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New Feature - Fitness Maps

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Hi everyone

We're very happy to announce Fitness Maps. This feature allows you to measure, save, and see how far you walk, run, or bike when exercising outdoors. What we love about this feature is that its very easy to use. Just:
1) Go to the Fitness Maps page (it is located under Healthy Lifestyle/Fitness, in the center of the page)
2) Enter the starting address
3) Click points on the map to draw your route; note that you can zoom the map in or out for more or less detail
4) Enter the amount of time it took you to complete your workout (to calculate your average speed)

We will then give you your total mileage your average speed, and even the calories burned. You can then add your calories burned to your fitness tracker.

In addition you can also:
- Save your route to access later
- Share your route so other members can see
- Use the city dropdown at the top of the page to see routes in your city

We hope this feature makes it easier to calculate your distance and calories for routes, to remember your routes, and to find great new routes that other members have done! If you have any questions or comments please make a comment below.

This works for any country in the world supported by Google Maps. We experimented with routes in Paris, Toronto, London, Sydney, Seoul and other world cities!
You CAN edit your route or delete steps (click on the red marker to delete a leg of your route).

Member Comments About This Blog Post:
ELISADENK 1/9/2012 1:07AM

    So, it's PREplanning the route.

I was hoping I could log in the minutes and see how far I've gone. That type of thing.


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MYUTMOST4HIM 5/19/2011 12:15PM

    I love the Fitness Tracker and use it more than any thing else on your website. Thanks so much for adding it!!!

One thing though, is there a way to save my starting point address so I don't have to enter it all the time?

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APPLENOTPEAR 5/1/2011 6:39AM

  I am excited about using this feature, but like the others below, I can't work out how to access my saved maps (I didn't want to share them)so I can put them on the fitness tracker. Idiot proof instructions appreciated! emoticon

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LAIRISH 9/24/2009 6:09PM

    How do you find your map again? A few people have asked, but I don't see an answer. I tried searching through help, but ended up here. Great feature, but a pain to map it everyday. emoticon

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LADYNLI 9/3/2009 1:03PM

    This a great feature. Thanks for adding it to the site.

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GOALIEGRANDMA3 9/3/2009 12:53PM

    Love this feature, but can't find where to access my saved map to use it another day without re-mapping the same route.

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PRI6909 8/2/2009 8:35PM

    I'm new to the site. I saved a route under my ID. How do I locate it to access it again?

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ROOTSREALITY 5/15/2009 1:40AM

    This cool feature is great for preplanning a walk or run as well as figuring out what you have done after the fact.

Please consider adding the ability to store a preferred starting point (or several) so that we don't have to retype each time. PersonalIy I would like at least three - home, work, and the parking lot of my favorite park.

Another cool idea would be to add a utility in the SP iphone app so that you could trigger the starting point in the iphone and have the iphone GPS track your path, then provide the ability to automatically download the walk into your exercise page, as well as saving the path in your SP maps......!!! Go iphone!

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RUNANDWRITE 4/2/2009 12:16PM

  I love the idea. To really be practical for me personally, it would be ideal if this had a way to upload routes, so I could just upload from my Garmin device.

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FFRSKI 3/28/2009 3:17PM

    I love this feature. Thanks so much're the best!!! emoticon

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H-2-OH 3/24/2009 11:35AM

    No inclines around here. Everything's flat. I wonder what the difference in tracking would be where there are hills, though.

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H-2-OH 3/24/2009 11:34AM

    I love this option. Thanks!

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FROZTII 3/23/2009 3:52AM

    This is pretty tight ! .. keep up the AWESOME wk people :) emoticon

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    This is great! Will it work for riding bike also?

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CHATIONE1 3/22/2009 1:30PM

    Sparkpeople has everything from re-calculating a recipes calories to a walking map, another member said it all, now there is no reason to go to another site ever....Chatione....Keep up the wonderful work emoticon

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RUN2RIDE 3/21/2009 1:15PM

    cool! I won't need to go to my other sites anymore -- Spark really is becoming THE site for social fitness - WOOHOO!!!

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REBECKY44 3/20/2009 8:03PM

    Thank you ! This is great!

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JSDJONES 3/20/2009 7:22PM

  this is SO COOL!!!

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ETAGGEL 3/19/2009 5:04PM

    Great addition!


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SASSAGAIN 3/19/2009 11:29AM

    Very Nice! I love this! I will be using this a lot. Great work SP!!

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MAIZEY 3/19/2009 9:37AM

    Thanks - Spark is already a great site and it gets better each day! Maizey

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DAREDEVIL23 3/19/2009 9:05AM

    tried it for the first time yesterday... all i can say is "Bravo!"

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    AMAZING! You guys have thought of EVERYTHING! I've currently been using another site ( so that i could track my distance/routes but now that you guys have it, there's no need to go anywhere but here! I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVVVEEEEEEEE YYYYYYOOOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUU SPARK!!


