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the joys/or rather the stress of being a mother.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

have you ever had one of those dayīs ,i seem to be having them alot for example.i get up or rather i drag myself up after being up most of the night with the baby,make two lots of brot ziet and start cooking my older sonīs dinner for kindergarten(must be made fresh as they are no longer allowed to heat it up in the microwave anymore.)potatoes,fish and sweetcorn.because of his allergies he canīt eat what the other kids eat.gave the two of them breakfast,fed the baby once more told the older to get dressed,helped the 3yr old to dress then dressed myself(all this before 8.00am.then it started,older son wanted to take roller blades to kinder garten(they are not allowed in his kinder garten)had a little fight with him other it.then the 3yr old started he wanted to take his like a bike.told him he couldnīt as not going straight home from kindergarten as i had a meeting i was addressing and all this my man wakes up(he is off work as he had an accedent the other week.)while he had woken up the three yr old didnīt want to go to kinder garten wanted to stay with baba.said he couldnīt(my husband must to hospital to change his dressings)as in all this he said he would stay with the baby and get him dressed while i take the otherīs to kinder garten as we were running late.the three year old puts up a fight i have to litrally carry him out of the flat screaming.(him not me,i was screaming quietly in my head)husband decided to give him a jelly to stop him screaming(not my idea)holding the door open with one foot he tries to give ayyub (my three year old)the jelly.his foot slips door shuts.we are out side,my husband only in his underwear without a key broke two days a go,the landlord sayīs it will take 3 weeks for a new one and cost 44.45€didnīt take my husband because he was suppose to be in the house to let me in when i got there we are outside the man starting shouting at the kids,though he was really angry at him self but just wanted to let off steam.thinking how long it would take to find a lock smith and how much it would cost.the neighbour paid 185€last year which is money we havenīt got.i was thinking more of the time with the baby.i asked my son did he leave the balcony door open when he watered his plants.luckily he did.but the next door neighbour was not in ,in our block of flatīs for my husband to go over his balcon so we had to go to the block of flats next door to ask.the one with the balcon near uns is a turkisk family,there is my husband in just his under wear no shoes and an old lady who wears a head scarf came to the door for my husband to go over her balcony across a very norrow beam(one handed as the other hand is bandaged up) which joins the two houses to get to our husband just wanted to die of shame because of how he was dressed(if you know about islamic culture and dress code you would understand his shame and how the other women would feel as well.) anyway that was that.needless to say i was then late bringing the kids to kinder garten and ayyubs kinder garten had shut the door.once they shut it they donīt open it again.but luckily after a couple of minutes later a mother coming out of the kinder garten opened the door so i could take him.i was also late by the time i got to my hour later to be this time i could have ate at least a dozen bars of chocholate if i had any.despite all the food there i didnīt do too bad (only because a good friend of mine moved all the biscuits out of my reach when i started to take one and but a plate with wholemeal bread and smoked salmon there instead)then i got older son has judo this evening and my husband normally has the other two kids while i take them.he had a phone call from a friend whoes car has broken down quite away away and so wont be back in wasnīt untill after heīs gone that i realised he had the pram,nappy bag and the baby born with him so i have no means of transport for the baby when i take my son judo as all the children have to come with me.phoned my husband to tell him what he had done.(i had asked him to leave the pram)he forgot being in a rush to help his friend.then to top it off my older son came home from kinder garten and we canīt to to judo anyway as the stupid kinder garten has given my son some jellies that he is allergic to(i have given the kinder garten sweets especially that my son can eat when they give the other kids jellies)do they give them him i have just pumped him full with anti histamins and hope they start to kick in shortly if not it is a trip to the hospital.he is having trouible breathing as his allergies always sets off his asthma,he is lying quietly on the sofa by me at the moment well i write this.i just needed to let of steam.hope nothing else happens and i donīt need to go to hospital.:::HAVE YOU EVER HAD ONE OF THOSE DAYS::::THE JOYīS/OR STRESS OF MOTHERHOOD:
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    See, now do you know how much I enjoyed reading this....write some short story books, you'll not only be well know for your stories, you'll also be rich! LOL! All jokes aside Sis, you really had a busy morning and my prayers go out to you...and I thought I had my hands full...

    Stay Strong
    Peace, Donna emoticon
    2695 days ago
    OMG!What a very stressful day...God with u dear...I know it when everything goes wrong in a day when u r trying ur best to make everything done on time.

    Cause I'm muslim (el7mdallah) I know what the turkish lady felt that day.

    God with u and don't forget el do3aa.
    2709 days ago
    Salaam Ukhti,
    I hope things get better tomorrow, InshaALLAH. I will make du'a for you, InshaALLAH. How old is your little one? My youngest is five months.

    Take care,
    wa salaam,
    Nakia emoticon
    2713 days ago

    Hang in! I hope ds will be ok (let us know, k?), that you can avoid the hospital & that you can get better sleep tonight so you'll feel better tomorrow.

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2714 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/20/2009 6:02:02 PM
    I think you were living by "Murphy's Law" today! "What can go wrong, will go wrong!" Sorry to hear you had such a bad almost sounded like a comedy show (not to make light of it), but it was so much going wrong to one person, that it's unreal! Tomorrow is a new day....a better made it through "one of those days"! Get a good night's sleep and take a mental need it!
    emoticon Brenda

    2714 days ago
    wow that's alot. My kids are older alot older. Their problms somehow my problems. I thought once passed 20 it would get easier. No 43-42-40- and 32 and eveyday crisis for good old MOM
    2714 days ago
    That has got to be a winner in my book! You deserve a vacation after that! Come here to blow off steam anytime! That's what we're here for!

    Hugs! Beverly
    2714 days ago
  • PEBBLES32165
    What an unbelievable day! I haven't had a day that like but it has come close. I am thankful that my kids are now teenagers and can do for themselves. Years from now you will be able to look back on this memorable day and laugh, I promise. Maybe not right now, but later. Hope your day gets better and yes, there are many joys and stresses of being a mother.
    2714 days ago
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