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Sunday, March 08, 2009

So far all of my workouts have been fairly “easy” to do. The difficulty comes from the speed, duration and intensity that I use on various machines. Recently I’ve been thinking about adding variety to my exercise, perhaps taking a kickboxing class or some sort of dance class, etc, that requires a little more coordination and balance.

So a couple weeks ago I tuned into a YouTube cardio kickboxing video for “beginners” to see whether it was something I’d enjoy doing. I wanted to get a little taste beforehand to avoid totally embarrassing myself in public. LOL emoticon

The moves in the video looked pretty simple, just fast! Well, “simple” plus “fast” for this lady equaled awkward and goofy. But heck, I was by myself and it didn’t matter if I might trip over my own feet at any given moment. I did not trip over my feet, by the way. However I did come to the realization that for someone who was always pretty coordinated, I was feeling very uncoordinated and lost when it came to this particular choreographed workout.

I had a tough time keeping up with the steps. I spent more time trying to figure out HOW to do them than actually doing them, even after playing the video several times. So I did the intelligent thing and switched to a nice Coach Nicole 10-minute jump rope video, which I did three times…by no means was I giving up on kickboxing, I just didn’t want to end the exercise session that night feeling defeated.

Achy as I was over the next few days, I still had a lot of fun and felt like I accomplished something I never saw myself ever doing. But paying money for a class will be put on hold for now. Since that first attempt at kickboxing, I continue to “practice” with the same and other videos to give myself additional chances for getting this as “right” as I can. In the meantime, my regular workout routines continue to go smoothly every day of the week and keep me motivated to stay on track. emoticon

(I may still talk my husband into getting back to some ballroom dancing {he used to teach it}. THAT was great exercise too and fun – plus, I really miss doing it. And because it’s been such a long time since either of us have gone dancing, we might find it even more challenging than a kickboxing class!)
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    If I had a husband who taught ballroom dancing I would be over the moon! Mine only does, what we affectionately call, "the bum dance." That's when you stick your arse out and wiggle it back and forth while pumping your arms in a peculiar fashion. It's not pretty, I can tell you that! LOL!

    I've never had a boyfriend who could dance well, so I took up belly dancing! Now I don't need a man for dancing. Ha!

    Your story of trying kickboxing reminded me of the time I took a step class and tripped on the step and fell over trying to keep up with the instructor. It was not a very graceful fall and I was fairly red-faced, but quickly got over it. I'm a much more graceful belly dancer than I was a step class student!
    3294 days ago
    Sue, you are so brave to give it a try. It's a good way to try before you buy LOL.

    (I under the weather, so I stayed in bed today)

    3294 days ago
    My daughter used to kick box when it was a fad some 15 years or so ago! I tried doing with her and the video. OMG! It was quite tough in spite of being was not easy - you are so right! You can and will do anything Sue, when you put your mind to it. However, I'll take dancing over kickboxing any time. Have your tried Zumba? That is a lot of fun. Belly dancing, Indian dancing also can be more fun exercises.


    3294 days ago
    Hi Sue ... I think it's great that you are broadening your horizons in the exercise world. I get so excited when I start something new! It keeps me revved up for several weeks but then I become bored and start looking forward to exercising less. We've got to keep it interesting so we keep doing it.

    Ballroom dancing sounds great! The wonderful man I married has to be preyed out of his seat for the occasional slow dance ... dynamite wouldn't get him out of his seat for anything else. But since that's one of his few flaws I consider myself lucky. Still, I would love to take ballroom dance lessons if he would take them with me. Not only would it be good exercise it would make for great togetherness time!
    3294 days ago
  • SUZY6281
    Wow. I'm totally jealous that your husband used to teach ballroom dancing. Mine wouldn't be caught dead on the dance floor. You should totally get back into that. Such great exercise! And so fun to watch!!

    As for kickboxing, I suggest trying Turbo Jam. It is a mix of kickboxing and dancing. The best of both worlds. And being that it is a video, you can do it by yourself and not worry about looking uncoordinated.

    3294 days ago
    Sue- I think it is awesome that you are trying something new. Don't give up on the kickboxing. I don't have a dvd of it, but do a little every now and then when I have extra energy. It's great. Ballroom dancing sounds fun too. Hubby and I don't dance much tho..... Have fun.
    3295 days ago
  • 154BYAUG
    I know what you mean about some exercise dvds - I have one that I tried a couple times & still can't get the hang of it. But kickboxing sounds like a good workout!

    (I'm not getting my SP friends' blogs! Glad I checked in on yours... I re-subscribe now!)
    In the 70s here this weekend - loving it!

    3295 days ago
  • H-2-OH
    Good for you trying something new and different!
    3295 days ago
    At least you are trying it. Everything is hard in the least for me but I am probably the most uncoordinated person out there. I can't even figure out how to do the skip type of jumping rope. I have to jump with both feet like a little kid and I still get caught up on the rope, lol. Maybe if you watch the certain parts over and over again and practice one move at a time until you get that down. Eventually you'll have it all down and it will make a great workout.

    I'm so jealous that your husband does ballroom dancing. That is something I've always wanted to try but dh is not a dancer at all. He said maybe sometime he'll try a video but he won't do a class.

    Keep trying new things and have a great week!!

    3295 days ago
    Oh, I ought to try ballroom dancing... I think BF and I would be good at it!!

    Good luck with your kickboxing workouts!! I know you can do it!! Sounds fun! (I might have to look up the Billy Blanks on YouTube myself!)
    3295 days ago
    DH and I took ballroom dancing one time... What a hoot! Between my lack of balance and his lack of rhythm!!! But it was so much fun!!
    3295 days ago
    I recommend kickboxing to really makes you sweat and you feel the burn :D
    On youtube, I found the Billy Blanks workout - he explains each move as you go so you don't feel as uncoordinated lol keep it up :D
    3295 days ago
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