Monday, May 11, 2009

So I've known I was for years. But no one took it serious, so I didn't either. This winter, my health hit the floor. And so did I. I could barely function. I was so fatigued, so cold and so confused and desperate. I kept thinking it was something I picked up, like the flu, and it would pass. I finally couldn't take it any more and went to the doctor. My thyroid condition had worsened. So even though I haven't been eating enough calories, I've been packing on the weight. It's not that I was trying to lose weight by depriving myself of calories. I just didn't have much of an appetite.

I was started on Armour Thyroid. About a month later, I'm starting to find it easier to get up and get moving. I'm less fatigued. But I still cannot even walk a block before my muscles all cramp up. My limps are swollen, I still don't have much of an appetite. And I'm certainly not "normal." But I do feel better.

I can tell that I have to be the one to figure out what I need to improve my health. Health care professionals seem to do the bare minimum. They don't seem to have a lot to tell you. They don't seem to believe in anything natural. And don't really offer extra information about how to get healthy again. Mine did better than the ones in the past. I know he cares. Perhaps there is only so much he can do or so much information he has access to...or time for.

So, since it's my health, I figure I need to educate myself. But the internet is flooded with conflicting information. A lot of people wanting to sell you miracle cures (shame on them for taking advantage of desperate unhealthy people). And a lot of opinions that I don't know if I can trust. What do I believe? What is out-dated? What is a flat out lie, just to convince me to purchase something that won't really help? What is worth trying? Some say this helps, others say that helps... I am over-whelmed.

Does coconut oil really help? does adrenal health really play a role in thyroid health? Are there really specific foods you can eat that will help and food you should avoid? Does yoga poses help?

I'd let the neighborhood kids kick me for 10 min a day, if it would make all my ugly symptoms disappear. I seriously would prefer it to what I have gone through. No one should have to endure what I have experienced. And I never, and I mean NEVER, want to live that way again. That wasn't living, it was barely surviving and it was hell.

I want to be healthy!!! If you have information that can help me, you will have my gratitude for the rest of my life! I am certain it will be a moment in my life I would never forget. If nothing else, thank you for listening. Right now, I feel no one I know, has any idea what I'm going through and it's a very lonely feeling. I want to talk about what I know, what I need, and get feedback. But I have found that no one else wants to talk about it at all. It's hard to start to talk about something so important to me, just to find it quickly dismissed.

Even just typing it here, has felt better then keeping it all inside and to myself. I always said that writing was therapeutic. :)
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