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A week to forget

Sunday, May 24, 2009

I was really working hard this week to make some progress with weight loss. It was one of those weeks that I did everything "right" by staying within my calorie range of 1200-1550 plus coming close to getting the correct balance of carbs, proteins and fat, and exercising like crazy (my tracker says I burned 5500+ calories this week). I did at least 10,000 steps 6 out of the 7 days, plus I did 3 low-impact aerobic workouts of 55 minutes each. I drank at least 10 - 14 glasses of water a day.

All I wanted to do was lose 2 pounds.

For all of my efforts, I was rewarded with a 3-pound gain. The word "frustrated" doesn't begin to cover my attitude and outlook today! I can't even think of a word that expresses how I feel right now.

I really am beginning to believe that I will never get any smaller. I must learn to accept myself as I am right now. I don't want to be this size, but it looks like this is where I am meant to stay.

So, what have I achieved this week?

I made it through those 3 aerobic workouts -- knees and hips aching 24 hours a day though.
I made my goal of 10,000 steps 6/7 days
I stayed within my calorie range

What are my goals for next week?

Do 3 aerobic workouts
10,000steps per day
Stay within calorie range

New this week: NO GOAL OF TRYING TO LOSE WEIGHT. Why put down a goal that I have no chance of achieving? Better to concentrate on the things that I can realistically achieve.
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    You know, (((HUG)))) I feel that way sometimes too. It seems that no matter what I do the weight just does not come off..... but then once a month.... I drop some! It is like it takes me an entire month to lose a pound....but I am healthier....and you are too. You did wonders for your body this week.... Keep up treating your body well....and you will bea healthier...smaller you!!!!

    Blessings and Prayers!
    3225 days ago

    It can be very fustrating when that happens. You did alot of work this week and don't feel that it was for nothing! You worked through the pain to do your workouts, you did amazing by keeping in you caloire range and you drank your water. I wish I had more weeks like that! :)

    In my opinion, one of two things happend. Either you gained more muscle than lost fat. It's possible because of the amount of work you did. How do your clothes feel? Looser? That's a sure sign that you've lost inches. Remember, muscles weighs more than fat, and it burns more calories than it's good to gain more muscle!

    The second thing that could have happened is that you're retaining water. I hate it when I retain water. It can add upto 5lb onto my weight. Have you eaten anything salty? Is it near that time of the month? If I notice I'm retaining water I never get on the scale, as I know I'll be dissapointed.

    In the end though, you did AMAZING this week. Don't let the number on the scale bring you down. :)
    3225 days ago
    I am very sympathetic since I am going through similar difficulties. One of the issues I have is that I have had to take down the intensity of my workouts due to sciatica, neck pain and other orthopedic issues.
    If you can change up your exercise routine to make it more intense, that might help.
    Eating salt obviously puts on water weight. That could be contributing
    Maybe a goal of 2 lbs in one week was too much.
    Otherwise, I'm thinking it's the age ( I am 54 and newly menopausal).
    3225 days ago
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