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Dear Lane Bryant

Monday, February 02, 2009

Dear Lane Bryant,

I'm sorry, but it's over between us. I realize that we've had a long and complex relationship throughout the years, and although you've seen me through many (size) changes, I feel it's for the best that we make a clean break.

For far too long, I've relied on you to outfit me for any occasion. I've accepted paying way too much of my hard-earned money for clothes that I don't really love, or that fall apart after a few wears. I think my dependence upon you was born out of comfort -- I knew that I could always find something that would fit me, and for a time, it really didn't matter what that was.

Those times are over now. My closet is full of your fashions in every possible size. The things I have currently will be more than sufficient to sustain me through my weight loss, and I simply cannot justify spending any more money on clothing (especially when I have no intention of fitting into it a month or so later!)

Instead, I will be saving my money so that I can go on a *major* shopping spree once I hit my goal weight! Until then, I will wear what I have, and if I really truly *need* something, then I will buy it at a "regular" store.

It's been a good long run, but it's time for me to move on.
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    I absolutely feel the same way :) I refuse to buy any more clothes until i reach my goal. I'm not going to go spend money on something that's not going to fit me soon anyways!! emoticon
    2787 days ago
    Abandoning the dreaded shopping.
    2864 days ago
    Love this Dear John letter. I totally identify with all you said and hope your journey is going well.
    2925 days ago
    emoticon i absolutely loved this blog you are soooo right and i agree 110% ..... bye bye lane bryant emoticon emoticon and there's no looking back
    3028 days ago
  • GETTO10
    I absolutely love this emoticon
    3069 days ago
  • GO2013
    I am with you100% I am so tired of "temporarily" replacing clothes again and again.
    3073 days ago
    My thoughts exactly!
    I *know* all the advice about dressing for the size you are now, etc. But I don't plan to stay this size, and I don't need to reinforce my unhealthy weight by buying *too* many clothes I really like in plus sizes. Obviously I need *something* to wear while I'm losing the weight, but I'm trying to keep it to the minimum.
    Thanks so much everyone for the suggestion to save up for my big shopping spree. I've been planning to just shop the garbage bags filled with old clothes in my basement (lol!), but I think I'll deserve some brand new duds as well.
    Thanks for reinforcing what I already thought. :)


    Jenny Stamos Kovacs
    3083 days ago
    This is so funny that I read this on the day that I cleaned out my closet and packed away some clothes to give to the Salvation Army!! If I need clothes as I lose weight, that is where I will go, the Salvation Army store!! I have clothes of many sizes in my clothes closet and will save those that are the smallest sizes for my goal weight!! I too have gotten into the habit of buying clothes at the plus size store for special occasions, some of then I don't really like.

    Thanks for the inspiration!!
    3097 days ago
    That brought a smile to my face!
    3100 days ago
    I so agree. emoticon
    3101 days ago
  • BRENDA1946
    I am with you! emoticon
    3102 days ago
    Amen! Good luck!

    How has it been going for you??
    3102 days ago
    I chuckled while reading this. I feel the same way. I am saving up for a BIG spending spree!!!
    3104 days ago
  • ANGEL....V
    That's awesome. I feel the same way.
    3104 days ago
    emoticon I agree with you time to give up on the more expensive plus size clothing stores.
    3105 days ago
  • RUTHE_51
    I find Goodwill a good place to shop for the in-between sizes. I can always take them back when I'm done with them and there are usually some nice finds there.
    3107 days ago
  • KRISTY0328
    This is fabulous!! I agree whole heartedly!! I hate being limited to "those" stores!! It's a huge motivator to be able to walk into any store and actually find something that fits besides the long beaded necklaces!! Thanks for sharing!!
    3109 days ago
    Amen to that! What a creative blog. I am in the same boat. I have chosen not to buy anymore clothing. I am forcing myself to be content with what I have. When it no longer fits it is going bye bye to not ever return.I don't want that clothing to fall back on. It will so much more fun to spend money on clothing that we will enjoy shopping for when we get to our goal weights. Koodo's to you. Many thoughts and prayer go out for you on your journey of weight loss and getting healthy.
    3113 days ago
    You go girl. I know exactly what you mean! Plus... the more you go shopping before you lose weight the less you want to lose weight because the clothes actually fit!
    3114 days ago
  • SABRINA1020
    Amen girl, amen! I am on the same boat. No more shopping at Lane Bryant or Avenue for me. I'm so done with that and ready to buy smaller clothes but not until I just can't wear my others anymore. :)
    3114 days ago
    Good for you...
    3115 days ago
    This is exactly how I felt a little over two years ago and a size 24. But now I am a size 8 and loving every minute of shopping for clothes. I use to tell my self that I am not going there anymore. But now I can shop anywhere and I don't expect to go to a few stores. I know if I don't find something I like I can try another store. So thank you for this blog. I loved it and I think it will be inspiring.
    3116 days ago
    Now that's what I'm feeling too! Spring is almost here. I will not be shopping for new Spring clothes this year with apathy, resignation, and disappointment. But NEXT year, Watch Out. I will be shopping with confidence, joy, and for LESS material!
    3117 days ago
    I think that's great. It's so easy to start having several sizes of clothing and spend lots of money. The problem is, when you have so much variety in your closet, there is no incentive to try to fit into the smallest one. I might just take your advise, and do the same. Thank you emoticon
    3118 days ago
    Great letter!!!

