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"Help Lord, the devil wants me fat"

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A few months ago I went through all my books and gathered up my books on dieting. You name it, I have it. I have well over 100 books. I have been dieting all my life (after kids) I have had a book called "Help Lord, the devil wants me fat" since 1977, but although I looked high and low I couldn't find that book. Well today, after months of looking for it, I ordered the used book from Amazon. All of a sudden, a couple of hours after buying it, a thought, to look in a tiny bookcase where I keep books that I rarely use, came into my mind. Sure enough, it was in there so now I'll have two. It's a great book and I am reading it again. It's amazing how you can read something and it doesn't strike you until things change in your life and it takes on new meaning. This book talks about Christians who would never drink, steal, cheat, or commit adultery who never relate to overeating as a sin. Overeating robs us of energy, health, and self esteem and renders some of us unable to really get around good and serve our God. Most do not think of overeating as a sin but it's the devil's way of getting control of otherwise good Christians who would never think of sinning in other ways, to destroy themselves, bite by bite. It really doesn't matter whether we are bound by drugs, sex or money, the chains still chain us. In reality it wouldn't matter if we were bound by rope, iron or real chains, if we're bound, we're bound. So it is if we are bound by drugs or overeating and being addicted to food. The book talks of eating to live instead of living to eat, it talks about being addicted to food and unable to stop overeating, it also talks about getting our appetites under control and of fasting to get control over food. It describes how Satan uses food (a good thing) to undermine us without our ever suspecting that it's him that's making it so hard to lose that weight and be healthy. Most of the time we end up berating ourselves for being weak, hating the body we have. When you look at it as a battle with Satan, it perks up your soul and helps you to determine not to let him win anymore. If you know who the enemy is it will help you outwit him. Who else would take a good thing (food) and turn it into a life destroying tool? He is the one telling you that you want to eat when you are not even hungry. He tells you to eat for the sake of eating not for fuel for living. He's very tricky using something we just can't stop doing. We have to eat to live. It seems innocent enough but how many of us despair because we can't control our eating. Think about it, the first sin was "eating" the fruit of the Tree of Life and who talked Eve into it? None other than Satan. He is a real being and capable of death and destruction. Why does Satan want us to overeat? Because he knows that it hastens our demise if we have excess fat and he wants to make us as miserable as he can.

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    Wow, you are so right!
    3241 days ago
  • PINKY911
    That was great Bug! I really agree with you, it is always a wonderful idea to get back to the Good Book when you are frustrated and need some clarification on an issue, any issue! It amazes me how many answers are right there, staring back at us. God bless you for that insightful blog!
    3246 days ago
  • LOBO77
    I'll definitely be looking for that book!
    3246 days ago
    Bug, you are so right! Our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit. How can we treat our temples to God so badly. Would we let our churches, synagogues, or temples have weeds growing up all around, with paint peeling, broken windows etc. Of course not! These are our places dedicated to God. They why do we allow our own places dedicated to God be in such disrepair?

    P. S. Thanks for your comments on my blogs too.
    3246 days ago
    Bug~~ Very interesting and a new way to look at it. Maybe that will help me. I"ve been at 175 and holding for 3 weeks now. But I never thought of it as a sin, but the bible says that your body is a temple. Mine is a little greasy and in need of cleaning out the fat to make it squeaky clean. I can't believe how easy it was last year to stick to this and have great results. This year I can't seem to do anything right as far as losing weight goes.

    I've been seeing that I"m not the only one, but that still doesn't help me lose the weight. I may do well all day at work and blow it when I get home. emoticon

    Thanks for letting me ramble and learn from your blogging.

    3247 days ago
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