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Thursday, December 18, 2008

So I used to be really gung-ho on the whole SP thing…I tracked every calorie that made it past my gums, logged every minute of anything even resembling exercise, posted like a crazy person on the message boards (yes, arms waving, foaming at the mouth)…and then…I burnt out. So I took a break…I maintained that I would focus on making good decisions re: health/nutrition/exercise and that I would not gain back anything. Which worked pretty well for a bit—I didn’t obsess over SP and I didn’t gain back any weight—great, right? Except that I’d still like to lose quite a bit more weight, and I’m not losing anything presently. I made a half-heated return to SP a few months ago…I started tracking my food again, but only if I thought of it and had time, I started logging exercise again (I’d been exercising all along, but hadn’t been keeping very good track of things at all)…and I continued to not gain/not lose.

But I really let my eating habits go to hell in a finely woven and ornately adorned handbasket. I was tracking my intake, yes, and staying within my calorie range for the most part, but I’ve been eating cheese for pretty much the last month. Now before any potential readers jump on the “oh-my-what-a-terrible-eating-
ld-eat-more-than-just-cheese” bandwagon, I should clarify: I’ve been eating pizza, quesadillas, burgers, scrambled eggs, bar food, take out food, freezer pizzas, etc. for the past few months. Junk, for the most part, and the unifying feature seems to be cheese. Maybe it’s that it’s my all-time comfort food…who doesn’t like melty, gooey, warm cheese, and the usual tasty accomplices that come with it? Even with mild lactose intolerance, I can unreservedly say that my favorite food is cheese. I pay for it at times, but I don’t generally let that stop me (and cheese is not nearly so painful as, say, a few ounces of milk—that’s truly killer).

Let me elaborate…I decided this week that I wanted to restart my weightLOSS efforts, so I sat down to figure out what’s been holding me back. I’ve been exercising (running ~90 minutes a week, and a yoga-type class once to twice each week as well), and I’ve been eating a reasonable amount of calories (some days are very high, but not too bad), but in the nutrition department (you know, the “what-am-I-actually-getting-ou
t-of-my-food” dept.), I’ve been seriously slacktastic (for lack of a better word). I’ve been focusing on easy cheesy comfort foods instead of healthy foods. And as I’m the one who plans my meals, I really have only myself to thank for that.

So I’m resolving to eat healthy food going forward. Pizza is officially off-limits. Bar food (you know, greasy burgers, wings, onion rings, fries), too. If I lack the energy/willpower to cook what I’ve got planned for dinner, I’m falling back on tuna. It’s the epitome of simplicity, requires only a small investment of time and crackers (or bread) and suddenly you’ve got a healthy meal (OK, some veggies wouldn’t hurt, but it’s a start. And I bet it’d be really good with carrot hummus, which I always have on hand anyhow).

And I know I’ve said this before, but NO MORE PIZZA. Not even homemade—it’s too easy to jump from “let’s make pizza from scratch” to “let’s make freezer pizza” to “crap, we’re out of freezer pizza—let’s order in”…bad news, that.

So, actionable items:
1) No more pizza
2) Plan healthy dinners
3) Keep up exercise

How hard can all that be?
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