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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hey all,
Now I have a problem that I am in desperate need of help with, and I kow all of you will have great advice so here it goes.
With my fitness being what it is my calories are 1370- 1630 I eat breakfast, lunch and dinner and 2 snacks I measure all my food and track every bite. I drink all my water 8 or 9 8oz glasses a day. Still I have to fight to get my minimum calories in and I found out yesterday that my BMR is 1613, so really I should be eating at the high end of my calories. I don;t kow how to get these calories in. I think maybe I am eating too healthy if that makes sense. Alot of no fat products. Even when I eat healthy fat it is low in calories so right now at 10:20& I am at 1241 calories and 24 for fat. I am sure I can eat another snack but I just don't see getting to 1613 calories or even lose without going over in sodium or carbs or protein. My sodium for the past couple of days has been through the roof which I know will show in the end. HELP . I am so confused. I want my metabolism to be awake and I beleive that until I meet my BMR it wont do that so then all of this is actually not going to work if I don;t get this figured out and I AM NOT QUITTING!! NEVER NEVER NEVER. I just want to do it right.
Hugs Gail
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    I had the SAME problem.. even with lower calorie ranges... once I cut sugar and fats and did lean meats and dairy and upped fruits and veggies I found i did not get enough calories in. Look at your ranges of Fats and Proteins.. i found I needed to up both of those. I am simply not getting enough. Add healthy fats in.. avacado, flax seed, nuts, and fish like salmon.

    Isn't it a nice problem to have though???
    3227 days ago
    Sounds like you have to increase your intake. I had trouble until I broke my meals down. It look like I was eating all the time.
    I agree with others. Get the basics down, the increase the intake and work the plan. :)
    3232 days ago
    Wow - sounds like you need to really up the calories! Do you do the summary when you have entered all your food in each day in the tracker? When you do this it lists what areas you stayed in range in and the ones over and under as well. I would keep an eye on this and it might help you pick up areas to increase in.

    3233 days ago
    wow gail your doing awsome! I wish i could cut my calories like you have been.. unfortunately I go the other way.. to many calories.. So you need to increase calories and add some fat... fat is not all bad.. your body does need it from what I read, and it helps to feel satisfied. I wonder if you eat yogurt, to do just the light.. instead of fat free... or instead of fat free milk do 1 or 2 % milk.. that way you increase your calories a little bit.. and add some needed fats to your diet..
    You are eating healthy and that is good! don't feel like thats a bad thing.. just add.. a little here and there it will add up.. oh just thought of another idea.. do peanut butter.. in limited quantities.. I love peanut butter with sliced apples... good luck let me know what ends up working for you... diane emoticon
    3233 days ago
    I just sent you and email gail... check it out and let me know if you have questions... remember that you need to eat.. my advice would be to up your calories by 10% once you get the basics down... emoticon
    3233 days ago
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