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Monday, February 02, 2009

Last week I stuck to my plan perfectly. I didn't go over my calories at all. Sunday we were invited to a Superbowl party and it happened. I ate chicken wings (only 4), salad, then the potato salad came in (German Potato Salad) soooo good. I had to have some of that. Then the coconut rum. I had a couple drinks. THEN THE CHEESECAKE!!! ARGH!!! I got on the scales this morning. Down from 250 to 248.6. I probably gained back 4 pounds from the party, but at least I still lost a bit of weight this week.
I was kind of okay with it this time, considering Superbowl is only once a year,... or so I thought. I thought, I'll pump up the exercise this week. I went for a walk for 1.5 hrs. Then I start wolfing down sunflower seeds. I haven't drunk my water today and I haven't keep up with calories.
Am I crazy or just really lazy???
I'm glad I am at least checking in here but I am so stinking angry with myself right now. What is so hard about just doing this thing RIGHT in the first place? I really don't understand why it seems to be easier for some to just set their minds to this and do it and why some have such a struggle. I'd like it to be just a little easier.
I think I'll go have a BIG glass of water.... or 4.
Please, if anyone has some insight, I'd LOVE to hear it.
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    Penny, I wish I could say it is easy for me but it is not. I live with my diet/exercise buddy. My sister Becky and I both are working on this together. If you saw us you would think we were twins. At least in the beginning I think. We pretty much plan what we are going to be eating for the week before I go do the grocery shopping. Believe me it is always something that we enjoy eating. It has to be delicious and filling at the same time. That is one of our priorities. When we first started SP the big thing for us was that we didn't want to be hungry. Before the only diets we were on were starvation diets. That is basically all we knew. So we were really jazzed that we were able to find some good nutritious recipes that we loved.

    It is so funny that you said that about being easy for me because I say that about Becky all the time. She will tell me the same thing I told you. It is not easy! I can't tell you how many times I have eaten mindlessly but I seem to catch it before I go over my calorie limit. But there are days that go by and I am not bothered by anything.

    For the Superbowl..we planned on trying out a new pizza recipe from the Biggest loser cookbook. It was Hula pizza. We had a big salad before and then I brought out Beck's Pizza and mine. It was on a whole wheat tortilla. But we didn't go to a party either. We were home with Beck's husband Tom who ate sloppy joes. He did look forward to them also.

    I would like to suggest that you stop by my team. I know you are not as heavy as I was but these people are so supportive and encouraging. It is Team 300 lbs. Plus.

    I think the key here is to have someone as your diet and exercise buddy. Someone that will hold you accountable. Someone that will kick you in the butt when you need it.

    I hope this helps hon. Susie
    3211 days ago
  • LSTRAIT2000
    Must be the Monday for this. I believe that when we force ourselves so hard then have a "relapse" we have been trained that we are just lazy. Not so sure I agree with that. I lost only a 1/2 pound this week - I was so depressed this morning I could have cried. I then started giving myself my daily pep talk and realized, OK, so it wasn't what I was used to, BUT at least I lost something. Depending on where you come from in your life, depends a lot on how you handle these little set backs - in my previous life (married to an alcoholic), I would have just quit and said F it. Now, that I am away and realize I AM WORTH IT, I took it and decided this week I would try a little harder - but at least I'm still moving - and so are you. Just keep the faith and push ahead. You aren't lazy - your human!!! Have a great week!!
    3211 days ago
  • MARILYN150
    Penny, I would love to know how other people are able to stay with their diets. Just be thankful that Super Bowl Sunday is over. Start now getting ready for Valentine's Day so you will be strong for that!

    I'm starting over (again) today and so far, so good. but in a few minutes, I'm going to be going home and it will be harder to finish the day well. Sometimes it's one day at a time, sometimes it's one minute at a time. Just keep your eye on the prize and remember how good you feel both physically and mentally when you stay on your diet.

    We're never alone on this site! There is so much encouragement in the posts. Use that encouragement to make you stronger.

    3211 days ago
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