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Blogging about Blogging

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Blogging about Blogging

The only blogs I have written were part of three separate Spark team challenges, complete with well thought out prompts, so there was no question about topic. After I wrote and posted them, I sincerely hoped that there would be no more writing challenges for at least, oh, another six months! LOL So when another blogging challenge appeared, I really surprised myself by signing on because it involves blogging for 7 days in a row! Now that I've committed myself, I'm panicking about what to write about for 7 consecutive blog entries.

I don’t blog because, as with many personal projects, I take a painfully long time to complete a task, over-analyzing, never being satisfied with results, drawing the process out so that nothing gets done. Secondly writing doesn’t come easily to me. Thirdly, what in the world do I blog about? How do I sift through all the different experiences that have made up my life so far, select the most exciting or unusual ones and present them in an interesting way? And then I’m thinking, Sue, you really worry and analyze and think things to death! Just stop, calm down and try to get some ideas. So here are some of the ideas I’m mulling over:

1) The battle with daily weighing, how it worked for me at one time, then became a hindrance to my progress.

2) How will I handle the trauma of becoming an empty-nester, but that phase of my life won't take place for another 5 or 6 years from now.

3) Share how my DH was the true motivation behind my choosing a healthier way of life. Definite food for thought.

4) Describe the last visit with my mother in hospice before she passed away, but I don't think I'm ready yet to revisit that very sad episode in my life.

5) Talk about how much my hubby and I really adore drinking our wine and pray that people will not think we're a couple of winos! LOL

6) Perhaps vent a little about how hard it is to stay on a lifestyle-changing maintenance plan. But at the same time, explain how crucial it is to continue living this new and healthy way.

Well, hopefully I don't end up reeling off a random jumble of thoughts over the coming week. Hopefully thoughts and words will fall seamlessly into place and sound relatively coherent. Perhaps I will end up enjoying the whole blogging experience and make it a regular activity, either out of a need to reflect and share or maybe just to spruce up my writing skills!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I am like you with blogging - over thinking and taking too much time - except when the idea or thoughts suddenly appear from nowhere. As we blog for our own sake, I have decided to blog ONLY when the idea pops in my head! However, I do so enjoy reading other spark friends' good blogs, carefully thought out and am amazed at their thought pattern. You, my dear Sue is one of them! If you remember, long ago I approached you to be the team's co-leader. No matter you saw it or not, we all knew how capable you were. Glad you are beginning to see all your positive traits:) I have enjoyed your blogs very much! Thanks:)

    Oh btw, its OK to blog about anything other than what you list here too! You can always come back to the painful subject when you are ready! I appreciate your honesty and sharing your private thoughts which is not as easy for me in public where I feel it will stay on and be recorded!! LOL.

    3305 days ago
  • 154BYAUG
    I've so enjoyed your blogs - look forward to those future ones that you describe.
    Wish we lived closer - I'd like to meet you. I see we have a lot in common in the way we think.
    Know what you mean about blogs - I will think, "maybe I'll do a blog" & then keep thinking about it to the point I don't write!
    - Nancy
    3305 days ago
  • SUZY6281
    Ha! I know what you mean about this!! Normally, I blog about twice a week and I have to get inspired for that. I love your blog ideas! I think that is a great way to come up with topics. You are doing a great job.

    3306 days ago
    Sometimes just saying "I'm here and doing good" is a good way to look back and see where you were on this crazy journey! I am looking forward to your blogs, no matter what they are about!
    3306 days ago
    Those sound like wonderful blog topics. Hey, at least you are trying to make them interesting. I seem to have the most boring blogs because I just kind of do them for my own records and it's a bunch of numbers or this is what I'm going to do now or, well, rambling.

    I am subscribed to your blog so I look forward to seeing what you choose.

    I love reading blogs because it keeps me in a healthy mindset. So keep 'em coming!! emoticon
    3306 days ago
    you have good ideas for posts. i over analyze, too, sometimes. it takes me sometimes 10 minutes to write a blog and sometimes 3 days (i write it out in word first for spell check *lol*) i enjoy it, though. i don't care if i ramble or not. i'm not making anyone read it, after all. just try to have fun with it.
    3306 days ago
    I think blogging is how we get to know each other better. When you wrote 'you really worry and analyze and think things to death!' I am the same and it's hard to start and finish things sometimes.

    I love your blog!


    3306 days ago
    Oh! I wanted to share with you one of my favorite bloggers... now you want to talk about rambling??!?! Ha! This girl is the best at it:

    3306 days ago
    My dearest sweet Sue. You shouldn't worry so much about your blogging organization. In fact, I enjoy it as just a place to ramble. Sure, it would be great if each blog were inspirational, motivational, and free of errors and were in perfect written form. But you know? Blogs are great for just rambling. Just ramble till your heart's content, Sue. Sure, start out talking about how hard it is to maintain, but don't worry if you end up carrying on about how much a pain in the arse grocery food shopping is or how the stupid characters on a tv show are driving you crazy or how you suddenly have a craving for herbal tea (or wait, maybe that's just me...). That's the joy of blogging, Sue! Just let it flow...
    3306 days ago
    Now I'm embarrassed...I just ramble on about any old thing!! emoticon
    3306 days ago
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