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Saturday, May 23, 2009

the last couple of weeks has been very stressful for me and my family and i suppose it is just catching up with me.it makes me wonder why i make all the effort or even if all the effort i make is worth it.it seams when one crisis is over there is another crisis just waiting to take it´s place and on top of that i am trying to lose weight.not only because i want to (and i really do)but because i have to for health reasons.but i still find my self asking is it worth all the stress and effort for the end result?IF YOU ASK ME TODAY MY ANSWER WOULD BE A DEFINATE NO;LETS HOPE TOMORROW ANSWER IS YES:I WILL JUST TRY AND DEAL WITH TODAY AS IF MY ANSWER TO THE QUESTION WAS YES AND THEN MAYBE WHEN I STICK TO IT MY NO WOULD TURN INTO A YES:
please forgive the ramblings of a tired,old woman whoes 5month old is just started teething and hasn´t stoped crying the whole day except when he is sleeping no matter what i do to try and ease his pain.sometimes life gets in the way of life shall we say.we just have to try and hold on to the dream.
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    Just let me tell you something Sister....first, this is the thing we call LIFE. All of our trials and sorrows are all a part of it. It's how we turn out that matters, remember the saying what don't kill you makes you stronger? Well what I'm hearing here is a very strong young woman....keep that in mind. It's not going to be easy all the time. That wasn't the Masters Plan. Put the bat down and stop beating yourself up, this too shall pass....as for the baby, he's only being a baby and grab some sleep when you can. I know it's hard, trust me you know I know....we must go on. Believe me it will be worth it. I'm not losing as fast as I would like to so I had to change my plan. Maybe you should change something too. It's about choices, make some....either your with it or you give up, what's your choice. Before you answer take a good long look at those beautiful boys you've been blessed with and who need you to make men out of one day and there's your answer. Keep your chin up. ALLAH loves you! So do I........PEACE. emoticon
    3219 days ago
    As Salaamu 'alaikum Sis,

    I totally understand about the teething. My baby was crying and crying yesterday and last night - of course while my husband was out. It makes me so tired and I just feel like a withered leaf.

    InshaALLAH you gain the strength and patience that you need to achieve your goal and that your health matters are taken care of soon (Ameen).

    Know that we are behind you, 100%.

    Take care,
    wa salaam,
    Nakia emoticon
    3220 days ago
  • JAMIEW3700
    I am sorry you are having a rough time of it right now...if its any consolation, tommorrow is a new day; a new beginning again and you will be okay.

    i feel your pain with a teething little one..my daughter cried last night for about 5 hours straight :( nothing we did could comfort her .....poor little babies:(

    Hope things get better for you...soon. emoticon
    3222 days ago
  • JEAN524
    No wonder you're feeling so tired and hopeless. Just take a day at a time though and it will pass. Teeth come through in the end and you'll begin to catch up on your sleep. Hope things are getting better now. emoticon Jean
    3222 days ago
    Oh my, but you MUST be weary. I know you have your hands full with those beautiful kids and their health issues. Motherhood is definitely the hardest job in the world--but with the BEST benefits....

    When my autistic son was young, he was a WILD child, didn't sleep through the night until he was 10, and would even go outside and wander around in the middle of the night--so I can remember days when I thought I couldn't make it another hour......yet, with God's help I did. Today that wild child is 30 years old and the sweetest, most loving, and helpful son a mother could ask for. I promise you, there is light at the end of the tunnel!

    Hang in there; you have a right to feel overwhelemed once in a while! I'm praying for you and your family.
    3224 days ago
    We've all been and we all have our times of "Why me?" And we ALL can come here and complain about it and get a good shoulder to cry on! That's what we're for! Come anytime!

    Hugs! Beverly
    3224 days ago
    thanks everybody for your support and kind words.talking of kind words,good old days ,janie !thanks i think i have enough of them all ready with out wishing me more.don´t worry i will soon have it under control again.it is just a case of tiredness makeing a big case of self pity.i´m not normally one to linger there.either that or post natel depression.see i can still joke so can´t be too bad.tomorrow´s another day.thanks once again.
    3225 days ago
  • PEBBLES32165
    I have been there and this to shall pass, as all things will. Before you know it the kids are grown and you're wondering how the time past so fast. Take care of yourself and be encouraged by others.
    3225 days ago
    oooh I remember those those tiring teething times! Try to get some time to yourself - even 10 minutes and don't stress too much about the losing weight, just make smaller better choices and don't be too hard on yourself, I hope you have a better day tomorrow, xx
    3225 days ago
  • IOWAGAL1957
    poor pumpkin, and the baby too. i know how exhausting those days of non-stop crying can be. hopefully the kiddos will be on track soon so that you can recover as well. hang in there. pretty soon they'll be adolescents and you'll be calling these the good old days, lol. oooops, sorry, that's not necessarily encouraging, is it!
    3225 days ago
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