious and they will be free too! The best part is they all freeze well for later use. Yes, they tend to be mushy when thawed but I just prepare them still frozen and add them to cottage cheese and yogurt for a very filling and healthy breakfast.

Sometimes I eat to finish my day even if not hungry. That is a good time to reward myself with an indulgence.

If I don't eat the required calories every day I will not lose weight. The flip-side of this is I don't generally wake up hungry so I am free to do my morning walk before breakfast.

**edit: No amount of coercion will get me to eating lima beans, onions or squash! A man's gotta know his limitations, lol.
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  • _VALEO_
    I usually use Blackberries in my morning smoothie -once mixed with a soy or rice milk, you can't feel the seeds or the skin.

    You don't like squash? Any kind? Halloween might be not your favorite holiday. :)

    3206 days ago

    Comment edited on: 6/11/2009 5:27:15 PM
    We're growing blackberries, raspberries, apples, apricots and pears. The berries are going nuts they're so happy this year. My challenge is to get them before the rabbits and squirrels!
    My husband just found out he has to cool it on eating them, so I guess it will be up to me!!!!
    3207 days ago
    I have a hard time eating enough calories in a day unless I add a few chocolate bars. I try to eat about 1400 calories. I really don't know how many I should be eating, because I manually changed my range and now I don't know how to get a spark range back again,Anyone who knows please tell me. I try to eat more but and this is lame, I don't have time. I do have time but forget to eat quite often, then when I am hungry, I'm starving and make the first thing I think of . Usually it isn't a good choice. I am trying to work on this behaviour but I need to know my cal range first.

    3207 days ago
    Personally, just for me - I won't force myself to eat something I don't like. I do not like raspberry seeds in any way - I like the taste of raspberry so if it's seedless all fruit jam or something then I will totally eat it. I hate mushrooms and don't like tomatoes so i don't eat those either. I have been trying to stretch myself and as Marty said - I am retrying stuff I didn't like as a kid. If there are a few mushrooms on a piece of pizza I will eat it, but I don't put them in my own cooking. I have tried tomato again a couple of times and I still get gaggy. I figure, this healthy eating thing is going to be hard - so why make it harder on myself by forcing myself to eat something I really don't like? But in retrying veggies I have found that I like a lot of the stuff I hated as a child and have added new ones that my mom never used. It's kind of a fun experience!
    3208 days ago
    I do eat to make my daily calories and I'm constantly trying new things, but I won't eat things I don't like. I'm forturnate that I already like most healthy foods. There's just a few things that I like that I really shouldn't eat. One thing I hated for most of my life was cottage cheese, but in the last month I tried it with fruit and a little splenda mixed in and it's WONDERFUL!!
    3208 days ago
  • MARTY19
    I continue to try new veggies that I hated as a child. Some I now like and others... Well at least I try them. I love just about all fruits so that isn't a prblem.

    3209 days ago

    Comment edited on: 6/9/2009 7:44:39 AM
    I'm trying to think if I've done this before. But I don't think so really. I know that my body wasn't really accustomed to all the veggies I give it now, but I'm learning that I actually like them way more than I thought. I'm not a big fan of blueberries or blackberries, but strawberries on the other hand, I do love. My mom used to grow them when I was a kid and one of the best things I can remember was being able to pick a strawberry and eat it. You couldn't get any fresher than that. I'm so jealous of your garden.

    I wish I could grow a big garden. We just don't have that kind of room. Next year I'll probably start one with my mom at her house. But for now I just have my tomato plant on my deck.
    3209 days ago
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