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breaking the cycle of nighttime binge eating

Friday, March 27, 2009

Someone had posted a story about their unhealthy relationship with food. I too have read almost every weightloss book there is but fall a bit short when it comes down to committing to a particular plan. I guess I like to live a bit spontaneous but I think it has to do more with I don't want to be dictated what or how much I should eat. There are many reasons why I eat but what really drives me nuts is that I feel addicted to food (my mind is thinking so often about food, what I'm craving, what I can make for dinner, when I can get to the grocery store next, what recipes can I find about some item that I'm now craving).

I try to sneek my nighttime eating but once I get started I'm just not feeling finished. I don't want to be seen and actually get a bit mad if I'm caught. So far I'm not sure how and if my mind can be retrained or ever free of this. Where are the "Quit Eating" support groups - health care has 1 for just about everything else!

I've learned that my addiction to food had me watching Food Network and food shows were driving me to eat for most of the evening. Now I limit that channel to a very specific 1 show per week. That has helped. I haven't been able to stop my night eating which hampers weight loss, but what I realized when I was at a hotel for work for a week was that it is strongly linked to my home environment and that I felt freed up and less food-crazy when I wasn't there. So maybe getting outside for a minute of fresh air could be an alternative to refocus and stop the cycle?

I don't know, but what I do know is that I want to end this cycle of nighttime binge eating! And I really am at a loss for what to do, so I'll be searching for ideas.
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    I know this blog was from a while ago - but I was looking up the late night eating and it popped up. I'm a night time binger as well - and when I lived with someone it wasn't so bad, because it was secret and I didn't want to get caught. But then I moved out and I've gained about 30 lbs back! I changed my meal plan to include one "meal" after 10 pm. It's really helped me a lot. I'm also trying to keep busier at night, I signed up for a class and then go to the gym after that - so I don't have quite so much time at home alone in the evenings.

    I know if I'm just feeling crazy unsatisfied that if I can make myself fall asleep, even if it's just a nap, it helps - though that's really hard at times.

    good luck!
    3124 days ago
    I suffer the same too and trying to get it under controll. I will go few months without over eating and then something happens to upset my thought process and before I know it I have eaten way too much calories.

    Most times I secret eat.. when my husband is not around. Finding Sparks have made my life change. I will have slip up ones in awhile but not so often. BUT logging all my food as really opened up my eyes and now I see just how much of a damage I have caused.

    It gets eaiser and eaiser everyday..just hang in there.
    3265 days ago
    I'm that same way too. Food as a reward even if it isjust for getting thru work day. Someone suggested a website so I started to explore and hopefully will be able to turn this around.

    So far I know NES fits me to a T (I remember my mom needing to wake up at midnight to eat just to get back to sleep). There must be some genetic or impressed behavior...emotional eating and compulsive overeating are close 2nds. I know what you mean about still eating something but chosing to make it light. I'll work on putting that into action. It will be a challenge even tonite. I am just now leaving work (an unusual late one - computer process was running unusually slow and I have a deadline to meet) but when I get home I'm wanting to eat just to relax myself too! Thanks for your thoughts!

    Here's the Merck Manual definition and conclusion about treatment. (1982 ed.) p.917:

    "Night Eating Syndrome consists of morning anorexia, evening hyperphagia (abnormally increased appetite for consumption of food frequently associated with injury to the hypothalamus) and insomnia. "

    3277 days ago
    You and I have the same challenge as to night time eating. It's like a reward for me. ........somewhat like a pacifier. Although I have cut down considerably eating late night, I still have to have something before I go to bed. It's much lighter and healther than what I was eating before. Hopefully, I can stop eating after 8:00 or 9:00 p.m.

    As far as night time eating, II have simply traded one bad habit for another----------night time eating.
    3277 days ago

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