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Friday, March 06, 2009

So I miss blogging regularly. I know my inconsistency can be of legendary proportions, but I really like having a place to work out my thoughts from time to time. Whether it is weight loss related or not, I seem to like babbling here, lol.

My husband and I had a really helpful talk yesterday. I was thinking about how my mind works and basically trying to figure out what it is that causes me to do certain things but not do other things, what causes me to flip that switch? I think all our brains are wired certain ways and we have to learn to work with that wiring instead of trying desperately to use methods that have worked for others. When we don't take in to account our own personal make-up I think we set ourselves up for failure. It's like trying to turn on a light bulb with a switch that has no connection running to it, it just won't work.

Well abstract theories aside, I think its just a matter of learning more about yourself and just finding a way that works for you. I read somewhere that, on average, people who are trying to quit smoking attempt to quit seven times before they finally quit for good. I think that's probably because the first six times they were trying the wrong method or it just wasn't the right timing. What if a person decided to stop trying the sixth time? Little would they know that they next time they try they would find success. The paper I was reading about this said, "Never quit quitting".

What that tells me is that no attempt is truly a failure, everything is a step along the journey. If you knew that you would fail six times but succeed the seventh time, how quickly would you try to find six ways to fail so you could make it to the seventh method? If there was such a guarantee you wouldn't be afraid to fail because there would be a promise of success in time. What we don't see is that if we keep trying and stay positive we will find a way, it might take more than seven times, but if you know there will be success then you can be encouraged to keep going.

For me personally I am constantly trying new things, looking for new methods to make the changes I want to make. I know for sure that I have found many methods that don't work, but there is a path to success, if I keep looking I will find it eventually. I don't consider what I've been through already as a failure because for one thing there is always a chance that my blogging about all my experiences might have helped someone else along their path. Maybe one of the methods that I've tried, though a failure for me, might have lead someone else to success. I can't know if that happened or not, but the possibility is there.

My current thinking is that I need to search my own mind and try to understand what causes me to fail or succeed at anything. I think my problem is that I get distracted very easily. I can get extremely excited about a project for a while, even for several months, but then something else catches my attention and I put all my effort into the new thing. This can be seen as a flaw, but that's how I am and I really don't think that is something I can change. What I can do is learn how to work with that or how to sort of circumvent it. Since I know more about the problem I can come up with more educated methods that will help me personally to find success. Right now I'm going to try what I call 'Bombardment' which means that I am going to put motivation every where that I can. Not just a motivational poster on the fridge, but one on the fridge, a motivational saying on my bathroom mirror, a reminder on my computer screen, another poster next to my bed, and I want to try to change these regularly to keep my interest. If the same picture or saying is there day in and say out I tend to tune it out after a while and it loses its effectiveness. I also want to have a list of different exercises to try so I always have something new, instead of forcing myself to do certain ones all the time and get bored.

If any of these ideas don't work, I'm not going to get upset anymore. I just know that this is one more method that doesn't work and I just have to try hard to think of another way. In this way I have to find success, its just a matter of time. Especially if I'm trying to work with my own strengths and weaknesses, knowing yourself can only help you to find that path to success. Well that's where I'm at and that's all I've got. I'll try to remember to get back on here to let you know how things go, lol.

*edit* WOW O.O I just realized how long this post it... Gomen. So sorry emoticon
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    YOu will find the right method...just don't quit trying... I think I finally found my method... and I don't care that people think I'm nuts for tracking my food and exercise, counting calories etc... Counting works for me!! It always has...
    3181 days ago
    I think what it all boils down to is that the only way to fail is to stop trying. If it helps you find motivation to continue trying to find a "method" that works for you --then do it. Other people may find that a method is fine but because they had a small failure (let's say they binged on chips on Saturday or something) that THEY are a failure and will never lose weight so why try. NO. It's not the method that's wrong, it's the attitude and the effort that isn't there. Certainly we should try to examine the mis-steps we make on our way in order to avoid making more mis-steps in the future, but as long as we are continuing to strive in the same direction, we will ultimately reach our goal. The method that works is to NEVER GIVE UP!!! :) *HUGS*
    3181 days ago
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