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The Biggest Loser

Thursday, April 16, 2009

So I've been a fan of the biggest loser for a while...yet I don't watch every season...but I have been watching this current season and as always the show just makes me cry my eyes out. emoticonSometimes I get annoyed with the show because it's so unrealistic to me in so many ways. It's not natural to workout as much as they do everyday, and gee if we all had that opportunity we could lose that amount of weight that fast too...the thing that gets me is that it is stressed to us constantly that it is extremely unhealthy to lose that fast, but it gets annoying when you think, gee they lost over 100 lbs in 15 weeks and I've only lost 36 lbs in 8 months...but again....I'm not working out 6 hours a day either! Whew!! emoticon

But the reason I am writing this blog is because last nights episode really hit me hard. I was crying so much it was silly. I understood how they felt when they had to go shop for an outfit for themselves. They didn't know how to jump into the clothes that were now attainable to them. Clothing they couldn't even entertain before. I felt that way the last time I went shopping. I just didn't know how to shop for those tops. To jump out of my comfort zone and embrace it. This is something I am slowly working on. I now go to stores and even with no intention of buying I pick out many different kinds of tops and just try them on. Feel them out, I'm learning slowly what I can eventually buy and feel comfortable in. It's an emotional process. emoticon

I work so hard and then I tend to slack a few days...I get so wiped out, that I have to stop and catch my breath...but seems so difficult some days to be so close yet so far away. I am anxious to get to that finished product of myself. emoticonI see the changes...I have this muscle in my upper arm that pops out now...gee I didn't even know I had one of those! emoticonMy endurance has increased so well that when I started doing the Cardio Max video i thought for sure I would collapse through it but I held my own very well and felt great doing it. I could feel every muscle in my body working and it hurt the next day but I did it again. (By the way, to anyone out there who needs something different to break up their routine....Try it...It's the Biggest loser Cardio Max. I found the first level on Exercise TV on ON Demand, it's worth it, I even see a difference in my body just doing it 4 times in 5 days! I'm going to go buy the's been a great break from the treadmill)

And I keep getting at it...Sometimes I get down on myself cause i didn't make my workout today...but then i say..."Hey...I've allowed myself two days off a week now, so this just counts as one of reason to get down, you just have to get it done tomorrow..." I know it will happen, patience it is the key. If I'm doing all the right things...then there's nothing to worry bout... emoticon Well...except for that damn scale...Yep I broke down and bought a new one...a digital one...and it told me I weigh 4 lbs more then my other scale....that was a bummer....But I'm not going to let that get me down....right? Stupid scales... emoticonMy clothes are looser so that is what I'm gonna go by! I'm done rambling....but I just wanted to share some of my thoughts... emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • BOBBI1968
    I just love the Biggest Loser show. I record it and watch it the next day. My girls were watching it with me yesterday and they wanted me to fast forward through the emotional parts, especially with Max, but I just couldn't. The people on the show really can touch your life.

    You are doing a great job of touching lives as well! You are such an open and honest person and can really get to the heart of things! You have done so much for yourself and should feel so proud!

    I really look forward to meeting you at the spark rally!

    Take Care, Kris - you are truly a magnificent woman!!
    2749 days ago
    I think you're doing fabulous. You definately are in the right frame of mind and are taking things on as they come up ...and winning. With fashion you just have to try on a lot of different cuts/fits and find the most flattering for your body. Step out of your comfort zone and try some new things. You'll be surprised at how things that you don't think will work, do and vise versa. I was really upset watching the last BL show also. I just really hope that the producers of the show put Max on there next round(or a round after that, whatever). He really needs it and my heart hurts for him so much when we see him crying his eyes out as he watches his family shrink. Now, he's the only one that is REALLY overweight and he must feel singled out and horrible about himself. And, he's only 17! He needs all the help and support he can get. I agree with the gripes you have about the show also. One other thing I don't like is people being voted off. I'd watch it just to see them lose weight each week and learn to live a healthy lifestyle, I don't need the drama. Congrats on all you've accomplished and everything you continue to accomplish! Whoohoooo!!

    2749 days ago
  • SALINA78
    Good job on making yourself try things on each time!
    That is the way to learn.
    I really understand how emotional it is. Sometimes I think I've lost so much I'll look great in anything. Then I try something on at it can be frustrating when it doesn't look nice. But, it's just learning what looks good on you.

    I just watched a preview of that video because you talked so well about it. I may have to try it. Thanks!
    I'm glad you found something to mix-up your workouts a bit. I have been integrating videos lately too and it REALLY helps the boredom factor!!!

    Sorry about the digital scale! BLAH!
    At least it was nicer than mine. When I first bought mine it added 10 lbs. UGH! LOL! Boy, was I deceived before. HA HA!!!
    2749 days ago
    Way to go! just remember it is a journey not a race! sherre
    2749 days ago
  • BRENDA76
    That's exactly what I did... used the on demand Cardio Max. It finally got too easy for me so I broke down and bought it so I could go up to level 2. Holy buckets, talk about hard! I highly recommend it!
    Congratulations on your loose clothes! Keep working hard and keep your positive attitude!
    2749 days ago
    I love the BL too..... My wife and I were so sad for Mike's brother! Kepe up the hard work and it will pay off. Kick it UP!
    2749 days ago
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