    I totally agree with you...

    I do not plan to shop until i'm at my goal weight / size

    Then shopping spree it is!! emoticon
    3118 days ago
    I am behind you 100%.... If you ever need motivation get with me..... save that money for a whole new wardrobe....
    3119 days ago
    You go girl! I'm with you emoticon
    3119 days ago
    Very nicely written! Good luck with your goals! emoticon
    3119 days ago
  • JOBEAR120
    This was great, I too have made a "no shopping" rule! Here's to shopping in smaller sizes!!! emoticon
    3120 days ago
    You don't need anymore of these clothes since you will shortly be in a smaller size!
    Look forward to new clothes in a smaller size.
    Sincerely, janleger
    3120 days ago
    I loved this letter! I want to print it out and send it to Lane Bryant the next time they send me one of those "Where Are YOU?" letters with the coupons inside....

    When I was a size 22 Lane Bryant was the only place I could find TALL that I'm down to a 16 I can find TALL pants at Wal-Mart which will do just fine until I get to my goal of a size 10-12!!!

    Good work and keep it up!

    3120 days ago
    Great letter!
    3120 days ago
    You are a wise person! I also have had clothes in all sizes and am now working toward comfort in the old size. Thank you for the support!
    3120 days ago
  • MYTURN11
    I like this blog and I agree as I refused to go another size larger that included an elastic waistband. I gave away my fat clothes to the lion’s Club and now I am wearing some things I have not worn in awhile and plan on shopping when I reach my goal weight in July. Sadly, I also gave away what could have been my July clothes too, but heck; I will really enjoy shopping in July.

    3121 days ago
    Love this blog!!!! I have become the same way. Sweats will work just fine for now. I put away 10 dollars for every lb I lose. So far I have 70 dollars and I intend to have more. Keep up the positive outlook!!!!!!
    3121 days ago
    Congrats on making the break! emoticon
    3121 days ago
    emoticon Great Post!!
    3121 days ago
    I also have parted ways with Lane Bryant. It really helps that their clothes are just awful now. I'm hoping to pay off my LB CC before I hit my goal weight lol
    3121 days ago
    I love this blog! I think we each need to stick to this and it will help us with our weight loss and to live a more healthy life! emoticon
    3121 days ago
    Well Said! As much as I love Lane Bryant, and I too have the wardrobe to prove it... I know I can buy minimal pieces at Wal-mart to make it through to when I make it to my goal!

    Love the article... emoticon
    3121 days ago
    This is great! I know for me... my "reward" for good behavior, haha.... is that every 10 pounds I lose, I get to buy one new outfit and pitch 2 old outfits! I spent my last 10 pound reward on new workout clothes... but, that was what I wanted. 6 more pounds and I get to buy a real new outfit!

    Thanks for the good read!

    3122 days ago
  • BARBARA1031
    Thanks for sharing! I loved it. How many times do we say, "I wish I didn't have to just shop here." Too many to count!
    3122 days ago
    HAHAHA....I have come to loathe Lane Bryant over the years, I could've written that myself about them. I hope I have the same motivation somewhere inside myself to keep going! emoticon
    3122 days ago
    Well said! This was the laugh I needed tonight! Thank you. emoticon
    3122 days ago
    That's a great attitude to have about shopping. It's a great goal to reach for and motivate you to accomplish what you want. I wish you the best and I know you'll make it w/ flying colors. Just stick w/ a plan, eat healthy, stay active, workout regularly, and have ME time whenever possible. Have a great week!!
    3122 days ago
    I love your blog, it is so inspiring. I feel the same way. Very cute.
    3122 days ago
    I'm hanging on the edge of 14 from "regular" stores - some shops have smaller 14s and there off my current list - thanx for the motivation to get on track. With a little effort, I could have my pick of stores by spring!

    3122 days ago
  • MSJENNY1115
    I love it and i'm feeling the same way. great idea..i'm saving to spend when i'm where i need to be. Thanks!!!!
    3122 days ago
  • AUD8199
    This is just what I needed! I was felling defeated this week about my weight. I have lost about 20 lb since I joined spark people in 11/07, but I have been stuck there for months. With winter I let it go, but spring is just around the corner and I am looking for any motivation I can find. Thank you and I wish you and everyone else luck!
    3122 days ago
    Yeah. I have felt the same way for a number of months now. I was shocked to find out the the size 40 pants (only one of two pairs of dress pants that still fit...with a bit of a struggle) I wear to church on Sunday were not an accurate reflection of my waist which had grown to 45 inches. It's down to 44 now.
    3123 days ago
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