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Monday, June 08, 2009

So, this weekend went pretty good overall! I ate very good on Friday and Saturday....I stayed within my calorie ranges. I would have liked to have stayed a little lower than what I did but I'm so happy eat very healthy overall. Sunday we had a big lunch, and I wasn't hungry for a few hours....then hunger struck. Well, I dont think it was actual was awful cravings from my TOM. The only thing I did too bad though was eating a few m&m's and stuffing handfuls of captain crunch down my throat. I dont know how much Captain Crunch I ate....but I didnt eat dinner. I dont think that really makes up for eating Captain Crunch straight out of the box though. I know I still was within my calorie ranges for the day though, even if it was at the upper end of them. And at least I did stop after a few handfuls...and I didnt eat anything else afterwards afraid it might lead to another binge.

Trent and I did 50 min of The Biggest Loser Cardio hiney isstill sore from that dvd and my legs were killing me Sat. I also shopped for a few hours, burning some extra calories! Sunday I did 45 min of Turbo Jam when I got home. So, I'm proud of myself. This is actually one of the best weekends I have had calorie wise in a very long time even with the Captain Crunch episode.

I'm hoping I continue my good eating habits now that I am finished with the weekend. Weekdays always seem so much easier for me. I'm trying to remain focused on my goal. I feel so motivated lately....thats a great thing!! I'm hoping I keep up these good habits for the rest of the month to get ready for 4th of July!

I didnt eat a very good lunch today though. I had a freakin meal replacement bar because I didnt have time to eat a real lunch. It was gross. It was grossly sweet and had such a weird taste to it. Oh well, it had 10g of protein and was 180 cal. It was better than nothing or a candy bar. I just hope it keeps me full until my snack! I really have to have real food for lunch to keep me satisfied. Good thing I wasnt hungry for lunch today. I'm just worried that hunger is going to set in later this afternoon...hopefully not!!

also, i dont know what my deal was this morning. i dont know if i forgot to set my alarm or what. but i set it for 5am, and the next thing I know I look at my clock and it says 5:45. I am pretty sure I set that darn thing. I never usually go back to sleep. So, I missed my am workout this morning but I do have classes tonight. I might try to squeeze my usual hour on the bike at another time this week....if I dont get it in though it will be ok! I just cant believe I didnt get up. oh well!

Oh, and my lovely Trent finally joined Spark!! Yay!! I dont think he'll actually get on very often though. He has an amazing body and doesnt need to lose an ounce of weight. He might get on sometimes...I guess we will see though!!

Only 4 days till our trip!! yay!!!!!!! i cant wait!!

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    It sounds like you handled yourself really well this weekend, all things considered. You should be proud of yourself for only indulging into your cravings just a bit. I think the important thing to take away from this is that you didn't all out binge. Your realized what you were doing, gained control, and stopped yourself, plus you got some great workouts in! That sucks that your alarm didn't go off, I've had that happen a few times too and it is really frustrating! At least you have all week to add that workout session if you want to. That is really cool Trent joined, are you "spark" friends yet? emoticon Keep up the great work, only 4 days till vacation time! emoticon
    3181 days ago
    Aww sweety - I am so glad you had a good weekend (all things considered)!!! Captain Crunch - that's really cute actually! They're way healthier I'd assume than handfuls of M&M's. My weekends are def. my worse too, but it sounds like you handled it very well! Good for you!!!!

    And, congrats on Trent joining; That's almost half the battle right there :)

    Getting excited about your trip? Where are you heading? I don't have a vacation until mid-August :( We're taking the kids to Disney World (Finally!!!), but it seems so far away. However, I'd hate to wish it here as well because that ends summer!

    Have a wonderful day and congrats to you!
    3181 days ago
    I have found weekends to be hard cause why is the food is always better on the weekends? I set Saturdays as a cheat day you know where you can have what you want but then I start all over on Sunday..
    But you are doing fine even with the Captain Crunch .. emoticon

    3181 days ago

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