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The Doughnut

Monday, March 02, 2009

I love doughnuts. They are wonderful. little melt in your mouth, sweet, fried pieces of heaven for me. There is a small shop here that makes the most wonderful ones. I am a doughnut expert- they really are the best.
The owners start at 3:00am making the dough from scratch. They begin frying them about 5, and you can smell them for blocks. I am driving 3 blocks out of the way right now so I can't smell them. They make them continuously until they are sold out. They are so wonderful, they are usually gone by 8am.
I have done very well resisting the doughnuts. Until today, I hadn't one since I started Spark. One of the drug reps brought in several dozen of them. It was a nice assortment too- plain glazed, chocolate covered, cinnamon twists, apple fritters, and a few jelly filled. The boxes were warm, almost hot, when he handed them to me. I set them on the table in the break room; and grabbed a glazed.
I inhaled about 1/3 of that delightful fried dough before I slowed down. For everyone who believes their taste preferences will change over time if you quit eating a favorite food, this is NOT what has happened to me. (Sorry......) It was wonderful!!! Then calories count of the day anxiety took over. I took one more BIG bite, chewed slowly, then regretfully threw the remaining half in the trash.
I skipped my afternoon snack, so was really hungry by dinner time. I ate baked fish and a ton of fresh veggies to compensate for the doughnut.
After dinner, I calculated my calories for the day. Even with the half doughnut, I was still 200 calories under the minimum I'm supposed to eat....
Now I'm really bummed. I could have eaten the whole thing and still not gone over for the day!!
I will not be eating doughnuts anytime soon. But the next time I do decide to have one, I'm eating the whole thing. Just one- but I am going to enjoy every bite.


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ELLIE381 5/19/2009 7:45AM

    What a wonderful blog. I could smell and taste that donut. You must have felt wonderful to have stopped yourself from eating the whole donut or another, and then to be under in calories for the day was an added bonus. Keep up the great work. Yes the smell and taste of our favourite things stay with us but our minds change. emoticon emoticon

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DEBBIEANNE1124 5/9/2009 1:08AM

    After reading this I want donuts now!

Actually no.
It's been over a year since I ahd donuts. they almost killed me. I ahd been compulsively binging on glazed donuts, maple bars and a cinnamon role. I then ahd a diabetic blackout and tumbled backwards falling downa flight of wooden stairs. I was lucky. Only ahd bruises and scrapes and spred ribs. it could ahve been worst. I don't want to rist my life over a donut. But, hey! they are the best things in the world toe at even if they are bad for me.

Take care


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LLTS01 3/6/2009 3:30PM

    You did great!!! It's too bad that there is no chance of us ever hating donuts. Your description alone made my mouth water. I have donuts once a year when I go to Cape Cod . I get the Boston Creme donuts and enjoy every bite. We'll see if I can hold back this year but August is till a long way off.

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CAROLJ74 3/3/2009 12:32PM

    MMMMM....Donuts! emoticon I could smell them with your description! emoticon Moderation is definitely the key! You did great!

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BJBALDWIN 3/3/2009 9:41AM

    I was always told that you can't deprive yourself of everything. I think you did good by only eating half. Moderation is the key and I think you did Great!

emoticon emoticon

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-AMANDA79- 3/2/2009 11:44PM

    YAY!! Excellent work. Moderation is key.

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