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Some People Make Me Sick

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Today was a rest day for me.

On Thursdays I spend my whole day doing 5 min circuits between steam, dry and pool.

Well, for the last few weeks there has been a lady down in our pool doing water jogging. She's down in that pool, without fail, each morning.

Now me... being quite gregarious... have spoken with her on several occasions and she is a wonderfully nice lady. Now she is quite large. About 5'5" and about 330 lbs or so but from my conversations with her I've learned that she's lost over 40 lbs already and it trying very hard to make real change in her life and with 40 pounds already down is well on her way to a good beginning. (I told her about BTW)


(Jumps up on soap box)

Now... that all being said... Today I'm in one of my pool circuits and a guy is just getting out of the pool from having swam in one of the other lanes and says to me... now here this...

"She's so big, with her jumping up and down like that is making tidal waves across the whole pool. It's like trying to swim in a tsunami... "

I was absolutely aghast.

I think he could see it in my face because he quickly followed up with "Oh, I was just trying to make a joke..."


I told him "Really? I'm proud of her. She's trying to make an honest change in her life. She's lost over 40 pounds already. I, myself, would be ashamed to even THINK something like that, let alone say it to SOMEONE ELSE."

"Well I'VE never had problems with MY weight like that..." he said...

"Well, say a prayer to the lord tonight that you never do."

In the end... there are a lot of blind, callus people out there in the world. I hope this one thinks hard about just how hurtful words like that can really be.

(steps off of soap box)
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