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to school or not to school or what gives you the right to have so much power over my son´s future?

Saturday, March 21, 2009

sorry this blogg is more for me to let of steam and maybe put things into more prespective when i see it written down.right here goes.

the local mainstream school where i live have said they will not accept my son in their school as they think he should be in a special school.i disagree,so does my son´s various specialist and also the school education board equvelent over here.the usual test and the extra dr´s test that my son has to take.my son has alot of differant health issues ,they are all of a medical nature and three of them can be life threatening if he doesn´t get the right treatment at the right time.he does have a few behavial problems as a result of the medical condition´s,the therapist say´s he has problem adjusting to all the things connected to the illness i.e what he can or can not eat,medication etc.none of his illness´s affect´s his mental ability and only restrict´s him in the physical.i.e. he can run the same as all the other kids for about 10 mins. and then he starts to slow down or get´s out of breath.but i know children with no medical illness´s who are the same.my son could read the alphabet when he was 2,he does computer work for the first class school work in both the english and german without needing my help and some but not all the work for the next 2 classes as well.he does have a problem with the pronoucation of some words with the end or start letter.but that is a medical problem to do with his ears and we are under ent and speach therapy for it.as i said he has medical issues,a behavial promblem and a mild speach problem which most kids tend to have any way.the school can not refuse to accept him for these reasons they can only refuse to acept him if he has a learn problem.and thet is what they are saying.which is not true in my son´s case.have also spoken to the special school the school wants my son to go to and they have said they only take kids who have a learn problem along side an other problem but must have a learn problem.hense the school diagnosis.

i first have to tell you a little about the school system over here you have to register your child in a springer school which is the school alloted for your catchment area.then if you want to go to a different school you then have to make a guest application,but first you have to be register at the springer school,without that you can´t go to any other mainstream school.even though the board of education test people and dr said they found nothing to indicate that he can´t go to the school .the school are saying no and over here the school itself has the last say.also when you are in the special schools here you have no chance at the end of it to get a job even a half way decent one.my personal oppinion is the school is afraid of the responibility as i said my son´s illness when not correctly handled could mean death.i know what a pressure that can be.i live with it daily and the worry that something could happen when he´s at preschool or anywhere else for that matter.it could even happen when i am there as you can´t keep an eye on them every second,there are the other kids,house work etc.or you must go to the toilet.if they were open and said that it wouldn´t be so bad, i can understand that but to label my son with a learning problem that doesn´t exsist is something i will fight for.he has enough label´s with the problem he has without having one he hasn´t got.any way if necesary i will even take them to court.as i said what gives them the right to effect my son´s future for the worse?
sorry if i rambled or if it is too long winded but i had to get it off my chest.and before someone suggest home schooling i would love to do that if i could but over here they have a school pflicht,which means you have to go to school no matter what.when you don´t they can take the children away from you ,as they see it as a form of child abuse .or they have also been known to send the parent´s to jail.any way i think that is it.we are also considering having to move countries if we can´t sort it out but that is really the last option as we have our life we built here,our home and my husband job.but most important, all the various specialist my children needs as all three of my children have health issues.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I am so sorry that you are going through all this drama with the schools! I hope things work out in the best interest of your son! *hugs* ~Jenn
    3285 days ago
    That's a good comment from Diane. Get him into a school and then the school will help you move him to mainstream. They will want the special place for a child who really needs it and will help him move as soon as they have assessed him.
    Try not to stress to much, the kids will pick up on it
    3287 days ago
    At this point, I think the important thing is to find a school that will take him! Mainstream or not, probably at this point it doesn't matter too much. There are pros and cons of each. What he needs is good caring people.

    You may be right about his need to graduate from a mainstream school, but I would think that it might be possible to start him in a special school and then switch him in a year or two. You may even be able to get the special school on your side to do that!

    The real shame would be if he couldn't get into any school because both schools insisted that the other one should take him. (Of course, if that happens you might end up being able to legally home school him until the courts figured out where he should go. I don't think they can take him away because you aren't sending him to school, if they haven't found you a school!)
    3287 days ago
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