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Monday, April 13, 2009

Hi All,
I know its been about a week since my last blog. Just so busy reading everyone elses that I forget sometimes to write my own. BUt for the moment now is ME time. Well my day started out on such a great note. I woke up early and was able to start my day early and for any of youthat know me I am a night owl so I usually do not get up until 11 or so but I was up early today and loved it. I was able to eat breakfast, go to te gym, go shopping clean thekitchen, eat lucnh and get my biggest loser dvd workout in all by 1. And at my weigh in I was so pleasantly suprised. I lost 2lbs and hit the onderlands for the first time in atleast 4 yrs. I as so excited. I was eating my healthy meals today and everything and then that last stinking snack put me over my calories by 200. Now I know since I say this to all fo you that is will all average out and tomorrow is a new day and I know by tomorrow I will feel better but for right now I am so disappointed in myself and all I fear is seeing 200 on that scale next Monday. Ugg that would devastate me and I kno with working out there is always that chance it will happen but Gosh do I dread that. I am even having trouble today getting all my water in. What iwrong with me. I feel like I am wasting a good weigh in by screwing it up today.
OK ENOUGH OF THAT NEGATIVE TALK...Note to self: (Gail wake up and stop being negative it will only make sure to get you back at 200. Being positive and doing it right tomorrow and the tomorrow after that will keep you under that 200 mark)
Now back to positive Gail. OI bought alot of good healthy foods at the store today and I worked my butt off. I even hit a milestone for myself and was able to do 30 min on the Eliptical trainer which for me is alot since 3 weeks ago I couldnt even do 5 minutes without jumping off in pain and I am doing the treamill at an almost jog speed with a 50 percent incline whih is also a milestone for me. So for that I am proud of myself. I even switched my Biggest loser DVD workout today form low intensity to the bootcamp but I dont like it. I didn't feel like it was a good enough workout not that I needed it since I had already over burned my caloreis at the gmy prior to that so maybe the extra calories wasnt such a bad thing. I ended up burning almost 200 more calories than I was makred to burn so I am hoping it will close to even out at the end of the week.
I had a nice relxing Easter. I hope everyone else did too. Well I guess that is about it fornow.
Have a great week
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    Everyone likes to see the numbers go down, sure - but its still just a number. As long as you feel healthier and happier with what you're doing, that's what matters the most. If the numbers don't change as quickly as you would like them to, that's FINE. Don't stress about it. What's important is that you're actually making the effort to be healthier. If your body isn't physically showing that to you in numbers, that doesn't matter because your heart, your endurance, and your strength are all improving. There aren't any numbers for those guys, but they're still there cheering you on.

    Be positive. Negative self-talk leads to stress, stress leads to excess cortisol and cortisol leads to belly fat. So stop it! Be as positive as you can be. Trust me on this. I'm working as a stress management coach right now - so I know what I'm talking about.

    Happy thoughts :)
    3264 days ago
    Negative Gail needs to quit being so hard on herself!!! Positive Gail needs to continue the good work. Your doing fantastic!!! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon Rossi
    3265 days ago
    emoticon on the weight loss. Coach Nicole BootCamp video will give you a great weigh in, if you do it this week. (LOL)
    I know you'll do fine.
    3265 days ago
  • LHB293
    Hi Gail! I'm a night owl too, so I understand the late night "snack attack"! What I do when I've snacked really late at night is put the snack on the next day's nutrition planner. That way, I automatically cut down my intake in response to the snack. It helps me keep on track in the long run. I also have noticed that the 8 glasses of water and at least 25 grams of fiber definitely make a difference. The days when my fiber intake is lower are the days when I'm hungrier at night.

    You're doing great -- keep up the good work! emoticon
    3266 days ago
    Hey Gail, Girl... you're off to a great start! It was just Monday. emoticon

    Stay sparked4life!

    3266 days ago
    Hi Gail , congrats on doing so well! losing 2 pounds way to go! Getting all your excercise in.. You have so much to be proud of!!!! emoticon Soooooo 200 caloriess.. is really a tiny blip.. and your right it will all even out.. Don't let that get you down... You are very motivating to me! Keep up the great work.. Diane
    3266 days ago
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