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Where Does Your Motivation Go When You Lose it?

Monday, October 06, 2008

This article is from the SP Blogs. I copied into my blog because I want to quickly refer to it later and also to share what I read here.

I was feeling like I was losing my motivation. I felt it coming on like I feel a cold coming on. I was not even motivated to find a way to ignite my motivation.

But what I have been doing is ... exercising away. Logging food anyway. Trying to make choices that will help me reach my weight goal anyway.

After I read this article --- I realized that I didn't lose my motivation. I don't have to waste my time trying to get back what I haven't lost.

I'm not as enthusiastic as I was... but right now ... I'm not that enthusiastic about anything!

My feelings are hurt, I'm tired, I'm a little confused about what I want about a few things... but that will pass. It'll get figured out... cause I am working on it best I can, one day at a time.

So... here's the article:

Where Does Your Motivation Go When You Lose it?
By: Dean Anderson :

"I've lost my motivation."

"I just can't seem to find the motivation I need to stick to this."

"I do fine for a couple days, but then I just can't seem to stay motivated."

How many times have you said something like this to yourself? Probably more than a few times, if you're like me.

But have you ever wondered where your motivation goes when you lose it? If you knew that, it would probably be a lot easier to find it again, right?

If I had $10 for every hour I've spent trying to track down my motivation, or wondering what's wrong with me when I couldn't find it, I'd be rich. Still unmotivated, but rich. But all that wasted time and mental energy did teach me one important thing: that my motivation hadn't gone anywhere. It was my mind that had gone wandering off in the wrong direction, like a blindfolded contestant in a pin the tail on the donkey game.

Motivation isn't something you can find or lose, or something you can get from anyone or anything else. If you really want to accomplish something, you already have all the motivation you need, and there's nothing to go looking for.

The problem for me was that there were lots of other things I wanted too, and some of them didn't mesh too well with the things I had to do in order to accomplish my weight loss and health goals. Like wanting to chill out on the couch for a while instead of hitting the gym, or endulge in a little comfort eating at the local pizza parlor instead of chopping and steaming those veggies on my menu.

If you find yourself choosing the couch and the treat more often than you'd like, the absolute WORST thing you can do is to start thinking that you've lost your motivation. That just makes you feel helpless and down on yourself, and/or sends you off on a wild goose chase looking for something you already have.

What you actually need to do is train your wandering mind to remember how much you really want to accomplish your goal and how good it feels to do what it takes to make this happen. When you can remember that feeling, and call it to mind in the moment when you actually have to choose between chilling on the couch and doing your exercise, or between the pizza and the steamed veggies, making the decision you want to make will be much easier. You may still decide to go for the couch and the pizza once in a while, but you'll know it's your decision, and not the result of some mysterious problem called "lack of motivation." And that will be OK. You won't need to get all worried about losing your motivation, or get down on yourself, because you'll know you can make a different decision whenever you want to.

The real motivation-killer is thinking that "being motivated" means not having these conflicts between opposing desires, or expecting that you'll do the "right" thing every time. That's what leads to feeling guilty or defective, and beating up on yourself--and that's about as helpful as a broken leg is to a runner. Sometimes, cutting yourself some slack is just what you need.

So, here's my advice: stop wondering where your motivation went, and kick all that negative self-talk to the curb. Instead, come up with at least one thing you can do to help train your brain to remember how motivated you really are.
*****copied from The Daily Spark for personal use.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • F8CONE8
    OMG that is exactly right for me too. But today I got a sudden shot of motivation back and realized that I (yes me and no one else must search for it.) No magic just a slow return to doing what I know works.

    Thanks for posting this. emoticon
    3443 days ago
  • EEYORE0566
    This blog came in at a good time for me! Thanks for posting it. I've been feeling a bit "unmotivated" lately and it is a flow. Some times, I do have other things going on in my life and so progress may slow a bit...and over all, my motivation didn't go anywhere. This blog really describes it well; what a great practice to be reminded of...cut myself some slack and keep moving forward in the moment.

    3443 days ago
    Moogiebee, great blog! And it is so true! I had been away to my sister's the week before last, and got caught up in doing a pastors luncheon for the local pastors at my church with just a few of us to do it. Spent a lot of time, effort, and energy to get it done. The turn out was great. But like right before going to sister's my knee went pop, pop! and the rest of me went out of alignment from my hips on up to the back. So I feel like I hit the wall. But I know that this too will pass and I, like you, need to get on track with my calories again and keep on keeping on. So thanks for the blog, it gave me a lot of encouragement. brenda
    3453 days ago
  • -AMANDA79-
    You can do it! We can do it!
    3453 days ago
    Good for you. I guess it's all about choices, isn't it? And about learning to recognize and make certain choices.

    3454 days ago
    I remember reading this one and I really like this article! Thanks for posting it again to get the word out!
    3454 days ago
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