Reflection ~ week 10 and first goal met.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

This is week 10 of my new and improved weight loss journey. I guess the health scares in March reminded me of the importance of taking care of myself. I realized I am not able to care for others if I am tired all the time and feel bad about myself because I cannot take care of my own needs.

This morning I sit and reflect on what I have accomplished over the past 10 weeks. First it seems as if it has been much longer since I recommitted to weight loss with spark people. I had to go back and look in my nutritional tracker to make sure I had the dates correct.

I feel as if I have begun the process of change. I can't imagine eating any other way. I still indulge, look for foods that are low sodium and stay away from soda. The one thing I have noticed is that I don't feel like I am missing anything. The way I used to eat I was missing so much good food (that was healthy and nourishing my soul as well as my taste buds) and actually tasting my food. Now when I eat ~ I can taste what I am eating. No longer do I smoother my food with condiments. I guess I have always enjoyed tasting my food ~ Lol ~ but now I can taste other yummy foods. I also fell in love with veggies again.

Food was more of something to just absently give my body and more times than not ~ my emotions. I have learned that feeding my body with good food in turn feeds my emotions. I feel stronger and more confident. I am able to manage my emotions. I also find I am doing a lot of positive self talk. It really does work. I remind myself every day of what I am doing to love myself. The challenges seem less with positive self talk.

This is my fourth week of working out. In the past I have loved exercise but I am picky about what I do. It has to be something I enjoy. I have the Wii fit and started actually using it. After the first week I decided I needed a little something more and bought the Wii Cardio. I use them 3-4 times a week. I am now up to almost an hour of exercise on those days. I love the workouts and how I feel. They really get me started on my day. The days I don't work out in the morning ~ I feel as if I am forgetting something as I leave the house for work.

I went in for a sleep study and was told I do not have sleep apnea. This was the best news. Now that I am exercising and continuing to eat well ~ I have noticed that I am sleeping better. I still have nights when I wake up early. On those mornings I just get up and work out and make something delicious for breakfast. I am proud to report those mornings are occurring much less frequently.

My clothes are starting to feel too big. I now get to dry my pants in a dryer!! This is in attempt to shrink them so I can wear them a bit longer before needing to purchase new pants. I can see the changes in my body and even though I have a long way to go I remind myself to focus on small goals.

When I started this journey ~ I had 160 lbs to lose. This amount is not extreme ~ in fact the total goal is at the high end for my height and age. I know this weight (have been there in the past) and know that I can maintain it very well. Too keep myself motivated and not feeling overwhelmed ~ I focus on 20 lbs. So I have several mini goals consisting of 20 lbs. Each time I achieve a mini goal ~ I get a reward. This time I got two belly dancing instructional DVD's. It is something I have always wanted to learn. When I meet my next mini goal I will get the Wii Active.

So ~ week 10 and 21.8 lbs lighter. I cannot believe how different I feel. I feel strong. I feel confident. I feel beautiful. I feel like I can keep doing this. I feel like I can accomplish my goals. I feel amazing!

I look forward to the next 10 weeks. I am looking forward to continue growing as a person, shrinking in size, and becoming more self-aware of the role food plays in my life.

Good Luck to everyone out there in Spark People!! You can do it!!
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    You are an inspiration! Well done!
    2602 days ago
    Congratulations!! You sound like you really have adjusted to a new way of life and it's really working for you!!

    Keep up the good work...your weight loss of more than 20 lbs is a huge success!!

    Welcome back!!
    3190 days ago
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