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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

walter, with a bow on his head and a note around his neck for his daddy on christmas.

been a long day. ive done 190 minutes of cardio today, and that is NOT counting the shoveling of ice from the porch, where i almost had a heart attack. and im still not done with it. i have about 1/4 of it left but i just cant do it. it is so heavy.
i will attempt later. as it was, when i came in, i was shaking from sweating in the cold. i just stopped.

tomorrow i have to do ten minutes extra to finish making up for yesterday and then i am all caught up.

r. went from work to a basketball game. he will be home around ten, then has to go back into work at one am.
so, long day for him. but also for me since ive been here by myself and havent talked to anyone except the pups.

nephews and sister are coming over friday so i can help bird with a project for school. am making dinner for all of us. i will be making some sort of pasta. i was thinking bowties in a heavy cream sauce but im not sure. later i will get all of my recipes out and look through them.

i found out bird is failing all of his classes at school. he is doing the homework but either not handing it in or all the answers are wrong. i am hoping rick will talk to him about it....bird takes things so differently from men, since there are few in his life.

oh! big news. i was doing laundry and i have big beach towels from our trip to floida a few years ago, and i generally use them since they cover, well, all of me. as opposed to the regular sized towels that cover the top half but leave a huge gap beginning around my abdomen.
anyways, i was like what the heck, where are all the beach towels?
and then i realized, i am using the regular ones more because that gap is getting smaller and smaller.
of course, it is still a good sized gap. but at least i dont feel like such an idiot if the boyfriend catches me in it.

i blame my mom for the gap anyway, in the towel.
these hips come from her side of the family.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Here's to shrinking gaps!!

    Way to go DEE!!!


    3237 days ago
  • SUZY6281
    Hi Dee,

    My youngest daughter was terribly bad about completing all her homework and never turning it in. I don't know how the teachers are there, but here, if the kids at least turn in something, they get a grade. If they don't they get a zero and it totally impacts their final grade. I tried to stress to her that if she would turn SOMETHING in, her grades would improve.

    You might want to have his mom talk to the teacher to find out what is truly going on.

    Congrats on the towel thing! You know, it is funny, but I recently noticed the same thing! We are on the same thought pattern. It's funny how those little things can totally make your day.

    Awesome job, Dee.


    PS- No- I didn't move the DVD player yet....I know- lame.
    3237 days ago
    Love the picture! :)

    I am so impressed with your new towel fit! And your exercise! 190 minutes? OMG, I would die.

    I hope R. can talk to Bird. Boys tend to be messy and disorganized. He could just be misplacing the work. Maybe he needs an incentive to do better?
    3237 days ago
  • ~*KIMMI*~
    You shock me so much Dee!!!! You work out more than anyone I know!! The snow and ice sound horrible, we are finally having a sunny day here in KY and I am so thankful. I was ready to scream with all the gray inside (the people before us in this house painted the walls GRAY!) AND outside.... I really don't do well with dreary.

    That is really terrible about Bird. Is he struggling or just not really interested in school? Kenzie has had her issues in school but Kai is the one I really worry about. I get notes frequently from the teacher about him in reading, writing and spelling. But they skipped him to the highest level in reading even when I told them I wish I they wouldn't. Now he is back a level and I'm happier with that but get this: I told Kai I wanted him to read a book he brought home from the library and never read. He said he couldn't and I offered him 20 bucks if he could. The kid plowed through that book in about 15 minutes with very minimal help from me. What does that tell you? So that is why I really wonder about Bird... sometimes homework is too confusing, but all his classes.... I hope that R can help.

    3237 days ago
    Wow, I am impressed. You are definitely my pace car, I'm just trying to keep up with you! Careful with that shoveling, it gets people in trouble each year, all that exertion in the cold. It takes a bit longer, but taking smaller shovelfuls is easier with less strain.

    Ahh, "At Last." Classic.

    3237 days ago
  • JBMT08
    WOW Girl, Keep it up!!!! 190 minutes in one day?! THAT is really something to pat yourself on the must do about 1000 minutes a week, huh? GO YOU!!!!

    Towel around the body.....HERE YOU COME!!! emoticon
    3237 days ago
  • KIWI122
    Funny, I have those big beach towels, too!! You are doing so great...don't know how you shoveled snow AT ALL plus did your workout, too. That is really excellent!! emoticon emoticon
    3237 days ago
    That picture is perfect!!! Oh man, I love it!!!

    Yay for a better towel fit!! I have a few towels that I avoid because they seem much smaller when I wrap them around me. I usually use them for my hair, lol.

    Glad that you stopped shoveling the snow for a while. You needed a break if you were cold-sweating. No need to get sick, now.

    I am keeping your bird in my thoughts. I hope that r. can help him some. It is sweet for you to help and take so much concern for him and his schoolwork. It is so important to have someone involved in a child's schoolwork, as I know you know ;-) I hope that things go smoothly and that he gets on track.
    3237 days ago
    hooray for shrinking gaps! I don't even wrap myself in the regular towels, I dry off in the bathroom and slip into my robe before walking into my room. I never gave it a thought until reading your blog. I've just always been big, so I've always done it. I'm so excited for you, though! That's definitely something to celebrate. Hope your dinner turns out lovely :)

    3237 days ago
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