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LIZTFM 3/18/2009 10:01PM

    Love the route map. I finally have a way to find out how far I am walking emoticon

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PROVERBS31JULIA 3/18/2009 4:04PM

    Far out!! I've used this tool before from on Google (since I already have gmail account)... and used to go to that website, plot it out, and then copy/paste the info over here to SP to track out my mileage and routes. Now I need to figure out a way to save my route (s) so that I can access it on my iPhone and just plug in "walk route 1 - 25 minutes" "walk route 2 - 37 minutes" or whatever.



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DOJORAT 3/18/2009 3:58PM

    Just tried out the mapping tool....Love it!
One question though, Is there an undo button somewhere if you make a mistake while mapping??? I could not find one and had to start from the beginning when i made a mistake.


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SHEILAS6 3/18/2009 3:14PM

    EXCELLENT! Now I do not have to go offsite (SP) to map my walk and get the mileage, plus bonus that this will link to fitness tracker! EXCELLENT

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LGVEAL 3/18/2009 2:29PM

  this sounds awesome! I cant wait to go take a walk so I can try it out! thanks for building this site and keeping it current! emoticon

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THOMS1 3/18/2009 12:50PM

    Thank you for coming up with more and more to make our healthy lifestyle journey easier and more fun. emoticon emoticon

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TORTUETOO 3/18/2009 12:48PM

    This is amazing! I used to use Map My Run to figure out distance, but then I would have to come here to log my fitness minutes; I was essentially tracking my workouts in two different places. That button that lets you add your route to your fitness tracker is BRILLIANT! What a great feature - thanks so much! emoticon

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UKSHIRL 3/18/2009 11:36AM

    Oh the wonder of technology. FAB. Love it.



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DOJORAT 3/18/2009 9:37AM

    AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! emoticon emoticon emoticon

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VHASKEW36 3/18/2009 9:07AM

    This is fantastic and I'm going to shareit with all my teams. I don't know why I didn't get it but so glad you did to share with me. Can't wait to try it out. Thanks a bunch, Sparks just gets better and better . God bless, Ginny

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TATER75 3/18/2009 8:36AM

    This is exactly what I need! My pedometer is very unreliable. Thanks!

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SIMPLE_TAILOR 3/18/2009 8:08AM

    Very cool!!!!!!!

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MRS.DOYLE 3/18/2009 5:19AM

    Oh wow! Just what I've been waiting for. Thanks a million.

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NEEDSHELP4EVER 3/18/2009 5:00AM

    Sounds good, off to check if it covers UK

Yes, it does, it does, thanks a lot

Comment edited on: 3/18/2009 5:05:57 AM

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ONLYTEMPORARY 3/18/2009 3:56AM

    This new feature sounds great. I will get to use it when we go walking in the flat areas as right now we are climbing a steep hill overlooking the Town right now. Thanks!

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BEEJAY49 3/18/2009 3:38AM

    I haven't used it yet, but it sounds awesome! Thank you!

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NHSTITCHER 3/18/2009 3:18AM

  That is great and neat, HOWEVER, it will NOT let you track the same route if you walk a circle lap. It will not let you click on a spot you've already "walked" I walk a circle lap every day and it will not let me track over what I've just walked and clicked. I have to walk over houses, and trees instead of on the same street.

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KAYELENE 3/18/2009 2:51AM

    Wow, this is fantastic. I was even able to plot my walking route in Australia. Thank you Sparkpeople.

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LUCKYDUCK2 3/18/2009 1:53AM

    I love this new tool! Thanks so much. It will go great with team challenges!

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KITEFLYINGAL 3/17/2009 11:40PM

    I love it! I just plugged in my work walking routine and have it saved.. This is going to be my second most important tool here.. right after the nutrition log..

Thank you Sparkpeople.

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KATREENI 3/17/2009 11:34PM

    VERY awesome, i can't wait to check it out!!!

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MAXFOCUS 3/17/2009 10:50PM

    What a great feature to include on SP!! It will be very helpful. Thank you!

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OUTOFIDEAS 3/17/2009 10:46PM

    Terrific idea! Thanks!

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4MEBFIT2015 3/17/2009 9:38PM

    Thank you so much for making this the best site on the web!!! I love this new feature, you guys rock!


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FAIRYGHOST 3/17/2009 9:21PM


Thank you, yet again, for a wonderful new feature!

I just went for a walk through the park today and was curious how far it was- figured I'd drive it sometime to check- then I log in to see THIS-

You guys just keep getting better every day!

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PHEBESS 3/17/2009 9:17PM

    VERY cool!!!!!! Thank you for including St. Thomas USVI!!!!!!!

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HEARTOFCHRIST 3/17/2009 8:59PM

    Y'all are AWESOME!!!

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