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Losing My Spark!

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Lately, despite all my success, I feel like I've run out of steam. My Spark has been flickering for reasons I can't quite pinpoint. As many of you know, I would REALLY like to break into ONE-ville someday, but lately I just haven't been able to muster the food intake control nor the exercise UPtake control to accomplish this. And the plateau continues. As does my whining...

I know my trouble spots...not getting enough sleep, which handicaps my energy levels...but mostly I just can't seem to muster whatever it takes to bump up my workouts and kick down my food intake...I know late night eating is sometimes the culprit, but just don't seem care enough to do something about it. My schedule of work has been more demanding ("crazy / busy"!) than usual and I really "feel" it by the time Friday roles around!

I'm even getting a bit bored with my treadmill routine and my 'mill has been my best buddy throughout the past 19 months since I've joined SparkPeople! I have been varying my speed from 4.0 to 5.0 on faster songs, sometimes 6.0 for a bit. My incline is always set @ 9. I TRY to get on my 'mill every day first thing in the morning, but lately have been missing some days. My sessions are 35-50 mins. depending on my time available.

This summer I LOVED jumping into the wonderful world of biking longer distances to nearby towns for round trips of 20-25 miles. But now we are in the "dark" months and biking will be very hit or miss. And I'm missing it BIGTIME! I have a plan to check out cross-country skiing if and when we ever get enough snow here in southern upstate New York!

I'm just not ready for the long nights, short days of fall / winter...more than a dash of SAD going down here...! The blahs are running rampant!

Any ideas out there...? I'm getting tired of my own whining...lol!


ps...I have to admit also, that success makes it tough to come clean when troubles crop up! Even if I KNOW that's what we're all here for...! :-)
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    Don... I know you won't give up. You are a survivor. You have always told me to not give up.

    You have the power to do it.

    God Bless
    3419 days ago
    i've been at this every day now since 1/1/06, and i know what you mean. i tend to lose internal motivation every 6 - 8 weeks or so and get a case of the i don't wannas. what has worked for me, is to keep making a daily commitment mentally and just focusing on basic minimum things, doing the best i can each meal, snack, chance to fit in alternative exercise, or even choosing a day or 2 of rest. and usually as i keep walking, the enthusiasm and motivation will well up from deep down inside again and it becomes easier again, and i can whistle while i work again (so to speak ;)

    hopefully yours will return sooner, than later :)

    in the meantime, be gentle with yourself, but keep your new, healthy you a daily priority :)
    3419 days ago
    thanks for the comment on my blog....Just don't give up and keep going (i should heed (sp?) my own words right hahaha) but yeah don't give up...as for the treadmill...I just started HIIT maybe you could look into that, its actually kick my butt on the treadmill...I just started changing it up cause i was getting a little bored of the same ol' treadmill routine
    3419 days ago
    You know...I KNOW all of the steps I could take to ramp myself up again and sometimes I catch myself beginning to attempt to rev myself up with pep talk, but it's always so half-hearted and I lose steam so quickly. I keep hoping I'll find a figurative stick of dynamite to blow up beneath me to get me going again...even knowing that is "waiting for Santa Claus" thinking...which the bad-old-self used all the time!

    3419 days ago

    Comment edited on: 11/9/2008 8:24:42 AM
    Check out itrain.com. They have canned workouts you can download for the treadmill that can really help you change up your routine. I think you can do a package deal, or maybe even a subscription. As for me, I've just bought a couple of "a la carte" workouts.

    Keep Sparking, Don!
    3419 days ago
    Gotta agree, sleep is a big problem and will effect mood and energy levels in a big way, I exercise a lot while watching television at night, and do wall pushups when I go to the bathroom.
    3419 days ago
    Well, I have to say, as you probably already know, sleep is the biggest factor affecting your mood & everything else. There has been a lot of research done that shows that people who don't sleep well (not enough hours or very broken sleep) are heavier than people who get a decent night's sleep every night.

    Wish I could do something to help! At least know that I've got a shoulder to lean on - I have strong shoulders BTW.

    Thanks for your comment at my blog as well, I'm very happy to feel more energized & focused! I'll send those positive vibes your way, OK!? emoticon
    3420 days ago
  • CRIT524
    can you afford to add an elliptical or stationary bike? Maybe then you can mix it up. obviously your capable of sticking with the machines since you have had the treadmill so long (and used it). I am with you on the darkness. I just started my antidepressant again because of SAD. HOpe you get back in the groove soon. In the meantime force yourself to stay in gear!!
    3420 days ago
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