I'm getting my "swoll" on!

Monday, December 08, 2008

This time of year usually has a much different effect on me. It is usually a calming, snuggling, comforting effect, despite the shortening length of the days. Not so, this year. Between mobilization and deployment, I haven't been home for any appreciable length of time since Oct 2006... and now being on the opposite side of the world from family... well... that has just put a tremendous strain on the emotions and the dark-half was winning.

Now, don't get me wrong. Despite keenly feeling the miles from home and would love nothing better than to be puppy-piled by family at this very minute, I am exactly where I need and want to be at the moment, with my troops. They are a family as well. But, no matter...

The point is, I have been to the emotional dark-side for a while and today... well... today was another win in the battle.

It has been too easy to feel out of sorts, dwell on not being home during the holiday season, and let my arch nemesis, namely the scales, feed the negative beast sitting on my shoulders. For about a month and a half now, my weight has done nothing but give me the raspberry and fluctuated plus or minus 3 pounds. I've kept at tracking my food intake, no matter the days when I strayed and reached out for that comfort food. And so, I'd wake up the next day and start again... putting the bad day behind me and once more taking aim on my goal caloric intake. I've even set aside a sacrosanct time just when I get up in the afternoon to take myself to the gym and workout. I gotta admit, some days my heart just wasn't into it.

But today.... well... today it paid off in a way which took me by complete surprise. It shouln't have, but... *poof*... there it was. Undeniable indicators of positive progress.

About a month ago, I started taking measurements in conjunction with my weigh-in, because I knew from reading the articles here sometimes plateaus can be and are deceiving. The scales lie... and just going by that one indicator alone can wind up depressing even the Good Humour Man. So, I grab a couple of buddies here and we consistently push each other, especially when one of us are feeling puny that day, and we hit our routines at the gym. Granted, some days the job just doesn't cooperate and we loose a day or two of the routine, but most of the time, we are able to go to the gym to "get our swoll on". Meaning, a good solid strength training workout with weights, which I try to finish out with a minimum of 20 mins of cardio (alternating between the elliptical machines and treadmill). This even helps greatly with the emotional down days!

Now, after about the first couple of weeks, I note that I'm down about 1/2 inch in the waist. Ehhhh, ok... it's progress. Granted, I've been noticing some differences in clothing fit, but I didn't want to get over excited. Today, I rechecked those measurements after about two weeks. Despite the lying little wretched scales telling me I remained at 242 lbs, when I rechecked my measurements, I have lost almost a full two (2) inches in my waist measurement!


So.... a nice little victory to carry me into the holidays as we continue to get our "swoll" on! By the time I go home for my R&R leave, I can once again be much more buff for my wife, and healthy for my family. *smile*

Stay stong and get yer swoll on! *chuckle*
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    emoticon I'm darned proud of you for hanging in there!! I know it's tough trying to bulldoze your way through a plateau. I've had to get through two 'em. Keep up the good work because you ARE doing the right things...working out even when you really don't feel like it and getting yourself back on track with your eating even when the day before wasn't so great. Kudos!!
    3264 days ago
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