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My Vision Collage (SparkTarot! Weekly Challenge)

Thursday, April 02, 2009

This week, our SparkTarot! team weekly tarot challenge has been to do SparkPeople's vision collage project -- tarot style. The vision collage is intended to be an inspirational, motivational compilations of images. This is what I came up with:

A numbered diagram of the parts of the collage appears below, followed by an explanation of the pieces I selected, and why:

1 - "The Devil" card from i Tarocchi di Gambedotti. There are two Gambedotti tarots (by the same artist, of course -- Mario Gambedotti). The deck this image is taken from is sometimes referred to as the "Gambedotti Gourmet" tarot. It was a commissioned project by Club della Buona Carta -- a European Diner's Card equivalent. Although it's not visible here, this devil fellow is standing over a large plate of spaghetti. He represents the power we wrongly allow food to have over us.

2 - "The Fool" card from the Linweave Tarot. The Fool represents innocence and beginnings. Babies eat healthy mother's milk -- and only because they are hungry, and the food nourishes their bodies. To rid ourselves of our addiction to food, we must return to the simplicity of eating healthy food, and doing so primarily to satisfy our hunger. Although I pushed the image too far to the side for it to be apparent, the Fool's left hand is upraised, with the middle and ring fingers folded down. This is sign language shorthand for the phrase "I love you". We must remember to love ourselves, so that we will want to take care of our bodies and our spirit.

3 - "Justice" from "Leonardo da Vinci Tarot" by Iassen Ghiuselev. Justice reminds us that we reap what we sow. If we do not take care of ourselves properly, we will suffer the consequences of illness and negativity. I like this particular Justice card because here, the avatar of Justice holds up a mirror where we can see our own reflection. Her mirror is brutally honest; when we look at ourselves, we can only see the truth, and we know if we have done rightly or wrongly.

4 - "Temperance" from Tarot of the Lepidopteran People by Lynyrd Narciso. Temperance reminds us that the key to success is all things in balance. The balancing process is ongoing; we must continually reevaluate and adjust to achieve the proper results. There's no particular reason why I chose this Temperance card over others I could have selected, other than I just think it's very pretty. But I did purposely put the image near the center, very large and dominating, because for purposes of living a healthy, happy life, I think Temperance is the true key.

5 - "The Hierophant" (Taliesin) from the Arthurian Tarot by John and Caitlin Matthews. This is one of my favorite tarot cards of all time; I named my son after it (Taliesin, not Hierophant, LOL!). The Hierophant is the keeper of tradition. He passes wisdom on to those who follow. In the picture, two ribbons emerge from behind Taliesin's chair, pass through his hands, and into the hands of the children seated at his feet. The ribbons represent tradition and history. This knowledge predates the Hierophant, but the Hierophant has become its keeper, and he has accepted the responsibility to transmit it to the next generation. In the context of the SparkPeople community, this to me represents the responsibility of those of us who have succeeded in the early part of our journeys to remain and help those who follow.

6 - "The Magician" (The Cook) from i Tarocchi di Buongustaio by Cosimo Musio and Edoardo Ballone. The Magican takes control of his environment to ensure his personal success. In the kitchen, the cook controls all aspects of food preparation. It is our responsibility to take control of what we put into our mouths. The Magician / Cook reminds us that yes, we have this power. We can do it!

7 - "The Sun" from the Lunatic Tarot by Evan Yi Feng. See note for item #10 below.

8 - "Ace of Cups" from i Tarocchi di Gambedotti ("Gambedotti Gourmet"). Another card from the same deck as the Devil card above. Here, the ace cup is filled with delicious foods that nourish the body - healthy fruits and grains. The Ace of Cups is a font from which happiness flows; this card reminds us that we can eat food that is good for us, and enjoy it!

9 - "Strength" from The Witches' Tarot by Ellen Cannon Reed. Sometimes, we make mistakes. We stumble and fall. Strength reminds us that we have the power to get back up again, and to master that which threatens to control us. This is a common contemporary execution of the Strength symbolism; the woman has tamed the fierce lion, and now it serves her rather than threatening to devour her. This tells us that addictions -- to food, or anything else, for that matter -- do not have to have power over us. With will, perserverance, and faith, we have the ability to master the beast inside, and tame it.

10 - "The Sun" from the Tarot of Dreams by Ciro Marchetti. This card, along with card #7 above, represent the achievements we will accomplish if we learn the lessons of the other cards. At the risk of sounding a tad melodramatic, the Sun tells us that the scales shall fall from our eyes, and we shall see things as they truly are. When that happens, we will know there is nothing that we cannot do. Even when all seems darkest, there is light at the end of the journey; there is hope. We need only to keep walking toward the Sun, and eventually, we will come to see the glory that shines all around us.

So -- project completed. I'm going to go claim my 10 SparkPoints now, whee!
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