Sunday, May 17, 2009

Earlier today, I hopped online, crafted my weekly Sunday blog, and within 30 minutes of posting, I deleted it.

That particular post talked about benefits lost and benefits gained. Specifically, I spoke about the pressures of this last week, and my learning from upper management that support staff benefits would be cut, and that later cuts (in the form of fewer hours worked at a reduced hourly wage, followed by vacation cuts) might well be necessary. I made clear the unfairness of cutting corners on the backs of those who work the hardest and can least afford it, while avoiding similar cuts with middle-management, some of whom do little more than take up space.

I also wrote about benefits gained from exercise, and how the related Triumphant Trio of endorphins, adrenaline and seratonin, was helping me overcome my anger and disappointment.

A half hour after saving that post to the blog, I re-read it, and realized that I needed to revisit the Triumphant Trio, because there was still a lot of anger pent up in this here broad.

Fact is, we all face daily stressors, and there is no better way to induce further stress than by rehashing the gripe, over and over again. Enough already. There are far more productive uses of your time and mine. So let's get with it...OK?

How was your Sunday?

Did you exercise? Eat right? Eat moderately?

Did you get done all of the weekend things you were planning to accomplish? You did? Damn, you're good.

For those who didn't complete their To-Do list, don't feel bad, I've still a load of laundry downstairs, and my bedroom looks like a cyclone hit it. As for the other things...I did well.

This morning, I pulled myself from the feathers and headed to the gym. It's my refuge these days. It's the place I visit each work day for a 20-minute lunchtime treadmill walk, and on weekends, where I aim for bigger and higher challenges. It's where I take out my frustration, and where I'm reinventing myself into the person I want to be. Today, I decided to try something different...

The elliptical trainer has long been a machine I've had trouble with. But today, I gave it another shot, and discovered that the stamina I've built up this last month on the bike and treadmill, has served me well. Now, I can do more than 1 minute on the elliptical. Granted, not much more than 1 minute, but it's an improvement: 12 minutes in an effective cardio range, followed by 2 minutes cool down.

Next stop at the gym was the treadmill. There, I put in 25 minutes on a 3.0 mph, rough terrain profile. Boy, the sweat was poring down me, and it felt GREAT!!!!

The final stop before heading to the lockers was at the rowing machine, where I put in 3 sets of 20 strokes at 30 lbs.

I'm no longer using the gym's adduction and abduction machines for my legs. Not since reading SparkPeople's cautionary warnings about their use. Hell, I've enough trouble with my knees, and don't need to aggravate the condition.

Later, at home, and after some housework and relaxation, I was up on the recumbent bike for an intense 30 minute interval workout. Again, the sweat was poring, and I was in heaven. Incidentally, there's nothing like a cool breeze hitting a sweaty body.

Incrementally, I'm becoming a more fit and healthy person. I'm lovin' it!

Now that my exercise for the day is finished, it's back to the kitchen for this here gal. Got to prepare everyone's bag lunch for tomorrow, and get going with dinner.

Every Sunday, I prepare a big pot of brown rice for the week. Brown rice used to be a pain in the patoots for me to cook. It always ended up sticky and YUCK. Not anymore...

Several months ago, I discovered a fantastic and easy recipe for preparing perfect, absolutely perfect brown rice. Now, each grain is separate and distinct, flavorful, and has all the nuttiness that brown rice should. No more porridge-consistency slop served here!

The recipe calls for cooking the rice as you would pasta. In other words, you boil up a pasta pot of salted water, drop the rinsed brown rice into the boiling pot, stir once and cook uncovered for 30 minutes. Drain, and throw the rice back into the covered pot. Make sure the pot is now off of the hot burner. Let it sit for 5 minutes, and.....

Viola! Perfectly prepared brown rice.

I like to set aside portions in reusable plastic containers, and keep them refrigerated for quick and easy re-heats during the course of the week.

If you use this recipe - and I strongly recommend you do - make sure you get good quality brown rice. Lundgren makes a terrific eco-farmed, high quality product. I like their long-grain variety. It's reasonably priced and cooks up perfect each and every time.

So,'s to benefits lost but benefits gained; and here's to wishing you a great week, filled with exercise, good food, moderate portions, laughter, and love.
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    Kudos to you Lisa. And I tried the rice method. Awesome. As for exercise. It is me and my bicycle. We are becoming best buddies. Love ya, Karen

    3198 days ago
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