Three Levels of the Mind

Monday, September 01, 2008

Three Levels of the Mind

Conscious, subconscious, and unconscious are three levels of the mind. The conscious deals with what I am aware of at the present. For instance I am writing on my laptop in my office at home words for this blog. I am conscious of my fingers moving and words appearing on the screen. I am also conscious of the rain that I hear outside of my window, the television in the other room that my wife is watching and the hum of the fan behind me. Therefore, there are two areas of the conscious the focal and the marginal.
The focal is that which I am concentrating on and the marginal are the external things that are happening on the outside.

The subsconsious are memories stored. For instance things that happened earlier today, yesterday, or even this month. We can recall these events to the conscious at will.
The subsconscious has more affect on us than we realize. That is why at times we have such a hard time moving forward with the positive because so many negative thoughts have been stored into the subsconscious.

Next we come to the unconcscious. It is a storehouse for all past experiences that cannot be recalled at will. Experiences in the past may have made impressions on our minds. It has been proven that even experiences in early childhood can be recalled through hypnosis. Perhaps you have noticed in working on a problem without any solution coming to mind will suddenly appear after a good nights sleep.

This is only a tiny explanation of the three levels of the mind but I used these to talk about success. We strive to succeed in most of the things that we do. Maybe you have taken on a new business and struggle to succeed. Somewhere in the deep trenches of your mind there may be something that is blocking your success. Maybe it is a negative word or words that someone has spoken to you in the past that told you that it was impossible.
Somehow it got stored in your mind and may be the root problem of you succeeding.

For that reason it is so important to focus on positive thoughts and reject negatives. Negative thoughts and words are crippling and can hinder ones growth to the maximum.
If you want to be successful surround your self with successful people. Focus on the positive statements that successful people make. If you find your self talking negative then make an effort to stop immediately and shift your thinking and talking over to the positive. You will find that life will change suddenly and before you know it you will be on the road to success.

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  • 3TWINS
    This caused a lot of conscious thought. Thank you for the blog.
    3488 days ago
    Good Blog Cleveland! Thinking positive for ourselves can be easier then we sometimes think.....It's those other people around us that I sometimes have a hard time with. LOL
    3489 days ago
    You know what's pretty neat? I just changed my goals on here, I added "think before you speak" because I know that what that really means to ME is, when other people are speaking negatively at work, which is, uh, ALWAYS (unlimited supply of fodder for it: it's the Post Office! Was that negative? See! I can't do it!!!!), I need to STOP AND THINK before I acknowledge what's been said before I join in and ADD to it. And to stop and think BEFORE I say, out loud, what nasty but probably true (there I go again. Pray for me...) thing that just popped into my head. So what you have to say here is so true. I think that, as humans, we know a lot more than we may realize, or think or BELIEVE, that we know, and when we SEE it, in WRITING, when we READ it, it makes so much sense, and we realize that we already knew that. So thank you for reminding me of some things I already know, things that I need to CHOOSE to put into practice. Some wise words, my friend.
    3489 days ago
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