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Muddy Buddy 2008

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Sunday, November 2, 2008 marked the date that Shannon (Coffee-Mate-Y) and I had been looking forward to for a couple of months. We were both driving to San Dimas, CA to participate in the Muddy Buddy which is a run/bike leap-frog type event for 2 people (1 team). The basic premise is that one person starts the race riding a bike while the other person starts the race running until you get to the obstacle which marks the place that you are to switch...the biker now running and the runner now biking. You are to wear your helmet at all times throughout the race. The race is 6-7 miles long.

Our team name was S.W.I.N.E and it stands for Sexy Women Into Naughty Endevours. We kept with the "swine" theme by wearing pig noses, having shirts with "SWINE" painted on them and by wearing pink leg warmers (Thanks for the idea Shan, they did keep my legs warm!!!). We also decorated the bike with a fun pink boa!!! My BF thought I was crazy when I did this until he saw the 2 guys dressed in purple bra tops, bike shorts, pink blush, blue eyeshadow and the words "Team in Training" written across their stuffed bra top!!! LOL!!! They had the best "costume" in my opinion....Shan, we should have gotten a pic with those guys!!

So, here is the race recap:
I started the race being the biker because Shannon is, by far, the better/stronger runner. All of the bikers in our "wave" started out shortly before the runners. I was excited to be biking for about 35 seconds and we hit the first hill. OMG!!! What had I gotten into??? I thought this would be a fairly flat course that was at least partially paved. Boy oh boy was I W-R-O-N-G!!!! LOL!!! I get to the first hill and I lower my gears and all of a sudden the chain on the bike locks. Now, mind you, I am NOT, let me repeat this NOT, an avid biker. I know the basics but for a brief second I paniced! What if WE had to push this bike the remainder of the race?? That would suck!! I pulled off to the side, spun the tires and the chain was back in working order. I get back on the bike for a couple of minutes, riding uphill, huffing and puffing already and BOOM...I have to get off the bike and pick it up, carry it around a fence that trails off into a lake. Then, once I am back on dry, yet muddy land (it had been raining the day before and the morning of the race) there was a fairly steep 4-5 foot incline that the bike had to be lifted up. I am in the midst of pushing the bike up this and my foot slips and I slip back down. ERRRR!!! Shannon, by this point, had already passed me. CRAP! So I get it up the incline and after a little more riding, some which included some fairly flat trail came upon the first of 4 obstacles. I drop the bike into the transition area, where Shannon was waiting and eager to get riding because she had already completed the obstacle. The obstacle was a 6-7 foot rock climbing wall that you climbed up and over with a cargo net on the other side. I completed this obstacle with no problem but now it was my turn to run.

I was glad, at this point, to not have to push the bike up the hills. So off I went jogging trying to get into a rhythm. The next leg was fairly uneventful as I ran and I did see Shannon pick up the bike and lift it over the guardrail. I was right behind her and was going to help but she had it done and was off before I could help. As we approached the second obstacle, where we had to climb this metal contraption type thing by going over one metal bar and under the second and them over the top and all the way down. I guess it is difficult to describe because I hadn't seen anything like it before. The guys (Ty and Geoff- the boyfriends) were at this obstacle and took some fun pics of us on the course.

I grabbed the bike and was off again. Dayum, right when I thought that I would get a break riding the bike and all.....BAM! More hills and more pushing of the bike and then getting back on and peddling like crazy over the less steep areas...I kept thinking that at some point all this uphill pushing would pay off with some downhill fun...right? It had to happen!! I see Shannon waiting for the bike and I give it directly to here. She was waiting for me cuz she is fast and a superstar!!! The third obstacle was walking across some metal balance beam type contraption. By this time, my legs were unsteady but I bucked up and crossed in good time using only one beam and not two like others on the trail. Yay me! A minor victory. I was off and running again.

I start running and wouldn't you know....here is the downhill portion I had been waiting for. YES! and then I see Shannon flying down the paved road way ahead of me???!!!??? WHAT???? How unfair could this have been??? All the pushing and she gets to fly down the PAVED road??? MAN OH MAN!!! The good news is that I get to run, downhill on paved roads. I get into my rhythm and I pace well. I am getting into the zone and focusing on my goal of finishing strong. That leg was by far my favorite though. Knowing you had gone far and were coming in for the final obstacle. We had to climb this 2 story high cargo net and go down an inflated slide on the other side. I had no problem climbing the net but looking at the steep decline on the opposite side scared me for .02 second and I just DID IT!!! I flew down the slide and grabbed the bike and rode it as much as I could. There was more downhill trail riding but it was too steep for inexperienced riders to do in a race type situation. I kept thinking that I don't want to fly over the handlebars because my tire hit some rock or pothole. As quickly as I could, I pushed the bike down the hill and rode it into the final transition area. YES!!! I see Shannon and she is yelling and cheering for me. The mud pit was awaiting our arrival!!! WHOOO HOOOO!!! As we approach, Shannon shows an ever so slight reservation at the enterance of the mud pit. "come on, come on!!! Let's go" and we were in it to finish it....down and dirty in the mud. The crowd is chanting "mud fight, mud fight" and we get on our bellies and right in the middle of the pit I lift up and splash Shannon with mud. I swear she looked at me, laughed, tried to get me with mud and we wiggled our way through to the finish line. We had completed the Muddy Buddy competition!!! YES!!!!

We completed the race in 1:07:24.4 and placed 20th out of 53 teams. Not too shabby. We had a blast!!!

Thanks Shannon for being an awesome partner that always pushes me beyond my comfort zone and to be the best I can be!! You rock!!!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Thanks for sharing the play by play details. I could picture it. Great descriptions.

    It sounds like you had a lot of fun!

    Way to go! emoticon
    3398 days ago

    That was so much fun Leah, and i'm so glad we got to do it together!!!!!
    I'm really proud that you did such a great job! I cant wait till next time! :)

    The mud pit was very very muddy....!

    Oh and i LOVE the picture you picked out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    3409 days ago
    Wow emoticon on finishing. It sounds like you girls had a blast! I love the SWINE idea, and the pig noses!
    3409 days ago
    That sounds like sooo much fun! Love the costumes haha. How did you breath with those pig noses though? hahaha Glad you had a good time!!!!
    3410 days ago
    That was a great recap! I wish I could have been there cheering you on! It sounded like a total blast!

    emoticon on finishing 20th! emoticon You gals ROCK!

    You GO SWINE!!!!!

    3413 days ago
    Loved this story! Seems like you guys had a blast! emoticon
    3413 days ago
    Great job! Sounds like fun!
    3413 days ago
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