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Thursday, January 29, 2009

kinda a weird week.. i dont know. i sense i am going to be struggling here for a bit but i hope against everything i am wrong.
i was supposed to go with my mom shopping today but apparently i wouldnt have been able to even get in her driveway, they had so much snow, and it was still snowing, so we canceled for the day. which is kinda good since i had gotten up two hours late.

tonite we are going to dinner with r.'s friends and then to see the movie the wrestler. not so worried about the dinner. im fine going to dinner, especially with other people...self conscious about how much i eat. also, it is a sushi place that apparently serves chinese cuisine, so im REALLY not worried.

so tomorrow i need to watch r.'s nephew after my mom and i go shopping, and then r.'s friend is coming over. which means a busy day of running around and i know i dont do well when i am out of my element anyways, so i am worried about the food when i get home.
im gonna attempt to maybe go to subway wiith my last five dollars or something.

saturday is fight nite so all the guys will be here. i am assuming they will order pizza, and i hope i am able to get a calzone.

sunday is the superbowl and although none of them watch football normally, everyone is getting together here. (r.'s friends).. r. gave me the shopping list and is having me make some sort of dip. and having me get chips. chips. ugh. just one bag and with the guys, i know it will go quick but chips and salsa is such a trigger food for me. the dip i cant have since it has chicken in it anyways, but i know there is a jar of salsa in the fridge.
AND, one of r.'s friends is staying over saturday night so i am worried about getting in my workout.

i dont know. yeah, its life and all but it is times like these, when everything is packed into a short time, that i get so stressed out about this all and wait for the trigger for me to eat everything in the house. which i pray doesnt come.

i dont know. i cant think about it all at once, right? just one day at a time. one bite at a time.
im gonna ask r. if i can get stuff to make zucchini soup, and i am making apple turnovers, too. (i have the stuff to make that) apple turnovers for 100 calories and the recipe only makes 6 anyways. so even if i eat them all (doubtful since i will be making them saturday and the boys will be here) its not a completely ruined calorie day.

and just a quick question. anyone know why if i am vacuuming the kitchen, the door to outside is open so the dogs can go out, and the rest of the house is vacuum cleaner free, walter has to stand there and watch me vacuum, jumping like ten feet everytime i turn around? its kinda like he has to make sure it wont sneak up on him.
i said he was cute. didnt say he was smart.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Oh the craziness of dogs and vacuums! Buster always chases the dang thing and attacks it. Doc is just terrified of it. It is pretty amusing, though.

    You are so worried about your eating, but you always do great! Even when you don't think you did great, it's way better than what I would have done, so to me it's still great!

    I hope that all the plans went smoothly, and since I already read your most recent blogs, I know that you are doing great with it all!
    3305 days ago
    walter and the vacuum is hilarious! i hope you get that calzone too :) sounds good right now. have a great weekend, and don't worry about struggling. i hope you won't have to, but i know you can handle it. look how far you've come! did you like the movie?
    3308 days ago
  • SUZY6281
    LOVE the doggy smile! I think he is hanging around in order to protect you if the vacume attacks. He's probably afraid enough that he wouldn't do anything about it personally, but he'd go tell Duncan if an emergency came up.

    As for trigger foods. Chips and salsa are a big one for me too. Ask them to please finish everything and if they don't, throw it away. You know it will haunt you in your sleep. If I know something is in the refrigerator that I'm craving, I will always wake up in the middle of the night and eat it. Then hate myself in the morning. Prepare, girl. That's why I had my husband hide the chocolate.

    Hope your day is not too hectic.

    3308 days ago
  • KIWI122
    Funny Walter!! That is a cute pic of him at the beginning of this blog.

    It's good that you are visualizing eating situations in your mind ahead of time...kind of mentally preparing yourself for how you will handle things. You are doing great!!
    3308 days ago
    I know you will make good choices whatever you decide to do!!!!!Have fun and let me know if teh movie is any good i heard alot of good about it!

    Have a good weekend!
    3308 days ago
  • JBMT08
    Hi Lady,
    you know our children (the animals) have to be a close as possible!! My Quinn has to be in the same room as us. So, for instance, tonight, my DH and I were having a discussion in the bedroom, and miss Quinn had to come and plop herself inbetween where I was sitting and where DH was standing, lol.

    I have the faith that you will be successful for the next few days when it comes to the foods that are around!
    3308 days ago
    I think despite the crazy schedule you have planned for the upcoming days that you will be able to be successful. You have to remember that sometimes life is gonna happen and you won't be able to do everything perfectly. But knowing this is coming, maybe try and have a couple of extra good days food wise so that when you indulge a little it won't mess up your week. You can do it girl! After all you are a DONE girl!

    Sending you lots of positive thoughts and love.
    3308 days ago
    Walter is funny! My dog chases my dust mop, he thinks it's a toy... such a joy!

    I agree with HEIDI, celery with salsa is awesome!
    3309 days ago
    I love salsa and chips too. While I let myself have them sometimes I've found that veggies dipped in salsa is a good alternative. Celery is especially good with. If you want to make a good veggie dip with the salsa try to mix 2 tbsp. of salsa with 1 tbsp. of nonfat plain yogurt.

    Good luck with all of the party foods. It will be hard, but I'm sure you can do it.
    3309 days ago
    That is a scary dog smile!! Hope you like The Wrestler. Movie popcorn is one of my many downfalls. Oh you are going to miss Hell's Kitchen...
    3309 days ago
    Dogs have a love hate relationship with vacuums. Bucky will not stay in whatever room I am doing at the time, an he seems to think the higher he gets the less chance it can get him. Go figure........ emoticon
    3309 days ago
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