Social Eating & Vacation Food Intake Blues

Monday, April 27, 2009

Hi All ~
Has anyone out there ever felt they can track their foods and eat their food intake at home perfectly or at least almost and then WHAM a social event, week-end getaway, or vacation Blows the whole thing??? Well that is where I am at. When I am at home my weight loss is fine, my food intake almost perfect or close to it anyway, excercise schedule just GREAT, but take me away from home and it's blown. I hate this point where I do so well during the week, ONLY to gain it back or most of it because of an outing. I know, if I stayed home (NOT) instead of on the go so much, I would be a size 2 in no time, instead of a 10/11 depending on the clothes I buy. I can gain anywhere from 1-6 pounds on being away (depending on the occassion) only to lose 2-3 overnight the day after I am home. Go Figure!!!!!

My body trouble spots are not really where most men and women seem to have it (abdominal area.) Mine are my upper thighs, little to much on my hips and arms. You know, I would like Michelle O'Bama's arms, just like everyone else I read about does.

When out and home as well, I am very good on salad dressings. I do use the tines of the fork to just let it drip through and turn the salad portion over and over again. I think where my problems lie while away is trying to visualize those little tidbits of portion control sizes. Trying to visualize a deck of cards against a piece of meat, a pair of dice against cubes of cheese, an ice cream scoop for rice, etc. etc. etc. is just NOT that easy for me.

I know several people have given me the idea of taking my own snacks and food, but again that is not always that easy to do either.

I am NOT going to give up. I will keep trying. I know my husband and I are NOT going to stop socializing or take our outings, so I think I have to put in my mind while away ------------ YOU CAN'T HAVE THOSE MARTINI'S OR JUST HAVE ONE ON THE WHOLE TRIP...... WATCH THE DESERTS JUDY ----- THEY ARE GOING TO MAKE THAT SCALE RISE.................... AND THE APPETIZERS, FORGET THEM UNLESS YOU ARE PLANNING TO EAT THEM AS THE MEAL ITSELF. LISTEN TO YOUR "SPARKY" FRIENDS. THEY ARE HERE TO HELP YOU...... NOW IF I CAN JUST TELL MY MIND ALL OF THESE THINGS ----- I WOULD BE AT GOAL IN NO TIME!

Thank you all for lettling me vent.... You are all the BEST!!!!!!! What would I do without all of you!!!! Guess what? I don't want to find out......

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    I have the same problem with social events. But the fact that you lose 2-3 pounds the next day may indicate that part of the problem is just water retention. If you are eating at a restaurant, there is probably more sodium in their food than in what you prepare at home. So, I wouldn't worry too much about the water weight.

    One trick I use is to try to postpone the calories. If I'm at a Mexican restaurant and they put a basket of chips on the table, I try to wait until the food is served before eating any chips. That way, I only eat one or two. And if it's a drinking thing, I try to have a glass of water between alcoholic beverages, which keeps me to just one or two, again.

    But, hey, you're losing, and if a little bit of social life slows the process down a bit, that's okay, too!
    3243 days ago
    I guess I am truly blessed with no social life at all emoticon

    Instead of dreading your outings, decide ahead of time where you will indulge. Drinks (alcohol) are a lot of empty calories. Better to enjoy the appetizers IMHO. Concentrate of fruits and vegetables and try to leave the gravies and sauces alone.

    Try for the One Bite rule on desserts. One bite, possibly two and then put your fork down. I know, it sounds easier than it is. I went to a wedding rehearsal dinner and the hostess bought a dessert and sent it around the table! We each took a forkful or two and passed the plate! I was shocked!! Appalled!! But I came home without gaining weight!!

    That was when I realized that skinny people think differently than me! Now I am learning to think like a skinny person!!

    emoticon We can do this too!

    Looking forward to your next "Outing Blog" to see if you did better.

    3248 days ago
    I too have trouble with outings, going out to eat and when we camp. My only consolation when camping is I can take a run, do some walking and hiking to help off set some of the food. It's not that I eat a lot out camping but we tend to break into the beer. It just seems to go with camping. lol

    Sounds like you know what you need to do and that is be stronger than the urges. Keep telling yourself those things and it will start to sink in.
    3250 days ago
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