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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Today I'm about up to my ears with STUFF. I have a job that took me forever to finish (and in case you guys don't know what I do, I basically clean up transcripts for court reporters), and I sat here on my butt for about 4 hours this morning doing NOTHING but try and look over and get that job up to snuff before sending it back to the reporter. Then I forced myself to do some step aerobics on the Wii Fit and just watched some TV while I did it, used some one-pound dumbells to add to it, etc. I had a good sweat going, and finished it off with the hula-hoop excersize that they have on the Wii. This is good. You'd think I would feel refreshed, excited, encourged, right? I have eaten well all day, done what I'm supposed to do, been a good girl. So I go and I take a shower and get cleaned up and dressed a little nice, because I have to take Westley to the doc for a checkup this afternoon.

Well, I go to put my jeans on -- these are jeans that were too big for me when I bought them out of desperation back in December because all of my jeans had gotten tight. Well, they are now a bit snug. I know, I know...they have just been freshly washed, Wes! Give yourself a break! I don't know....I just feel bloated!

Well, that on top of going a week and losing a half pound, then gaining it back, and not knowing what the heck you did to deserve it (HONESTLY!!!!) has just gotten me down and a little bit concerned, to tell you the truth!

And then, after getting fixed up and greeting my 11-year-old as he came home from school, I had to fill out the registrtion papers for the doctor (first-time visit), jump in the car and go to get Westley out of school (17-year-old) to go to meet this new doctor and get all checked up. Everyone had raved to me about this doctor, so I was looking forward to meeting him, and I had decided it was pretty much time for Wes to leave the pediatrician and get established with a family doctor.

Meanwhile the husband assures me he will get back here just a few minutes after I leave, and be here at home to get Russell (11-yr-old) to his piano lesson, a little after 4:00.

So....I get the 17-year-old, go to the doctor, get in there in a decent amount of time, answer questions asked by a nurse with no personality (how many times am I going to keep getting the dull nurse?) and then the doctor enters.......TA-DA!!!! Um....he was just okay. He didn't ask Westley anything about himself personally, and he told Westley that he might not see him all that much, since for the next several years he will probably only be coming in when he's sick and stuff. I was amazed that he didn't ask Wes anything about what he liked to do, what he was involved with, ANYTHING! It was all business as usual, and then we were scooted on out the door. I just wasn't really that impressed! I guess I just want someone with a wee bit of personality, at least! Wierd. Maybe he was having a bad day....I dunno.

So then Wes and I go and buy gas and nearly get blown away in the cold wind (GRRRR). Westley, of course, didn't remember a coat this morning, so good ole' mom stood out in the cold pumping the gas. Anyway, we arrive home and there is no car in the driveway, so I assume the hubby has already gotten home and scooted out the door again to get boy to piano....um....no. Russell is inside watching cartoons, all by his lonesome!

I was so mad! "OKAY"....I said, "Get your music. I'm waiting in the car." It was past the time when David should have left to get Russ to his lesson. I went to the car anc cranked it again. I growled....(I am woman, hear me roar).... I thought to myself, "It would be just like David to turn up now-- at the last minute, looking all innocent and acting like he really did the best he could to get home in time."....GUESS WHAT? As I'm sitting in the garage waiting for Russell, and Russell comes out with his music bag and starts to open the car door, I look in the rearview mirror, and there stands David, looking innocent and acting like there must be something wrong with me for being irritated!

All I could think is that I haven't had a minute to myself in days. I roll out of bed and immediately start taking care of everyone else. Then when everyone leaves I IMMEDIATELY get to work. Then everyone comes home and it goes from one thing to another....MOM! I NEED______. MOM! I've got to have _____ for the concert tonight -- oh, you didn't know it was tonight? SORRY! And does anybody "get" why I get growly? I don't think so! And it's NOT PMS! I'm just frustrated is all.

Okay. Honestly, I've at least had the time to write this. David did go ahead and take Russell to piano. I have had peace and quiet long enough to vent all of this, and for that, I am so grateful! And whoever takes the time to read this mess, you are precious and I appreciate you! :) I am really not a crazy person....just love to vent in verbage!

Tomorrow WILL be better!

Wes emoticon
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    Wes, youa re not alone and we all have days like this. hang in there, it has to get better! XO, Lynn
    3002 days ago
    Wes so sorry you had a bad day. Men can be so frustrating at times. Right now I'm home alone so no noise or anyone to argue with. Hope tomorrow is a better day for you dear.
    3004 days ago
    I so understand where you are coming from! I was sick of it by 8 tonite and screaming at them all to leave me alone! I swear those husbands can really time it can't they. Then they look at you like, what? we have plenty of time. I totally understand! You can vent here anytime and I will be nodding right along with you saying "amen sister!" Hope tomorrow is a better day!
    3004 days ago
    Wes dear,we all have days like this and ya gotta love em.....says so in the Rule Book!Glad DH got home though to take Russell to piano.But the new Doc,jeez,a little kindness and some semblance of at least trying to be involved a little with a 17 year old would have been nice to see.What is wrong with the doctors and nurses now a days anyway?Fortunately I have found a very good and caring one for me and Jim.And never feel you can NOT come here and rant and rave all your heart desires to do!We are here for you whenever you have the need.Good job on the exercise and eating,do not worry about the lb here or half lb there.It will happen,just keep up what you are doing.Takes time.I surely do hope your evening will be better to you.

    Many Hugs dear friend,
    Arlene emoticon
    3004 days ago
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