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My Rant Regarding the Blog; ARE WE HYPOCRITES?

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

This is sickening! We are a society of hippocrates with such skewed values that it is "expected" that when one becomes a celebrity.....they have to make the transformation from civilian to celebrity LITERALLY! "Celebrity" is no longer just a reference to notariety & lifestyle, but an actual physicality! Every now & then there is an "up & comer" who's always been comfortable, confident, possibly vows to be a champion for the "Real Person"! The public/media cheer, support, & idolize their "Bravery" for willing to be themself. No sooner than they make it big, it's a near certainty that BOTH the public & media turn! It's like a game. The weight starts to drop, haircolor changes, a new nose, and/or cup size magically increases! Uh-oh...now it's open season! The support turns to degradation, criticism, malicious name-calling & finger pointing.
How is anyone supposed to be able to handle that kind of blatant cruelty? I can't imagine being in that position. I don't doubt that many of these people begin with good intentions, but how is it possible to stay true to oneself while surrounded by, (& competing for work etc. with) a population of "perfection", as well as the ENTIRE WORLD picking apart, tearing you down for the slightest mistake/bad day/unflattering angle/etc.!!!
I feel for them, yet at the same time....I am guilty myself! I've participated in the collective gasping as a photo/video is released depicting "some"(by "some", I mean almost non-existent on a normal person!), bulge, cellulite, or an entirely visible skeleton! Instantly, I feel awful & remember how one bad camera angle/shadow/etc. could potentially endager someone's life! Think about the worldwide tidal wave of backlash, catty/passive-aggressive "helpful hints" from agents, "friends", industry professonals, only concerned with the celeb target's personal & professional well-being..."Hollywood Syndrome". The next week, has the formerly "chubby" star, emaciated & beaming while soaking up the compliments from every photographer, reporter, fan, friend & media outlet. That is, of course until there's a shortage of scandal, a health emergency, rehab, or perhaps another backlash from the public alleging poor role model/celebrity influence on the downfall of civilization!
It's such a sad, horrible cycle that we perpetuate by buying into the idolization of celebrity, as a way to escape reality, but ultimately the line has become so blurred! Today's children are under so much pressure to look, act, & dress to follow the extreme celebrity culture we're all so obsessed with! We have many more important ways to utilize our collective energy, & perhaps point the fingers where they ought to be....right at ourselves! Let's focus on OUR OWN health/well-being, & the hundreds of other immediate problems we face everyday! Sure there's nothing wrong with "escaping" for a little bit & imagining life as one of the rich & famous, but we need to break this obsession! It's unhealthy for EVERYONE!
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    Incredibly apt rant! Couldn't agree more and I too am just as guilty. All we can do is aspire to shove aside the values and wicked thinking we're indoctrinated with from birth and try and rise above.

    (Hi! I'm back!)
    3241 days ago
    great rant! we do need to focus on healthy not skeletal
    3442 days ago
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